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Balls I will actually continue using

Joyballs vaginal exercisers are a well-designed, nicely sized product. While I've found other ball-style exercisers to be just ok, these I actually like, even as much as my barbell exercisers. The inner balls don't provide any more stimulation than other ball exercisers. Don't expect them to do the work of PC muscle strengthening for you, but do expect more pleasurable kegel exercise sessions.
Safe, quality materials, ingenious retrieval loop, perfect size
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I have tried many vaginal exercise products - an assortment of balls and barbells, vibrating balls, an exerciser that uses electrical stimulation and a spring loaded product not sold on this site. When I do kegels, I typically use either nothing (most of the time - it's easier) or the Kegelcisor. The latter is just the right size and shape to feel terrific when you squeeze your PC muscles against it.

Joyballs are 4 1/2 inches in circumference and 4 inches long, not including the retrieval loop. This makes them a bit shorter than Eclipse and Loa balls, both of which usually feel just a little too big for my tastes. The Joyballs, by comparison, feel like they just fit inside. I don't have to work to shove them in all the way.

It's the snug fit that makes them feel so good when you kegel with them inside. They give you something to resist your efforts to lift your pelvic floor without the sensation that they're too big for you. Perhaps the best ball for any particular woman is the one that fits this well for that woman. Other women also lament in vaginal ball reviews that various vaginal balls felt too big, so I know I'm not alone.

I have the violet/black color combination. The violet part is darker and more attractive than the shade pictured on this site.

Ball Vibration
When you hold Joyballs in your hand and move your hand slightly, you can easily feel and hear the inner balls moving inside. Once the Joyballs are inserted, however, you may not be able to detect this movement. Just like with every other vaginal ball product, I could feel the movement during the initial trial of the product, but not after that.

It may be the intention of rotating balls to trigger you to remember to kegel or perhaps to give the wearer pleasure. I believe most users will hardly notice the movement of the inner balls. You have to leave the balls very low inside you or do jumping jacks to really feel movement.

The Ingenious Tab
I absolutely love the retrieval tab on these balls. I don't believe I've ever liked the retrieval cord on other vaginal balls. These have a clever loop that you tuck inside during use. To easily remove the balls, grab the loop with one finger and pull. It's so easy.

The Instructions
Get your magnifying glass ready if you want to read the included instructions.

They say to insert the balls deeply. Each exercise session should take up to 10 minutes. According to the instructions, you can use them while standing or walking around. Two 10 minute training sessions are sufficient initially. Once you can hold them in for this length of time, you are ready for "gymnastic" training. The instructions state that initially, the mild vibrations caused by the oscillating inner balls will prompt your pelvic floor muscles to contract. If this happened with me, I never noticed it. I don't believe any such contractions will have enough force to actually strengthen your muscles. The instructions don't provide instruction for the "gymnastic" exercises, but don't worry. I have. Read on.

The Correct Way to Kegel
While some feel that the way to use vaginal balls is to insert them and leave them in for long periods of time, perhaps squeezing now and then when you happen to think about it, this is NOT the way to make progress in strengthening your pelvic floor. I have done a considerable amount of reading on this subject and have experimented with many different methods. The way to achieve results with Joyballs is to insert them, then squeeze as hard as you possibly can for 10 - 30 seconds, then relax for 10 seconds. Repeat this 10 times. Practice a set of 10 squeeze/relax repetitions two or three times/day. Do not watch TV or read or do any other activity while you do this. If you do, you'll find that you won't be squeezing as hard and your progress will be slower.

These balls have an advantage over barbells in that you can keep your pants on during use. If someone walks in on you while you're kegeling, no one is the wiser.

They are made of silicone and are therefore an easy care product. Simply wash with soap and water, then dry and store in the included satin storage bag. You can even boil them to sterilize if desired. A sample of aquaglide lube and a brochure of Joyball's other products is also included.
What intrigued me about these balls is their shape. Both ends taper gently. The taper at the top makes insertion easier and I had assumed that the taper at the bottom could be used as part of a kegel routine in a fashion similar to Energie, where the toy is not fully inserted and you work to pull it inside with the force of your kegel exercises. But I found that the Joyballs were either so low that the lower ball wanted to be completely out or, if pushed in just slightly more than this, the lower ball pulled itself completely inside. There was to be no gradual insertion by squeezing. I forgive Joyballs for this since it offers such pleasurable kegeling.

I can't tell yet whether I am actually making better progress using Joyballs as opposed to using the Kegelcisor or nothing at all. I can say that they feel good to squeeze against. Anything that makes kegel exercises more pleasurable is worth it.
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