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Diamond fairy Diamond fairy

Traditional vibrator by NMC Ltd

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Diamond fairy reviews

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23 reviews

The Diamond Fairy was offered as a free gift with purchase for awhile. If you like pink, pretty and sparkly vibrators, it's got you covered. It actually has surprisingly powerful, moderately deep vibrations and makes a nice teaser when you're in that kind of mood.

This toy is ok if you know your anatomy. It's small and won't reach a deep g-spot at all. Its vibes are weaker than average, but they are rumbly which is very nice. It works nicely as a warm up clit vibe for me, but that's about all I can use it for. The plastic is silky like silicone which I find very nice. Unfortunately, it just wasn't any kind of shape that really worked for me.

This is an impressive vibrator at a very good price. It's vibrations are deep and rumbly, not at all buzzy. It is also very quiet. The material is good quality and overall it is a well-made vibe.

This little Fairy packs a big punch! She is small but feisty with a lot to offer it you give her a chance. A great deal for a first vibrator, or just a nice sparkly addition to a collection. For the money you won't be disappointed.

I loved the look of the Pink Diamond. It is pink, which is my favorite color, and has extra bling with the beautiful diamonds around the top of it. It is very soft and I loved just stroking it. However, I was very let down by the power of it. It just wasn't strong enough to bring me to a climax.

This little Fairy is a perfect choice for beginners who are used to a little girth. This waterproof toy is good for solo or couples play and is quiet enough for roommate/family living situations. For its size, the Fairy is very enjoyable and got me to moan like a ghost in the shower! (Take that neighbors!) This little toy is perfect if you're looking for a clit, nipple, and shallow vaginal stimulator who will curl your toes in pleasure and make you clap your hands to show you believe!

If you are a true beginner, this toy is an excellent start. It can be used on the clit or at the g-spot. If you have a few toys already, this isn't really worth getting unless it's a great deal like mine was.

The price makes this something safe to try, the smooth feel and deep vibrations make it something to keep. What it may lack in color choice and packaging design, it makes up with its power and versatility.

I really enjoyed the Diamond Fairy. The size is great and it functions well. A few little quirks that do not prevent me from recommending it but do prevent me from giving it a 5 star rating. It is easy to clean and has a great unique shape/design. The control is easy to use and the three constant setting options are strong and deep. The Diamond Fair performs equally well with light and firm pressure with no loss of power.

I don't have any complaints about this vibe. It is so unique for such a basic vibe. The settings, the shape, the design, and the bling make up an experience made for a princess.

As a cute, girly vibrator that gets the job done, this toy works! This would make a great addition to the toy box of anyone who doesn't need deep thrusting or g-spot play, but enjoys a great rumble vibrator for clitoral or shallow vaginal play.

As a clitoral stimulator the Diamond Fairy rocks, and does it with lots of noise! This isn't a quiet little vibe but it will get the job done. If you like shallow or slow penetration this toy might just be perfect. This is a sweet little vibrator even if it is hideously pink! It is a very pretty little toy, though.

I was surprised with this toy. Its well designed structure, its powerful and rumbly vibrations, and its waterproof capabilities caught me off guard, and revealed to me a truly wonderful toy. I am very happy that I added The Diamond Fairy to my cart, and I recommend it to all of you as well!

The Diamond Fairy might disappoint you if you're interested in getting a toy for internal stimulation, but it's sure to delight you if you're looking for something external! It's compact, making it travel friendly and is very non-intimidating and easy to use, which also makes it beginner friendly. This is a staple vibe for anyone's toy box!

Overall, for me this vibe is more about the pretty polished look than anything else. Since it is small it makes g-spot stimulation difficult and the rigidness of the plastic makes vaginal penetration a little painful. I did find that it is great for clitoral stimulation, though. It is also quiet so it can be handy in a roommate situation.

The pros definitely out-way the cons by a long shot and I strongly recommend this to people new to toys. I don't think this was meant for intense play but it is really good for couples play or solo play in the shower.

This toy came to me as a free gift, and I was greatly surprised by it. It's a very beautiful vibrator that, in my opinion, is best used as a clitoral vibrator. It provides strong enough vibrations for me. It does, however, take me a little longer to reach climax with this vibrator, and my orgasms are stronger with other, more powerful toys.

If you're looking for a first-time vibe, wanting something cute and fun in your collection, or just wanting to add to the stash for variety, this Diamond Fairy vibe is absolutely worth the price. It's really cheap, and well worth the money. However, I doubt advanced sex toy users would ever really use it more than a time or two. I think it would be a spectacular gift, though - it's cute and un-intimidating, and it can be repackaged easily.

Cute, pink and sparkly, the Diamond Fairy can be a girl's best vibrator. However, you need to love a vibrator with a smooth, velvety surface, and one that has medium-range vibrations. Reasonably priced, I found the Diamond Fairy to be just-right for me. Those who need texture and strong vibrations in their vibrators won't enjoy the Diamond Fairy's smooth and subtle charms, but my partner and I are glad we found a place for it in our toy box.

Overall I like this toy, but it would not be my personal first choice for myself. It is not the powerhouse that most of my other toys are, so for me it is like going back to the basics. If you are someone who is not very experienced and is not sure where to start, then this toy would be excellent for you. But if you are a seasoned veteran of the sex toy market then I would suggest something a little more elaborate.

The Diamond Fairy has a level of vibrations that is perfect for beginners or more sensitive people. However, anyone who craves stronger vibrations should look elsewhere. It is easy to clean and care for and can be used in the shower or bathtub. It has an interesting, slightly bulged design, and the diamond accents make it an artistic addition to any toy collection.

This is a fun little toy which feels great on the clit and vaginally. It is surprisingly smooth and well worth the cost. The button is a bit awkward in its location, but seeing as there are only three settings, it is easy to pick one and then let it stay there instead of switching between programs.

I went into this toy with low expectations, but because it was a DR assignment I tried to stay neutral. I was very surprised by the quality and attention to details when it came to this product. The deep vibrations, waterproof design, and safe material make this toy worth the price and a great buy.

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