Ocean - rabbit vibrator by Fun Factory - review by Darling Jen

It's Not the Size of the Boat, But the Motion of the (Bimini) Ocean!

Ok so maybe this thing really is mini and because of that it may not work for all body types. But if you have a shallow G-spot, love strong vibrations, and desperately need a waterproof vibe this could be for you! When it arrived I myself was a doubter, but now I am a true believer that size isn't what matters! This has become my go-to vibe for all occasions! I love you, Bimini Ocean!
Velvety Silicone, Completely Waterproof, Powerful, Adorable, Rechargeable, Absolutely everything!
Con? What's a con? It doesn't know the meaning of the word!
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Oh Fun Factory, you've done it again and even took it a step further! You're becoming quite an affair in my bedroom - and now in the bathroom too! Your Bimini Ocean really washed me away as well as all my doubts in your products.

The Bimini Ocean is completely and totally waterproof, first of all. So everyone who loves a private bubble bath at the end of a long day needs this little water companion to thoroughly pamper yourself. Does it have an O-ring for this? No need! It seriously doesn't have an opening - anywhere! Seams? Forget it! Oh I love this vibe!

Also, keep in mind that in order to keep this thing mini (which means it's semi-discreet and travel friendly), it will only stimulate G-spots that are shallow. But it will multi-task and stimulate the clitoral region at the same time! But if your anatomy has a very wide space between your vaginal opening and your clitoris, this might not work well for you.

Lastly, this thing isn't too loud and is actually pretty quiet on the lower settings so it's not a bad toy for someone who tends to have company a lot, children, or roommates.

It's wonderful for anyone who has a shallow G-spot, loves simultaneous clit and G-spot stimulation, has no desire to purchase batteries, likes to play in the water, and wants something cute and discreet but with some power!
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    • Anywhere
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    • Travel friendly
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    • Clitoris
    • G-spot

Material / Texture

This vibe is made from a super plushy silicone that's soft, smooth, and matte. It provides just enough drag on the skin to be extra stimulating to the clit area. And with a small amount of water-based lubricant (if needed), the shaft feels heavenly inside. Honestly, I rarely need any lube with this toy because it's actually made me soak my sheets more than once. That must be one of those blended orgasms (clit and G-spot double teaming) everyone's always talking about.

And the beautiful swirls in the two tips are aesthetically pleasing but aren't noticeable when inserted. Same thing with the wave-like grooves along the side of the shaft. That's more style than substance. But trust me, it's not necessary.

The tips of the G-spot curve and the clitoral portion are also a bit squishy as compared to the relatively hard and firm body. You'd think it wouldn't carry vibrations that well, but it does! These vibrations get me wiggling almost as fast as my miniature wand does - and that actually runs on AC power!

It doesn't carry any odors or foul tastes, as it's a wonderful silicone, but is something of a lint magnetic so wash often. It comes in two gorgeous colors as well (I actually could have sworn I ordered the blue but got the pink instead, but love it nonetheless).

The small "butt" of the vibe where the charging port connects is plastic and smooth, safe for the metal word "FUN" where the charging actually happens. It's in a pattern of glossy and matte black plastic that adds to the sleek look of this vibe.
    • No odor
    • Not porous at all
    • Smooth

Design / Shape / Size

This adorable little vibe really is mini. It's only about 5.5 inches tall with 3 inches of that being insertable (since the clit protrusion prevents using more of the shaft) and it's only a little over 1 inch in diameter. But despite it's size, it really rocks my world! The curve of the tip perfectly fits my body for rocking to find that hidden G-spot as well as staying inside the canal while I manipulate the rest of the toy to read my clitoris. I was especially worried that the clit part wouldn't reach far enough out to rub in just the right area but with a little rocking motion, it fit just right. So if your body suits the measurements and dimensions of this toy, it's a must have!

The design of the charging port is seamless! No, really, it is! I was originally worried when I first got this vibe about how well the seam between the plastic and silicone would protect the internal parts from water. But it has withstood vigorous play as well as rough handling just to check the security of that very seam. And the concept of making the buttons internal and seamless under the plushy silicone? Genius!

It's also very light weight, which makes it amazing for extended play time and won't tire out your arm. The majority of the heft is in the charging end of the toy, which I find makes it easier to manipulate and rock when in use. So since it's small and light, it's easy stuffed into an over-packed suitcase or bookbag and travels well. And hey, if you get stopped by airport security at least it's super cute!
    • Beginner
    • Whimsical / artistic

Functions / Performance / Controls

Though there are included instructions, I didn't even give them a glance when I got this toy. I took it out, washed it up good, and charged this baby patiently. I wanted to use this vibe - immediately! So I took the charger out of its separate box, unwound it, and was pleasantly surprised; this charger cord is 55 inches long! That's plenty of room for wherever or however you want to charge your toys.


So I watched in fascination as the magnetic charger went to work bringing my new vibe to life. And when it was done, I was quick to jump on the chance to use it!

The controls to this little cutey are just too easy! There's a + button and a - button set under the silicone of the shaft, thus making them completely waterproof since there are no seams at all. To turn on the toy, just press and hold the + button once and you'll find yourself on the lowest, steady vibration setting. This one is virtually silent and only a low hum. It's a good starter level but nothing that will get anyone off.

It's not until the third setting of steady vibration that the noise escalates to a loud cell phone vibration. But it's still easily muffled by the body and some thick bedsheets. On the fifth setting, you'll need a closed door at the very least in order to hide what you're doing and this is where the power starts to really excite me.

There's actually a total of 9 steady vibration speeds! What an amazing array of choices! The top levels, though rather loud, are at least very powerful and a wonderful balance of thuddy and strong while being buzzy and fast. Just perfect for me! And if you want to jump from the first level to the top, just press and hold the + button down until you reach the desire speed.

If you press and hold the + button at the top speed of the steady vibrations, you'll get the first of 3 vibration patterns, which you can scroll through by simply pressing the + again.
1. A moderately quick increase from medium to high speed vibration
2. A very fast increase from medium to high speed vibration
3. A fast tempo pulse of high speed

The vibrations seem to be located all over the toy with special pinpoint power in the G-spot curl and the clit bulb. With just the toy alone and no manual stimulation, it was able to bring me to wonderful orgasm! Not many toys have been able to do that. And though the patterns are great foreplay, the level 9 steady vibration and some rocking seem to be my perfect combination for a quickie.

And since I've used this toy quick a lot, I can say with complete assurance that I never once accidentally pressed a button during use! It would have thrown off my groove if I suddenly went into a pattern or turned it down in the heat of the moment.

As for it's performance in water, it's just as unbelievable! Being submerged seems to do nothing to muffle the power of the vibrations in play, making bath time more than just a quiet and relaxing moment for reflection.
    • Easy to use
    • Multiple settings
    • Rechargeable

Care and Maintenance

If only I could show you just how amazingly easy cleaning this toy is. Oh wait, I can! The video will be up soon so prepare yourselves! But in the meantime, here's the scoop:

This entire thing is waterproof, remember? There's no seams or battery compartments or charging ports to worry about water getting into. Moral of the story? Dunk that baby! Get some anti-bacterial soap and warm water and lather it up gently. In fact, you could clean it while in the shower or bathtub after you've used it to pleasure yourself! I'd steer clear of a 10% bleach solution for dunking because of the plastic end and I'm not entirely sure how glossed it is to protect the coloring. But you could always carefully soak the silicone end in it and then rinse thoroughly. Also, general sex toy wipes or spray will do just fine for some quick spritzing after sex if you need to rest before thoroughly cleaning it in the sink.

Also good news is that the attractive, wave-like grooves in the side didn't give me any issue with cleaning. I was worried that lube and other fluids would get in there and refuse to be cleaned off. But the grooves were not very deep and setting it under running water took care of everything. No odors have stuck to my toy whatsoever and it still is just as pink and soft as the day I got it!

Information about storage will be in the packaging section.
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store



The Bimini Ocean comes in a blister pack (that's said to be environmentally friendly according to the information packet) inside a very beautifully decorated box with a window for viewing. The backside of the box is closed via a handy magnet giving it "doors" rather than having to rib the cardboard up to get inside. I love how the box opens and just wish the back part of the box wasn't already open so that I could store my vibe in it. It's obviously not a great storage container since it can't be closed. If you choose to keep the blister pack, that's just another step you'll have to take to get to your toy when you want it. But at least it makes a gorgeous gift box! Just add a bow for the more open and adventurous of friends or wrap it up for modesty for those who are shyer.

The charger comes in it's own box which was included with the Bimini Ocean. It does close, unlike the other one, and can be useful for storing the information, some condoms, and small packets of lubricant - should you so choose to keep it.

But the toy does come with some very complete information in multiple languages as well as a sheet of Fun Factory's other wonderful products. I was very impressed with everything they covered in the packet and will be keeping it just in case. Oh and also included was a sample of their own lubricant called "Toy Fluid", which is water-based and ready to use with your vibe. I tried it out and really liked it as well. But unfortunately, EdenFantasys doesn't carry that.

Personal comments

How to Charge

First thing's first when getting this vibe - the charger. To keep it seamless and waterproof, the Bimini Ocean charges via a magnetic port at the bottom of the vibe on the plastic portion. The metal word "FUN" on the vibe meets up exactly with the metal word "FUN" on the charger and the internal magnets help keep it in place. It does tend to tug off when the cord pulls too strong in any one direction, cutting off the charging power. So even if this thing ran while charging, it's pretty much impossible to use at the same time. I find it's easiest to charge it while it's lying on its back with the clit attachment facing upward and the cord to the charger running down.


The first charge didn't take near as long as I expected, though the packet says the maximum charging time from dead could be up to 6 hours. (But it does say to make sure you fully charge it the first time!) And to make it simple for telling if your vibe is charged or not, the charging logo will light red when charging and will turn off when complete. Also worth noting is that the lithium polymer battery technology is supposed to completely prevent "battery memory" so this thing can not be over-charged or have it's battery lifespan shortened by charging before it's dead.

And though the charge at maximum speed is only supposed to last a little over an hour, I found that I didn't need a recharge of my vibe for over a week! I used this toy almost every day for 20 minutes each and never experienced a lag in power. But to keep the battery lifespan long and strong, don't store this toy with a dead charge! Oh and especially don't put the charger magnet on other magnets or ferrous metals because it can cause a short circuit - yikes!


Things It Suggests You NOT Do

- Though the toy is waterproof, the charger is not. Don't try to charge it in the bathtub.
- This toy is not anal safe, despite being silicone. It has no protective flared or hooked base and the plastic could still be contaminated with bacteria.
- Only use water-based lubricants with this, or any other, silicone toy to prevent degrading of the material.
- Do not leave your toy out in the sun or car.
- Do not throw it into a fire.
- Do not poke it with sharp objects.

(I'm so not making these up. They're in the handy information packet that the vibe comes with. But at least I can't complain that they didn't tell me enough!)
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