Twisted pleasure

Classic glass dildo with flared base

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Overall, this is a great product with nice craftsmanship and a beautiful weight to it. It is great to just sit with or even just hold in your hand to feel the amazing ribbed texture of the swirls.

Great toy with wonderfully twisted design providing maximum sensation to all your sensitive bits. Classy, durable, high quality, and best of all easy to use, clean and care for. Affordable and effective, what more could you ask for?

This item is definitely worth the purchase as it is easy to store, easy to use, highly aesthetic, and can be used in temperature play.

If you are looking for an easy item to use and clean, versatile and feel-good, this is one for you. It is great for solo play or partner play. We really enjoyed its smoothness and texture.

Yet another gorgeous piece of glass to add to my growing collection. The color is deep and amazing, the textures can be felt but won't cause any discomfort and the larger head adds a distinct sensation to the initial thrust.

The Twisted Pleasure, a handmade creation by SSA glass, is a one-of-a-kind toy that will give the user pleasure - as it's both aesthetic and functional. Pyrex is amazing because you can heat, or cool, your toys to a preferred temperature and you can feel free to sterilize and share your toys, even with your non-fluid bonded partners!

The Twisted Pleasure is a good example of a glass toy. The design is attractive, the material is safe, and it's narrow enough to be used by someone who's new to glass dildos. Because this toy is both straight and rigid, it's not great for hard thrusting or deep insertion, but it's definitely worth a try if you're curious about playing with glass. And at a price of under $25, this toy should be affordable for most.

All in all, this glass dildo is great and I love forward to using others as well. The price is great, as too is the texture. I will continue to use this toy no matter what.

While the twisted pleasure isn't necessarily a toy that I would recommend for anal play, it goes above and beyond for vaginal play. There are multiple ways to use this toy for different experiences...from squeezing down on it to twisting it. All this fun wrapped up into a toy that can be sterilized!

If you're looking for girth, I wouldn't recommend this toy, but if you're a beginner looking to get into glass, and even better, glass with texture, then this is the toy for you. This is a beautifully crafted dildo with wonderful swirls, and it's more than worth the price. It was a little too small for my tastes, but it could be perfect for you, so give it a try today!

The texture of the Twisted Pleasure is great, but words cannot convey the actual feeling. This piece of art has found a spot in my collection!

This toy is wonderful for beginners and is definitely worth the money. If you are looking to experiment with temperature play, this one is the way to go.

Twisted pleasure is a glass dildo with a ribbed texture twisted around the shaft. It is great to use for vaginal penetration and due to the rounded flared base you can use it anally too if you choose. Glass is great for temperature play too and can heat or cool things up in the bedroom. If you love glass and/or texture, then this is a good piece to try.

Glass is an awesome material for anyone from beginners to advanced users. The texture makes this feel like a thick fulfilling experience that I don't think most size queens like myself would shy away from. I think I found my second favorite piece of glass to have and to hold for a lifetime.

I love this toy! It was more textured than I anticipated and took a little getting used to, but after I accustomed myself to the ridges, I definitely found it to be a great first toy. It is well-priced for the quality of the product, too. It's interesting, stimulating, and satisfying; it definitely gets the job done. You will get more than your money's worth of pleasure!

Twisted Pleasure is a glass dildo that has a flared base, so it can be use anally and vaginally. It is made of hygienic glass that can be shared amongst partners, since it can be boiled for sterilization. The size of the dildo is perfect for most users and it is aligned with beautiful swirled texture. This piece is really similar to the Blue Swirl, so it has be compared to it as well.

This is a great product. It was designed very well to stimulate you. The smooth glass provides an erotic coolness and it is so easy to clean between uses. It fits in a nice little pouch and looks tasteful. It is a bit on the heavier side, but that is to be expected with glass.

This is a great toy for those looking to try out glass. It is of an average size but is more than pleasing with its numerous ridges swirled along the length of the shaft. This is one dildo that does not disappoint and is great for solo play or on a partner. Heat it up or cool it down, and then ride the waves with every thrust.

For a person new to glass toys, this is an ideal match. It's lightweight, swirly texture are perfect for solo play, but couples play as well. It definitely doesn't do it for me but itself. I need something in addition to it. I would definitely recommend it if you are looking to try out something glass.

After the other textured toys I tried irritated my vagina, I was hoping to find one that was pleasurable rather than painful. The Twisted Pleasure seemed like my best option, with it's modest girth and vertical ribs. I didn't find what I was looking for, but instead I discovered one of my favourite toys for anal use.

Twisted Pleasure is another fun glass dildo by SSA Glass. I just had to get this one because the texture is unique, but the size is pretty average so it is not overwhelming. Anyone looking for a uniquely textured glass toy to add to their collection should consider this one, unless you know that you need a larger toy.

An affordable and elegant intro to the world of glass toys, with a size and shape that can be enjoyed both vaginally and anally and a complex twisted texture. This is the toy my boyfriend grabs when he wants to watch me squirt.

The Twisted Pleasure Glass Dildo provides an intense texture that, with a good warm-up, should be pleasurable to most women. It comes at an any-budget price, looks and feels high-quality, and is just the right size for most users (both male and female.)

I love this dildo. It's beautiful and feels amazing. It has opened my eyes to a whole new world of glass toys and I am ready for more!

A lovely slim, clear glass dildo with smooth, simple swirls that won't be intimidating to those new to glass, but might be lacking for those wanting a thicker, more textured, and heavier toy.

I'll turn you right round

Looking for a new sensation? Take a turn with the Twisted Pleasure. Its smooth head slides in easily, and its ribbed shaft provides a complex stimulation. I love how the ribs hit my g-spot, and the full feeling from the shaft. This clear glass beauty is excellent for leisurely masturbation sessions; just make sure you have some lube handy.

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