Bcurious - luxury clitoral vibrator by B Swish - review by DreamWolf

The ergonomic "do-it-yourself" off the grid vibe

I was extremely excited about this amazing looking curve when I read in other online reviews that it comes with a USB charger! But my disappointment got remedied by finding out that it DOES WORK with the Mini Magic Wand's MIND-BLOWINGLY VERSATILE universal charger!

But the impeccably body-safe construction and the waterproof qualities just can't please me enough with this amazingly shaped pleasure toy! I give it only 4 stars because of that, just to appreciate its good qualities...
Fits Mini Magic Wand's MOST FANTASTIC universal charger, Material, Waterproof, Design, With pouch
EXTREMELY WEAK, I expected it with the USB charger of previous versions, May be harder to clean
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extremely useful review


As many of you may know already, I have an incredible enthusiasm for all vibes what can be charged/run on USB power. Since it can be charged by solar power with the several described ways in other reviews of mine, you can understand why I call Bcurious a "do-it-yourself" vibe.

I have been extremely eager to obtain one ever since finding out from other reviews on the internet that it has been made with a USB charger. I was expecting to receive one that way from EF so much that I was almost startled to see that the USB charging version must have been a previous edition and is not being sold on here! I was so devastated by my discovery that I was about to send it back for a refund. In the last moment, I gave it one last daring shot to see if I could find a fitting USB charger to work with it!

I had just received the Mini Magic Wand with its FANTASTIC universal charger adapter, and it had exactly the kind of jack plug that Bcurious needs to have its yummmy feed! I plugged the jack plug into the white beauty (black version was out of stock, sniff-sniff), inserted the USB plug into my laptop, and voila: it started to be charged like a dream!!!

Because of this daring DIY method, "the world has changed forever" for me and now I have one more USB rechargeable vibe. Thank the awfully weak, but mighty hilariously charged Mini Magic Wand available on this wonderful pleasure toy site!

Like more and more of you may be finding out from my reviews, you know that there are various ways to charge USB vroomers with the power of the Sun! You can obtain very affordable solar chargers for your laptop, which is the amazing way to give juice for your machine to charge any of your fitting vibes! Or you can just obtain an emergency radio running on solar power, and those can also charge USB items - not to mention that the WONDERFULLY VERSATILE Mini Magic Wand charger offers you almost limitless ways to decide what smart phone charger you want to use to charge your USB toys! Solar emergency radios can charge cell phones as well, unless you already have a solar charger directly for your phone! The Mini Magic Wand charger plus solar charging of matching cyber stuff, equals running your Bcurious on the most Mother Earth-friendly kind of energy!

Indeed, there is that one single reason that calmed me down about this sweet looking curve: because it has such AWFULLY WEAK buzzes that for anything else than an "emergency vibe" of off the grid uses, I wouldn't find it worth the money/points to have one for my power hungry taste!

The weak, buzzy vibrations offer a pleasant tease. For the most sensitive users it is a great fit, with the pinpoint tip of the gorgeous curve, the curvy top and bottom surface to arouse larger areas, and for delightful insertion for your craving flesh and hind bits! Females and males, alone or together, will both find gentle bliss in the beautiful pleaser, as long as you keep in mind that this plastic toy needs to be covered when it comes for hind pleasures and sharing! Not to mention that it is waterproof, so you can bask in delicious joy in the shower, tub, hot tub and pool! This kind of versatility is the reason why I, such a rabid power queen, still keep it around for future uses of not having to rely on the grid power.
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    • Anywhere
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    • Travel friendly
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Material / Texture

Though you can find different descriptions on the material, to me it surely looks like the main, white parts are made of level 8 safety hard plastic, and only a few tiny parts (pink seam along the middle, white charging hole cover, and white control buttons) are made of the level 10 safety silicone. I have also seen opinions that the large, white surface is plastic, coated with some kind of silicone. But I must say that I highly doubt it because it doesn't feel anything like silicone, rather only (yes, sheerly) like hard plastic. As I know your nail leaves a mark on hard plastic too, as there are many ways to finish its surface.

Everything in this beautiful loveliness is smooth to touch, having only the always pleasant, subtle smell and taste of hard plastic and silicone. Only the fuchsia seam may mean some mighty minimal texture, and other than that the smoothness makes this beauty excellent for any beginners and those who can't stand rough texture!
    • Light odor
    • Not porous at all
    • Rigid

Design / Shape / Size

The design is truly gorgeous and crafted in noble simplicity with its clean shapes! Not to mention that there is more to those curves, as little differences can be noticed over the surface for a wonderfully ergonomic drawing of lines! There is the curve, on the top there is some shallow depth for your fingers along its length in the middle, and on the sides you see the similar idea to hold it even more comfortably! The control surface has two, peachy smooth buttons, which are separated the same way for a delicious touch! It is incredibly delightful just to touch and hold this elegantly curved beauty!

It would be quite funny to give you all of the possible exact measurements, but here are some details:

Total length: 4 1/4 inches
Total height: 2 inches
Total width: 1 5/8 inches
Insert-able length: 4 1/2 inches (along the top surface, being much shorter along the bottom surface of course)
Diameter: 3/4 inch - 1 5/8 inches

The size doesn't only allow you to hold this gorgeous piece comfortably for external tease, the tip gradually increases for various internal sensations as well. Not only beginners can enjoy the tiny tip, and the increasing of diameter also means possibilities for training your flesh, be it your precious flesh or your hind bits. In that second case, don't forget to cover the tip with a fitting safety accessory!

Not only the tiny size and artistically unobvious design let you decide easily if you want to tuck it away or leave it in plain view. The provided pouch can also be a purrrrrrfect spot for the little beauty to curl up inside. Just toss it into your purse, glove box, or large winter coat pocket and there you go to revel in portable pleasures!
    • Beginner
    • Discreet look/design
    • Ergonomic

Functions / Performance / Controls

Easy like expected: two buttons to use, one turns this loveliness on and off, the other changes the patterns. Simple. This already tells you that no memory chip is included, so every single time you turn it off and back on, the very first pattern will come on, not remembering what you used last time. As it would probably be impossible to manage that with such a way of controlling.

Here are the 7 patterns:

1. low constant vibration
2. medium constant vibration
3. high constant vibration
4. low to high escalation
5. medium speed, high pulsation
6. fast, high pulsation
7. high "cha-cha-cha chaa" (3 short, high pulses, and 1 long, high pulse being twice as long as a short pulse - yeah, I know, imbalanced 5/4 rhythm like Romanian folk music...)

You also want to remember that to turn the vibrations on first you hit the ON/OFF button, and then you have to hit the pattern button to start them - and that after the last listed pattern hitting the pattern button will go back to the first listed pattern right away, without turning off. Also, brief hits always work, there is nothing in this beauty what would ever need you to hold any buttons pressed! That's just frickin' convenient, because: 1) you can turn it off anytime by hitting the ON/OFF button in an eye blink; 2) you always know which to hit, as the two buttons are separated enough by the control surface's shape, so there is no chance for confusion even in the most enthusiastic, greatest hurry!

The vibrations tickle you the strongest in the very tip of the curve, and along the plastic body they gradually decrease, then seem to be stronger again in the tip of the opposite end. You can feel the vrooms (errr, buzzes) pretty much in the entire body of the vibe, and the only spot where the power is almost nonexistent is on the top where you place your fingers. Still enough to feel with your fingers though, and the bottom knob on the opposite side also has the weakest buzzes, not as weak as the top spot though.

Probably the pulsations are the only somewhat stronger patterns, but still way too weak for my power hungry taste! That's how many power queens will feel about these pretty much useless buzzes as well. Not to mention that though the noise can't be heard through a closed door, simply covering yourself with blankets won't help it's noise! I know, you heard other things about it - well, they aren't true! I have just tested it, with the radio on, still hearing it when I listened carefully!

I haven't tested this li'l one in the water yet, and because of the awful weakness I highly doubt I will do such a thing in the near future.
    • Easy to use
    • Multiple settings
    • Rechargeable

Care and Maintenance

Though Bcurious is waterproof, you still don't want to ruin its engine by tossing it into boiling water or your dishwasher! Not to mention that the hard plastic parts couldn't handle it anyway - so warm water and mild soap, or toy cleaner will do! Though plastic can handle any lubricants, the thin silicone seam is friends only with water-based lubes: so you want to stick to that no matter what!

I noticed that wherever here is the silicone seam, it could also mean that cleaning is a wee bit of a pain because of the space between the parts. That's a little annoying, but is not too much of a problem.

I have been keeping everything in the original packaging for reviewing purposes so far, and will get rid of everything but the pouch and the charger for the lovely curve. That will be just fine to keep things safe and sound for later uses.

And charging also comes in here, so you know everything about it too...

Seriously, I have no idea how long it takes to charge it with the original wall outlet because I have used only the Mini Magic Wand's USB charger! With that, don't ask how long it took because I only remember that it goes the very same way like with all the rechargeable vroomers: you "ehem" the charging hole with the plug, then plug the other end into the electricity/computer, and there you go!

But don't get sad, because I know by the packaging now that 2 hours of charging is needed for a supposed maximum of 2 hour run, and 60 days are available for you as a standby time! The wonderful blue light will be flashing away as your lovely Bcurious is getting its yummmy feed. That's the very first thing you want to see with the initial charging, before you see its constant glow of a fully charged state and it does the same in use!
    • Easy to store


Well, the matte hard paper packaging has a kind of non-discreet style...

It has the Bcurious colors all over, being black, white and fuchsia. On the front you see a black and white picture of a beautiful lady, with only the half of her face and non-threateningly dressed bosom. On one side you see two pictures of the lovely curve, and the rest of the sides have multilingual texts in small fonts. The languages are English, French, Spanish, German, Russian and Chinese. (I think so, but it may be Japanese, though I doubt it - don't ask why, I just think it's Chinese.)

Inside, you find the beautiful curve in a black, hard plastic cradle surrounded with a bottom box half, and under it hides the black wall outlet and the larger black fleecy pouch having only a tiny "bswish" tag on the side not showing the nature of the contents. As I see on the package, it says it came with a manual/booklet too, but I have no idea where in the world I have put it!

You also want to know that though the black fonts on the box are small, they still mention in a more deliberate way enough times that this is to be used as a pleasure toy! Because of that, you can either let the gifted person know in case of sending this to anyone that (s)he is going to receive such a surprise, or just manage another kind of packaging/wrapping by yourself! Once out of the box, people will have to be thinking for a while what in the world this artistically designed beauty is used for! That's definitely a fantastic thing in this versatile "massager"!
    • Good for storage
    • Minimal
    • Recyclable

Personal comments

Really, there is nothing enjoyable in this buzzer unless you are a highly sensitive pleasure toy lover! The only amazing thing in it is that you can charge it with the Mini Magic Wand's universal adapter - and because of that this solar chargeable, waterproof, extremely versatilely shaped beauty becomes a mighty wonderful toy to keep handy when you want to be sure to have some off the grid pleasure companion!

Just like all the other USB vibes I have encountered so far (not all of them yet, like the new Namaste series, the Precious Metal Jewels The Princess, the Bedroom Kandi Rise And Shine, and the Mini Mistress - I have all the others from EF as far as I know, yyyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy!!!), this little vibe isn't powerful enough for any acceptable tease. But knowing that it's compatible with the Mini Magic Wand's charger, now I am content that I have such a uniquely shaped little one! Those who are more into weaker pleasers will be even happier with it!

I suggest you obtain one if you want to have one more solar chargeable vibe, or if the low buzzes fit your fancy. That's pretty much it.
    • Anal
    • G-spot
    • Tub/shower/pool


I have never had the patience to take my time and try to achieve at least some minimal pleasure with this curved beauty...

I have tried it about three times, and each time I could handle only a few minutes of waiting for some arousal until I just decided to put it aside, growling and shaking my head. The horribly weak buzzes are extremely disappointing, and because of that I will keep this little one as handy as it needs to be around with my weaker USB vibes for possible needs of off the grid bliss. For that purpose it is worth it to own a Bcurious in my opinion, and that is the only saving grace of the artistic curve for my taste!

Pricey, weak - you decide it. It's built in amazing quality, so at least you'll know that your solar chargeable pleaser won't fall apart. Especially if you keep it stashed away because of the useless weakness like I do! Such an amazing piece of pleasure art, with such disappointing buzzes! I think I will have to become a toy inventor to create the first powerful enough USB vibe...
    • Partner play
    • Smooth
    • Weak

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