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21 reviews

This vibe is a good couple's toy. It's easy to use and has a small margin of error. It is constructed and designed well.

The BiMiNi Ocean delivers strong vibrations in a small and irresistibly cute vibrator. Even if it doesn't quite fit your anatomy well enough to provide simultaneous G-spot and clitoral stimulation, it still makes a really decent plain clitoral vibe.

This item is great. I can use it alone or with my husband. We both have fun using. It is discreet enough that we do not have to worry about the kids finding it. The design of the vibrator is my favorite part. It is whimsical and fun.

Bimini Ocean is a petite rabbit vibe that proves you can't judge a vibe by its size. It features deep and rumbly vibrations that are sure to provide waves of pleasure. It is also completely waterproof and rechargeable. While it won't fit everyone's anatomy it should be great for many.

The phrase "drowning in a sea of ecstasy" may be cliched, but dangit if Fun Factory isn't asking for it with this toy! The Bimini Ocean, while small, hides an ocean's worth of joy and can carry you deeper into your own pleasure than you ever thought possible. Use it both under the sheets and under the water!

Great toy with disappointing size. Powerful, sleek, no-frills and easy to use, but lacks length and girth. Rechargeable. Somewhat difficult to cycle through vibration and pulsing settings with no dedicated on/off switch.

This toy has its flaws but I still consider it one of the best toys I own. My body is well-suited for it and the toy is just as good-looking as it is fun and powerful. The fact that it's completely waterproof is a huge plus and I do like not having to replace and buy batteries for it. If you want a rechargeable vibe for both g-spot and clitoral stimulation, this one is awesome!

Oh gods, now that you didn't let me get the blue one why didn't you send me an everlasting piece of candy to savor for that price! Bimini Ocean is such a wonderfully rumbly and strong vibe, but this doesn't stand for the annoying clitoral knob having no use and rather being in the way! The magnetic charging can be such a mighty royal pain in the ass too! 2 stars off because of these! Sorry beautiful candy vibe, not your fault! Screw the designers!

It's got a beautiful design and it's pretty powerful. Plus, rechargeable vibes are awesome and it's 100% waterproof! The only drawback is its small size.

FANTASTIC! Hits all the right places every time. Perfect for masturbation or foreplay with a partner. Easy and fun to use.

This pretty, feminine toy is a great buy. My partner didn't feel intimidated by this and the silicone really feels luxurious. While it did not dual stimulate, the amazing g-spot curve more than made up for it! Along with being rechargeable it is also awesomely waterproof! The Bimini Ocean is a toy that you will get your moneys worth out of, despite it's small flaws.

The Bimini Ocean is a silicone mini dual stimulator vibe that is multi-function, powerful and BAD-ASS. I love the fact that it can be fully submerged and that it feels awesome in more ways than one. It's versatile, low maintenance and is rechargeable. I wouldn't have thought such a mini could rock my world, but apparently size doesn't always matter.

It's a super cute toy that has a lot of power without looking phallic or being too big. Not meant for size queens (unfortunately), but great for beginners or someone who likes smaller toys made out of safe material. It's also really environmentally friendly and does not require batteries, but relies on a Click n' Charge system developed by Fun Factory. It's also ass friendly!

This product was awesome for clitoris stimulation. It is very discreet and easy to use, however it is difficult to turn off.

Ok so maybe this thing really is mini and because of that it may not work for all body types. But if you have a shallow G-spot, love strong vibrations, and desperately need a waterproof vibe this could be for you! When it arrived I myself was a doubter, but now I am a true believer that size isn't what matters! This has become my go-to vibe for all occasions! I love you, Bimini Ocean!

This was a great toy that my husband got for me. I would purchase more like this if needed. I was never into toys before, but hubby has gotten a few toys for me, and it is an experience like no other.

The Bimini Ocean breaks rabbit vibrator stereotypes. It's petite, pure silicone, and is completely void of cutesy animal faces--a first in my own rabbit-vibe repertoire. But what it lacks in cuteness it more than makes up for in design ingenuity and sheer power.

A beautiful design for beginners who want to try a toy with decent vibrations but not so great for someone looking for a vibe that delivers 'kapow'. Perfect travel companion and most awesome new rechargeable technology.

The BiMini Ocean wowed me in a lot of ways. The new rechargeable magnetic technology makes it fun to use and maintain. The amount of variety in vibration is super impressive and because of its size, it is non intimidating. I can be loud on the highest levels, but is quieter when inserted. The Ocean is of course, also waterproof. The gorgeous color and shape make it unique and pretty!

Though the Bimini has a bit of a design flaw as far as not being able to stimulate both the clit and the G spot at once, when used in a rocking see-saw motion, it's lots of fun. I admit that you might actually have more fun with the little magnetic charger thingy but regardless, it's still a neat toy.

Although the BiMini Ocean did not create waves for me, the technology and quality are simply so superb that I cannot hold a grudge against it. It offers a solution to people who have struggled with traditional rabbit vibrators or toy intimidation but will likely be a waste of time and money if your clitoris isn't located closely to your vaginal opening.

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