Wickedly Twisted Pleasure

Twisted Pleasure is a glass dildo that has a flared base, so it can be use anally and vaginally. It is made of hygienic glass that can be shared amongst partners, since it can be boiled for sterilization. The size of the dildo is perfect for most users and it is aligned with beautiful swirled texture. This piece is really similar to the Blue Swirl, so it has be compared to it as well.
Safe material, textured, beautiful, and decent size.
None for me, but could be too textured for some.
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Twisted pleasure is a glass dildo with a flared base. It can be used vaginally and anally, so all sexes can enjoy it. The shaft is alined with twisted swirls of texture for extra pleasure. It is made or hygienic glass that is great for temperature play, however is an unforgiving material when it comes to thrusting. This dildo is great for solo play and couples play, it can even be shared. Once the dildo is inside you can rock it, thrust it (lightly), twist it, spin it, or pop it in and out, but your partner can also help you manipulate it. Since glass is tasteless and odorless, it works great in combination with oral sex.

This glass dildo is a great introduction to swirled texture on glass toys, but not ideal for the first glass purchase, but it could work for a beginner. This is not the most girthy shaft, so size queens may want to look elsewhere. The swirls are not super defined, but certainly add to the pleasure.

Material / Texture

Twisted Pleasure is made of Pyrex glass, which is glass that has no crystalline structure, so it is virtually a cooled liquid. If it were to drop and break, it will not splinter into small pieces, but break into larger pieces. Upon arrival you should inspect all glass toys by running your fingers over the entire piece. Do not use a glass piece with even a scratch on it, return the product using Eden's wonderful Return Policy. As said before glass is tasteless and odorless. It is cool to the touch, but the temperature can easily be changed by running it under hot or cold water. You can boil this, but this should not be done for temperature play, however for sterilization purposes it is fine. Glass is latex free, phthalates free, hypo-allergenic, and non porous, which combines to make a safety rating of a 10 out of 10.

Twisted Pleasure is heavily alined with swirls all along the shaft and has a tapered top. The swirls twist around the internal walls and create an orgasmic feeling for some, however some might fins this texture a bit much.

Design / Shape / Size

Twisted pleasure is only available in clear glass, which is very pretty, but it also makes it easier to see flaws, however there are none on mine. This dildo can stand up on its flared base. It is marked as 6.5" long, but mine is 6.75", however glass pieces are made by hand and can vary slightly. Mine is insertable 6.25", but this depends on how much you can actually insert.

The dildo starts off with a head on the shaft that is tapered for easier insertion. The fullest circumference at the head is 4.25" (just over 1.25" diameter.) This head is texture-less. Right after the crease of the head starts the swirled texture along the entire shaft. This texture is 0.25" thick and tall, but the total circumference for the shaft is 3.75". The shaft is on a flared base that has a flat bottom to allow this dildo to stand. It is 5" in circumference, so it is large enough to stop at the base during use. I don't recommend using this dildo on a harness, even though it appears to be O ring compatible. Glass is not a great material to use on a harness, since it is not good for hard thrusting and it might slip out, which then it could break.

The size and design of this dildo is great for most users, but this is not the most ideal dildo for a beginner to glass or to a size queen. As long as this dildo is package right, it is great fro traveling.


This dildo is waterproof just like all toys that have no controls. If you do take it into the shower be careful not to drop it, since this could break or it could get stuck in the drain. Also if you perform oral on this be careful of your teeth. This dildo is great for me anally and vaginally. I love temperature play and textured glass. I currently have 19 different pieces of glass and I love each of them differently. This piece was better for me vaginally because the swirled texture rubbed the vaginal walls.

This piece reminded me of my Blue Swirl, which I love. I decided to purchase this piece to compare the to and see which is better form and to add to my glass collection.

Care and Maintenance

Glass is very easy to clean, just wash with warm water and anti-bacterial soap, but toy wipes or toy cleaner will work as well. If you want to share this dildo you can either use a condom on it, wipe in down with a 10% bleach and water solution, or you can boil in between users. You should only boil for 3-5 minutes and be careful not to burn yourself.

This dildo comes in a red velvet pouch that is great for storage, but it isn't padded. This is appropriate for gifting. And is discreet, but you should still store it somewhere it can't be broken easily.

Glass is compatible with all lubes.


Twisted Pleasure Vs Blue Swirl

According to the product pages they are with in 0.25" in height of one another, but mine are 0.5" apart with Twisted Pleasure being taller. The heads are slightly different, both are tapered, but the Blue Swirl has a fuller head at 4.5" circumference and Twisted Pleasure is 4.25". Both are alined with swirled texture, but Blue Swirl has clearly has more. The shafts slender down on both dildos to the same circumference of 3.75". The flared base on the Twisted Pleasure has a 5" circumference, but the Blue Swirl has a 4.5" circumference, both are great stopping bases.

They are both virtually the same toy just a few differences. I recommend them both all the same. It is more which one is more visually appealing for you. I happen to find that Twisted Pleasure is more visually appealing.
Follow-up commentary
I love my Twisted Pleasure dildo. I have it sitting on my night stand because it's a regular glass toy for me. I own many glass dildos and this is one of my favorites. It's with stood the test of time. There has been no damage to it even with dropping it. It's also very lovely to take pictures of.
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    very nice review. i must have both now. lol!
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    This is a beautiful piece and I think I'd really like the texture too! I didn't know the little fact you included (that it wouldn't break into slivers, but rather large pieces), so that was pretty cool finding that out. Thanks Beck for the review and photos, like always, a pleasure to read : )
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