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Joyballs secret Joyballs secret

Vaginal balls by JoyDivision

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Joyballs secret reviews

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13 reviews

I think that this product has potential. They just aren't the right fit for me. The vibration emitted from movement is subtle, but can be felt. I wouldn't advise wearing them for long periods of time though, initially, until you are comfortable with how they work. Don't let my inability to find comfort with them scare you off.

The quality and technology of the Joyballs secret is the best I have come across. The size of it can be uncomfortable in the beginning but with prolonged use can be less uncomfortable.

The Joyballs are a high quality, unique set of vaginal balls. The silicone is smooth and safe, and the colors available are sure to catch anyone's eye. Most importantly, the balls are effective if you use them right -- when I wear these, I can really feel myself getting a workout, and that is just what I want from a product like this!

I was really excited to try some new kegel exercises with these Joyballs, but at the end of the day it just wasn't for me. I gave it a couple of tries. but each time I just couldn't get past that unnatural and awkward feeling. I could barely stand up let alone walk with these Joyballs inside me.

This set of kegel balls was by far the best I have used. I did find the size to be a little large and didn't find them comfortable and even still they have surpassed my expectations. The silicone makes them easy to clean and the silver pouch makes storage simple. The great color options are sure to catch your eye.

The Joyballs Secret by JoyDivision was my first kegel exercising product. I really enjoy using them! The balls are easy to insert/remove and feel great while they're inside. The balls have marble weights in them that bounce around when you move about. This "trampoline" effect feels fabulous! If working out the rest of my body was this pleasurable, I'd be in the best shape of my life.

The Joyballs Secret is one of the best kegel products I've ever tried. It's comfortable, cute, and feels wonderful bouncing around inside of me.

If you're like many women, you want to have strong vaginal muscles. Whether it is to increase our own pleasure or assist us in muscular functions, we all want toned vaginal muscles. Joyballs take the latest technology in vaginal exercisers and utilize it, providing you with a quick, yet intense, workout in minutes.

Joyballs vaginal exercisers are a well-designed, nicely sized product. While I've found other ball-style exercisers to be just ok, these I actually like, even as much as my barbell exercisers. The inner balls don't provide any more stimulation than other ball exercisers. Don't expect them to do the work of PC muscle strengthening for you, but do expect more pleasurable kegel exercise sessions.

The Joyballs are a terrific set of kegel balls, especially for the beginner. They are comfortable and easy to insert and remove. Rumbly without being audible. They are just right. And every one who owns a vagina should be doing their kegels every day.

To strengthen your pc muscles for health or sexual benefits, Joyballs Secret are a simple and effective system. Beautifully sculpted, these balls are fun and easy to use. Designed with an innovative stringless retrieval system, they are the most discreet love balls on the market today. Using kinetic vibrations, this system stimulates your muscles with your body movements. Now, with the ability to comfortably and effectively train on the go, it is easy to develop a long term routine.

These are a great way to work your pelvic muscles without having to consciously do so. They easily insert very easily and ruble very nicely. They do exactly what they promise, increase pelvic muscle strength. There is nothing that I can find wrong whit these except that they may be too girthy for some.

Overall, I'm sure this is a perfectly fine set of kegel balls, but I'm just not that into them. They really don't do anything for me and I'm definitely not going to buy again. I'm glad that I was able to experience them so that I can stop wondering if they're worth trying out.

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