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As Blue as the Ocean and Left Me a Little Blue, Too

Although the BiMini Ocean did not create waves for me, the technology and quality are simply so superb that I cannot hold a grudge against it. It offers a solution to people who have struggled with traditional rabbit vibrators or toy intimidation but will likely be a waste of time and money if your clitoris isn't located closely to your vaginal opening.
Waterproof, easy to use, multifunction, silicone, charging technology, cute design, discreet.
Clitoral nub too short, won't reach every g-spot.
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With BiMini Ocean, Fun Factory has created another high tech vibrator. Although it's ocean themed, it will work as well as on land as in water (you can count on that with the ingenious design). The rabbit inspired design is much smaller than traditional rabbits which makes it ideal for play away from home or for anyone who might be intimidated by larger toys. It can effectively stimulate most G-spots but the compact design may not work well for dual stimulation.

Material / Texture

The usable portions of the BiMini portion are a velvety silicone, which is nonporous, compatible with water based lubricants and has no scent. If properly cared for, the silicone should not pick up scents either. I found the BiMini ocean to be slightly firmer than most Fun Factory silicone, which is a good thing for me. The swirled design on the "head" of the toy and clitoral stimulator also add to the firmness for more consistent pressure.

However, there is still some give in the last inch or two of the shaft which is only made of silicone. The base is a small, rounded piece of plastic which can become slick with lube or fluids. The curved head can be bent back, with a hand, so that the shaft is more or less straight.

As with other silicone toys, it serves well as a lint magnet (if you need one for whatever reason).

The base is a small, rounded piece of plastic which can become slick with lube or fluids.

Design / Shape / Size

The BiMini Ocean is inspired by both rabbit vibrators and the swell of the sea. The result is a smaller vibrator with a 3" insertable shaft which has slight variations in girth because of the design but remains around 1.25" in diameter. This toy may be suitable for beginners and possibly underwhelming for others.

Because the shaft is rather short and does not curl like some G-spot toys, it will not be ideal for every body. If you know your G-spot is deep or require a curved toy (such as another toy by Fun Factory--The Curve), then I would not experiment with BiMini Ocean.

The end of the toy is decorated with wave-like swirls to produce a subtly angled head for G-spot stimulation. There is also a curvy line which runs up either side of the shaft but I did not find this to significantly add sensation.

A clitoral nub extends about 1" from the base of the shaft. The nub is decorated with the same swirled design and does not rise up and away from the shaft like actual bullets on other rabbit vibrators. For many, this means the BiMini design will simply not adequately reach the G-spot and this was the case for me. However, if your G-spot is closer to your vaginal opening or you do not require the toy to be fully inserted to stimulate your G-spot, you may be able to work with this design.

Because the design does not imitate a penis, it is more discreet than some sex toys. In addition to this, BiMini Ocean adds a sorely needed non-animal option to the world of rabbit vibrators. Furthermore, the petite size does make BiMini Ocean easier to hide and more travel-friendly.

Functions / Performance / Controls

Like other Click 'n' Charge/mini vibrators Fun Factory has recently produced, the controls are on the backside of the toy, right above the plastic base. The buttons are carved into the soft silicone and you press through the silicone to control the toy. I am not particularly fond of this method. I feel as though it requires extra efforts and fingernails frequently get in the way.

However, the buttons themselves are easy to understand. To turn on the BiMini Ocean or page forward through its settings, press the + button. The button must be pressed and held for several seconds, not just clicked, to turn on the toy. To page backward through the settings or turn off the vibrator, press the - button.

In all there are around 10 settings of steady vibration (however, the settings blend together too well to tell precisely) and 3 pulsation modes (slow, medium and fast). The vibrations of the BiMini Ocean are fairly deep, especially considering the size, but do become more high pitched, the higher the setting. With this type of toy, I am more likely to enjoy a lower setting.

The vibrations seem to be strongest in the straight portion of the shaft. In my hands, the vibrations travel well to both the tip of the head and the clitoral nub but, in use, this effect isn't quite as strong.

BiMini Ocean will never pass for "whisper quiet" but the sound level wouldn't be a deal breaker for me. With the doors closed, the covers pulled up and perhaps a bit of white noise, no one will be any wiser.

This vibrator uses Fun Factory's novel Click n' Charge technology. The charger (which comes in a separate box, bundled with the toy) does not plug into a port on the toy; rather, it connects magnetically to the base of the toy. When the logo on the toy and charger line up correctly, the charger will light red to indicate status. It does seem as though the light only comes on in certain positions but the toy may still be charging even if it is not on.

Fun Factory includes specific instructions on making the most out of your battery life including:

-BiMini Ocean should not be charged with an empty battery
-The pulsing red light indicates charge is taking place
-A steady red light indicates the battery is charged
-The battery in BiMini Ocean is not susceptible to "memory" issues, this is can be recharged whenever without affecting maximum performance (I would love to see this with laptops!)
-Maximum charging time is 6 hours, this will produce up to 1 hour of usage

The design ensures that BiMini Ocean is completely waterproof. It's safe to submerge, take in the shower or to clean with soap and water.

Care and Maintenance

BiMini Ocean can be cleaned toy soap and water, which I recommend to remove any lint particles. It can be wiped (or potentially soaked in) with a 10% bleach solution to sanitize. Care should be taken around the buttons, engraved swirls and base which all provide nooks and crannies for dirt to hide. However, BiMini Ocean does not contain any seams which cannot be cleaned.

Because it collects lint, I would store BiMini Ocean in some sort of container or bag.


BiMini Ocean comes in typical Fun Factory packaging with a product flyer, instruction manual and a sample packet of their water based lubricant--Toyfluid. The information is clear and complete. BiMini Ocean's packaging contains less plastic than other Fun Factory toys, which is a plus if you are environmentally conscientious. However, you can still see the toy through a window in the front and it may be appropriate for gifting. Furthermore, the small box may work well for storage but does add some bulk to the toy.

Personal comments

I suspect that BiMini Flash may have been more anatomy appropriate for me as the clitoral nub seems longer. While I did enjoy the technology and design of BiMini Ocean, the clitoral nub was just too close to the shaft to stimulate anywhere near my clitoris.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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