Divine oral pleasure gloss - lip gloss by Shunga Erotic Art - reviews

Divine oral pleasure gloss Divine oral pleasure gloss

Lip gloss by Shunga Erotic Art

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Divine oral pleasure gloss reviews

10 reviews
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10 reviews

I love this lip gloss! The instructions say to use a thick layer, and so I did. Burned the hell out of my lady parts and my partners tongue. Tried it again with a thin layer the next night and presto! Heaven! The sensations are amazing! I love the look of the packaging as well! The price is just something that throws me for a loop.

Overall, I was pleased with this product. Shunga Lipgloss provides a sweet flavored gloss with a little bit of bite to surprise your partner. The tingle factor, while not long lasting, had enough tingle to know it was there.

A fun way to enhance your kisses and other oral efforts, this lip gloss will make your mouth soft, shiny, and capable of transferring a subtle tingling sensation to otherwise unsuspecting body parts.

Cosmetic product and sensual sex aid all in one. Expensive for a lip gloss, but it does so much more. The sensations are incredible, the taste is bearable and the packaging is lovely. The sensations might prove a bit much for some, and I do not recommend getting a lot of this directly on your tongue. If you do, it will burn and confuse your senses ever so slightly. However, if you apply this sparingly, you've got a winner.

Overall: Disappointing. I was really excited for this one, but it rubs off on everything, taste way too sweet and is really sticky on lips. It does have a neat cool/warming sensation for your lips, but there are much better lip glosses that perform the same function. The pretty sheen on your lips wears off after an hour tops, shorter if you are actually doing anything with your mouth. Too expensive and not effective.

Expensive as just a lip gloss, yes. I just love the strong tingle that this gloss gives me. It smells great, tastes great and it's long lasting. This would make a great gift or just as something to try out for fun!

I like strong sensations and this gloss can provide that in spades. The problem is it tastes like mentholated cherry cough drops to me and the sensation is almost too much on my lips. Sigel did not enjoy the burning on his genitals and Arch refused to even let me kiss him! All in all, I like the way it shines up my lips and provides a bit of completely natural color, but I won't be buying more when this runs out.

Shunga has created an incredibly unique way to arouse your partner. With their lovely slick gloss the serum will plump the lips and transfer a warming and then cooling sensation to both the wearer and receiver of oral. The result is a unique oral experience!

Shunga does a great job with the unique warming and cooling sensations working together beautifully. Just the right amount of wamrth surprising you when it alternates to cool. The lip gloss is great for oral sex or using on other parts of the body such as the nipples. The pleasant ingredients make this perfect for using on the genitals and safe to ingest. While the lip gloss hindered my orgasm, it could be the perfect cosmetic for some people's bedroom fun!

My wife and I had a ball with this lip gloss. she loved wearing it and i loved when she did too :). I would highly recommend trying it.

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