Twist and Moan

The Twisted Pleasure Glass Dildo provides an intense texture that, with a good warm-up, should be pleasurable to most women. It comes at an any-budget price, looks and feels high-quality, and is just the right size for most users (both male and female.)
Nice and short with small diameter, texture feels amazing, gorgeous window decoration, AMAZING price
Takes a bit of warm-up
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The Twisted Pleasure glass dildo is a clear, see-through dildo produced by SSA Glass. It's a gorgeous dildo that includes quite a bit of an intricate texture all over the body of the toy. It's about six inches long and has a diameter of an inch and a fourth - this should be a length and girth that most people should be able to comfortably use. (Both anally and vaginally.) The dildo has a small base at the bottom devoid of texture as well as the rounded head at the top of the dildo is free from texture. There isn't much of a "drop" from the head to the body, so there isn't any popping feeling with insertion.

Storage for this one is amazing - especially for the price. This one comes with one of those "Storage pouches" that EF has here for sale. It's black on the outside and a pink satin on the inside. Those pouches usually run about six dollars, and the total price of this is fifteen, so nine dollars for a high-quality glass dildo? COUNT ME IN. The pouch is slightly padded, but not enough if you happen to be hard on your glass toys. For average use, it works great, but if you have a habit of dropping glass toys on hard surfaces, you might want to invest in a better bag. For my purposes, this works perfectly though and can store lubricant in the bag too.

Pyrex Glass is known for being very strong. If dropped, it will break apart into large chunks instead of shattering. However, this will not break under regular use - unless you drop it onto concrete (I drop it on carpet all the time), this thing is going to stay in one happy-to-use piece. Pyrex is extremely easy to clean, and it can be cleaned with warm water and antibacterial soap, or you can choose to boil it to share it with other partners or between vaginal and anal. For storage, it can be kept in the storage bag. All types of lubricant are compatible, but you will find that you don't need much lubricant for use with this one because glass slides nicely.

The most obvious part of this dildo that will attract most of the buyers and users is the texture of it. Throughout the entire body of the glass dildo, there is texture running the body of it. This isn't "subtle" texture. This is definitely a texture you can feel both in your hands and during use. It seems to be about a one/sixth ridge from the base body of the dildo. The little ridges run in slight-s curves around the body of the dildo from the head to the base. (While this does have a base, it's nothing large enough for harness use. This seems to be mostly made to make this dildo anal safe.) The texture does make this glass dildo require a bit of extra lubricant during use compared to other glass toys, but it also improves the use.

I enjoyed the sensation of the texture. I can see how this could be extreme for some people, but I liked it. It definitely did require a bit of extra lubricant - without the extra lubrication, it just was more painful than pleasurable. Since this does run the body of the toy, no matter how you thrust, you are going to get the twisted part of the texture. It also seems to feel better when you are already pretty aroused - if you aren't that aroused yet, it seems a bit more "odd" than pleasurable. (Yes, odd is the best way I can describe it.) I found a slow, gentle thrust seemed to do more than attempting to do fast thrusts. It just seems to allow you to enjoy the texture more. I will say that this doesn't have any sort of curve to it, so this won't provide g-spot pleasure for most.

Okay, so I'd like to say I just stopped writing in the middle of this review since I noticed the sun catch the dildo in the light. The light goes straight through the dildo and creates rainbows all over. It's freakin' gorgeous. I now want to stick this on my window sill as creepy as that may make me. It's just a piece of art, you know. :P
Overall, I just love this dildo. I'm not usually one for extreme textures, but this glass dildo made it easy because it doesn't eat as much lubricant as a silicone one would. It does take a bit of warming up to really enjoy the texture, but once you do, it provides an interesting sensation that's much different than just a regular thrusting toy. It doesn't provide g-spot pleasure which makes me sad, but I still enjoy the toy itself for what it is - and that's saying something when I usually hate penetration. Just make sure to use lots of lubricant, and you'll like it too.
Follow-up commentary
I don't use the Twisted Pleasure all that much anymore. It doesn't have a g-spot curve which is usually the only reason I'll use a dildo. Plus, the texture on it is just a bit too much for me. However, since this looks so gorgeous, it will be one of the first I put out once I get a display case for my glass dildos; this one shows off rainbows really well.

It's still holding up amazingly. It looks just perfect as it is. No chips or anything in the past two months.
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