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39 reviews

I'm happy I purchased this product because it did provide good stimulation and its USB charger was practical when I was abroad. However, I won't be purchasing it again because I don't want to deal with the charging slot bugging after a few months. I'd rather spend a bit more money on something else. However, if you're on a budget, it's still a good toy and you'll have fun with it.

Ultimately, this was a very good product for the money. The varying vibration modes and the unique shape make for a very fun and stimulating toy.

Bcurious is completely worth it, since the curved shape and variety of functions makes it such a unique vibe. Bonus points for being rechargeable, quiet, easy to clean, and made of safe materials. Only drawbacks would be for power queens, since depending on the setting, it can be a bit tame for those with clits of steel. Otherwise, the Bcurious is sure to satisfy your curiosity.

For the money and fancy pants design, I was kind of let down. I like that I have a waterproof vibe in my collection though, should the occasion ever arise.

Overall, I can only think about how loud this product is and the volume almost ruins the entire experience for me.

Overall a disappointing little clit vibrator. It doesn't have enough power for someone with a certified clit of steel but it does have some nice gentle vibrations and a wonderful toy shape.

The Bcurious is easy to handle and the seven functions keep it from getting old. Switching between them also makes for a great tease when using it by yourself.

In the curious case of the Bcurious, form does not follow function. The unique design seems to compromise the variety in uses. Though the intensity is better suited to beginners, the rigid shape may not fit every anatomy. The vibrations are more akin to a standard bullet, yet the Bcurious’ price tag definitely does not reflect this.

The toy is very exciting. It's our favorite toy to use together, and it is also good when I am not with my husband.

I would definitely recommend this to a friend and use this specific vibrator at least once a week. I fell in love after using it for the first time and for the price, no other vibrator even comes close.

The price for this item was a little more than I was used to spending, but I was also ready for a little more power than what I was used to getting. After using it, I'm so glad I made the purchase. If you're contemplating getting a cheaper toy, I urge you to give this baby a chance...those others are cheap for a reason.

I would say this item passed my expectations. It is durable, rechargeable, pretty quiet and comfortable to use (and feels really nice!). The vibrations are well-concentrated but not numbing, and you can use it with the pointed end facing either way.

This toy is shaped perfectly to massage that hot button that can never get enough tender, loving care! With it's firm material, rumbly vibrations, and broad/pinpoint stimulations, the Bcurious by Bswish is sure to make its way to the top of your toy box!

I absolutely love this toy. Seriously, my faith has been restored. I strongly urge everyone to purchase Bcurious. There are so many equally satisfying ways to use it that I'm sure this one will stay out and never see the inside of a box.

Overall a pretty great toy, though probably not for everyone. If you are used to a bullet shaped toy this may not be for you but as a travel massage toy and clitoral toy it does a great job.

Bcurious is a sexy little dolphin, but it's probably not "the" clitoral vibe. It might be for some ladies, but I think this one is more of an acquired taste compared to some of the other toys on the market. Still, if you happen to get it on sale (like I did) then it is a worthy purchase.

Overall, I was impressed with most of the features, but I was surprised by the lack of quality and the lifespan of this toy. While the toy does still work, I'd rather not use a toy that has peeling coating, especially since there are little black flakes that come off of it all the time. At first I thought I had found my perfect toy, but now it's time to start looking again for something better. I probably wouldn't recommend this to a friend.

This toy is so ergonomic that it feels as if the curves are designed specifically for my body. The broad curves and pointed tip means that this toy can be used to create broad or pinpoint vibrations customized just for the users preference. The firmness of its material makes it great for grinding against, but can sometimes be a bit too firm. The buttons are a bit too easy to push, but despite this it's still my go to toy when I want something exclusively for external stimulation.

You no longer need to "Bcurious" about this little orgasm machine. He knows just where to touch you, and if you are a lady looking for a fun time, Bcurious is the vibe for you. I was increadibly happy with the purchase, and with just the right sale, the price is not bad either. I rarely get a chance to experience such strong and satisfying clitoral orgasms. This toy is replaceable by no other. Enjoy the 7 different vibrations as they carry you until you cum.

The Bcurious is a solid toy that deserves four stars. Its unique styling and great battery life make it a toy worth trying and loving. Additionally, the small form factor makes it a great toy to have on the go. There are a few minor shortcomings, but if you don't mind a noisy toy and if you can look past packaging, have a go at the Bcurious.

I do not believe that this item is worth its price tag. I am unable to enjoy it with my husband or by myself. The look is great, but the function, the power and the design are lacking. I think that B Swish really needs to go back to the drawing board with this one.

All in all, the pros do not nearly outweigh the cons and seriously wish we had spent the money on something else.

I was extremely excited about this amazing looking curve when I read in other online reviews that it comes with a USB charger! But my disappointment got remedied by finding out that it DOES WORK with the Mini Magic Wand's MIND-BLOWINGLY VERSATILE universal charger! But the impeccably body-safe construction and the waterproof qualities just can't please me enough with this amazingly shaped pleasure toy! I give it only 4 stars because of that, just to appreciate its good qualities...

This toy was more than I ever thought possible! While I can't promise it will work as well for you as it has for me, it's a very good toy for those women who need a little extra "nudge" getting over the edge and reaching orgasm. Well-made and powerful, and rechargeable to boot! I'd say worth the investment.

If you are a first timer like me, I highly suggest this toy. It's discreet and small enough to throw in your bag when traveling. It can be used and stored in the shower - to an unknowing eye it won't be noticed. It's designed for clitoral massage but can be inserted. That insertable length could be a little longer and sometimes I wish the pulses were stronger. However, if you really get off on clit orgasms - this is a great toy for your collection.

I was really excited to try Bcurious; the design and the rechargeable feature are so appealing. It's silicone and waterproof. However, it doesn’t offer a lot of variety or power in vibrations. It only has six total vibration settings. If you are someone who has a very sensitive clitoris then this could work for you. However, if you are someone like me who needs lots of power and pressure to orgasm, then you may want to pass. It is a great vibrator for your shower time!

If the Layaspot and the Kiwi Vibe had a more talented, fashionable and beautiful child, the bcurious would be it. I find this vibrator a reliable accessory to my sex life that I can easily toss in my luggage and not be embarrassed if TSA finds it. Regardless of whether or not they realize what it is, bcurious is a cute enough sex toy to have no shame flaunting it, and it won't make you look like a noob when you bring it into the bedroom. Have fun, y'all!!

The BCurious by BSwish is a beautifully designed, rechargeable clitoral vibrator. The BCurious has a series of wonderful vibration patterns that can be used to tease and stimulate any number of erogenous zones, alone or with a partner. This is the ideal clitoral vibrator for any beginner, though more advanced users may be left longing for stronger vibrations.

This is a great toy to invest in if you require an item that will last for several hours at a time without having ridiculously strong vibrations. It will deliver hours upon hours of enjoyment!

Overall a great purchase and one that I would recommend to any guys out there who aren't sure about using toys solely ON their partner as opposed to mutual use. I guess I would call the Bcurious a win-win kind of toy. For the ladies, it's all about feeling good. For the guys, you can't lose when you can set you're lady's body aflame.

This was my first-ever rechargeable toy. Besides the fact that it's waterproof, has 7 wonderful settings, and has a dedicated on/off button, it's also rechargeable! Knowing I will never have to scramble in the dark for batteries ever again makes this toy worth every single penny and then some! I also like that I won't have to waste my money on and throw out batteries again from my toy; it's good for your clit and the environment!

We give the Bcurious 3 stars - which is kind of generous. What it lacks in power it makes up for through its very well thought out design and the quality of the workmanship. If you don't need strong vibes - this could be a 5-star product for you.

They say curiosity killed the cat, but this curiosity is sure to leave your cat begging for more. The BCurious is a wonderful, sleek vibrator designed for external stimulation for women. If you're new to vibrators and want to explore with a toy that is not intimidating and provides the pleasure you desire, the BCurious is something to be curious about. Explore your curiosity with one of your own. I assure your cat won't be disappointed using one of its nine lives on this.

The Bcurious has a lot of good qualities, and would be a great choice for someone who enjoys moderate strength. I, however, need more power and the many pros this toy has don't matter to me when it just doesn't get the job done.

I wouldn't be afraid of leaving this toy out in the open--my housemates probably wouldn't even know what to make of her! The Bcurious is a cutely curved toy with powerful, buzzy vibrations. Travel-friendly and rechargeable, I'm so happy I found her.

Bcurious is responsible for bringing me to one of the most powerful clitoral orgasms I can remember having, which makes up for any minor flaw the toy has. This is my first rechargeable toy, and for a two hour charge I got a little over two hours of fun. Initially I was a bit frustrated with the control panel, I kept hitting the on/off button at the worst times, and the seam between the colors on the tip if held a certain way scratched a little, but it just took a short time for me to adjust.

The BCurious is a great rechargeable vibe designed with comfort, quality and ease of use in mind. It offers a variety of patterns and impressively strong vibrations, delivered with pinpoint accuracy to make them even more stimulating. It's also lovely and quiet, making it a great eco-friendly choice for clitoral stimulation. The fact that it's made of silicone and waterproof is just icing on the cake.

It's equally perplexing that Bswish's sophomore effort at a clitoral stimulator is so weak and frustrating that it's so well made and appealing to the eye. If you require pressure or anything more than the slightest vibration from your clitoral vibrators, Bcurious is simply not worth the price.

The bcurious is a sleek and modern looking ergonomic clitoral stimulator. It has seven vibrational functions, light up buttons, is rechargeable, incredibly quiet and quite strong for a non battery toy. It's smooth to the touch, transmits vibrations well and gives very pinpoint stimulation. A definite upgrade from some of the existing vibes in this category.

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