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21 reviews

The Original (aka Mr. Stiffee) is the body-safe and firm silicone alternative to Mr. Softee. He's a lot of fun, but he might not be for the faint of heart!

I would definitely recommend this toy to a friend. It is a very good price, 100% silicone, easy to clean, and feels awesome!

The Original by Doc Johnson is a great dildo for someone looking for something simple and girthy at a great price. It's firm, but with a lot of give and very life-like. It has realistic texture that is very pleasing. I would definitely recommend the original.

This item is definitely worth the low cost. It's about as realistic as it's going to get from a toy in this price range. It would be an excellent addition to your own collection!

This is by far my favorite toy. I call it my "old reliable/old faithful" because of its constant (essentially daily) use. I LOVE IT! I highly recommend it!

I have to say that overall I really like The Original and that it's surprised me a lot. It's probably not a toy I would have chosen to buy just based on appearance alone, but it goes to show that sometimes with dildos appearances can be deceiving. It's made from a great material and provides some really satisfying and stimulating sensations. I would definitely recommend The Original to anyone.

The "Original" may have a boring name and appearance to most people, but after trying it out I regret I did not add this to my collection sooner. For something so simple I did not expect to receive so much pleasure and enjoyment. Without a flared base there can be concern for the toy sliding all the way inside, but if you pay attention and don't try to slide the whole thing in you should be fine. This is a great toy for those looking to try out a textured toy.

This toy features the realistic texture and feeling of a real penis, which makes it feel so normal when being used. The only thing it doesn't do is vibrate. The realistic feeling as it is being used is the feeling that you are looking for, if you purchase this item, not the fact that it doesn't vibrate. This product will still rock your sex life like the real thing.

This is a nice, inexpensive dildo that has pleasured me more than any of my other toys so far. The shape, the length, and the thickness are perfect for my small pussy.

Okay, so about the title? Of course it fits, it just feels like it's trying to kill me. The Original is a high quality toy, but it's not going to be for everyone. For me, this toy was painful to use due to how thick it is. Size queens and truly advanced users, on the other hand, may enjoy this toy due to the girth that it provides. If you enjoy thick objects during playtime, this may be for you. It's certainly a high quality, easy to care for item, and it's definitely worth checking out.

This dildo, quite simply put, is just not very exciting. I don't think about it when I'm horny, I don't go to it, it doesn't call me. It requires too much work, both during play and after, and it's very uncomfortable. All work and no play makes The Original a dull toy.

My favorite toy to use that offers me the greatest pleasure. This has been my best buy so far and was worth every penny. I recommend to experienced and advanced users.

There are so many wonderful things that can be said about this toy. It has already become my favorite of my small but growing collection, and I really think that it'll stay there. It's almost completely perfect, in my opinion, and I'd recommend it to anyone looking for a classic dildo with a little sparkly girlish flare. Like I said, it's called The Original for a reason; remakes just never do it right. Between the great price, the great material and the wonderful feel, what's not to love?

I am really glad I came across this dildo. The Original silicone dildo never fails to give me an orgasm!

I didn't find anything disappointing about this dildo really. It has turned out to be one of my favorites and I love that it was such great quality for a affordable price.

5 out of 5 stars! I love this dildo! For the material and quality of this toy, it is definitely worth every penny! The size is a great size. Absolutely no smell or taste. Easy to clean and store. For some, the fact that it doesn't have a base and that it is not silicone lube compatible could be an issue, but any problems with both of those issues could be avoided by being careful.

This is a simple first toy. It is good for beginners or professionals. It's simple and sexy. This toy just turns me on! It looks super realistic, and it goes in and out smoothly. If you need a realistic dildo, this is just perfect! If you want to use it alone or in a group, that's perfect too! It can be used for so many different things.

If you're looking for the closest to being real without actually being real, look no further. Whether you romp by yourself or with a partner this toy is wonderful for hours of fun and enjoyment. With features such as the textured head, realistic feel, and veins it's a hard toy not to enjoy, not to mention waterproof means a lot more options for play time! With such great, realistic products on the market already I'm excited to see what Doc Johnson will come up with next!

Platinum the Original is a remake of one of Doc Johnson's most popular toys, Mr Softee, but is composed of premium silicone. The result is a firm, glittery toy with a near perfect mix of texture, size and shape. I didn't expect it to be an improvement over the sensations of Mr Softee, but it is.

This item is definitely worth it. It has an amazingly realistic feel. Its nice to use when there is no man in the picture, because its just like the real thing.

The Platinum Realistic Dildo is a new favorite. What's not to love? It is safe for my body, available in a natural color or sexy pink, silicone, textured, can be sterilized, and all around awesome!

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