Divine oral pleasure gloss - lip gloss by Shunga Erotic Art - review by K101

Lipgloss for both sets of lips!

Shunga does a great job with the unique warming and cooling sensations working together beautifully. Just the right amount of wamrth surprising you when it alternates to cool. The lip gloss is great for oral sex or using on other parts of the body such as the nipples. The pleasant ingredients make this perfect for using on the genitals and safe to ingest. While the lip gloss hindered my orgasm, it could be the perfect cosmetic for some people's bedroom fun!
Intense enough to be felt by most.
Warming and cooling.
Has a plump effect on lips.
Looks nice as
Desensitized me to where I could not orgasm!
Not arousing to me.
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Shunga Lip Gloss isn't only for your face lips! It's actually designed to be applied to the lips (the ones on your face) before performing oral sex on a partner. I want to start off by saying this: men, this isn't just for the ladies! You can use the gloss on your lips as well!

The lip gloss is best used between a couple, but you could apply this to your own genitals before solo play or foreplay. Even without oral sex, you will still feel the effects.

Hydrogenated Polyisobutene and Ethylene/ Propylene/Styrene/Copolymer and Butylene/Ethylene/Styrene Copolymer, Menthyl Lactate, Glycerine, Flavor (Aroma), Sucralose, Polyglyceryl Stearate, Vanillin Butyl Ether (Vanillyl Butyl Ether)

This contains No Phthalates -No Sulfates -No Triclosan and is Paraben free.

Menthyl Lactate is the ingredient in this product that produces the cooling effect and is often used as flavoring or fragrance agent in products such as toothpaste, shave products, anti perspirants, deodorant, shampoos and more.

Sucralose is Splenda.

Vanillin Butyl Ether (Vanillyl Butyl Ether) is the ingredient that provides the warming sensation.

Hydrogenated Polyisobutene cosmetic properties include emollient, skin moisturizer and restores skin suppleness. From what I've gathered it also is non-irrtating, non-toxic and enhances SPF retention after water exposure.

This does contain glycerin so those of you who are sensitive to that particular ingredient (or any other listed) you may want to stay away. While it does contain glycerin, the gloss is thick enough that if it's only applied to the clitoris, that is where it will stay. I haven't had any irritation, discomfort or infection as a side effect of using Shunga's lip gloss.
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    • Foreplay
    • Mood enhancer
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    • Oral

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

(Ignore the subtle mustache. Ha. Ha.)
This feels a lot like any lip gloss except it's not as tacky as some such as Victoria's Secret. I find those types of lip glosses extremely gross on my lips. I like a somewhat thick, but slick kind of lip gloss. This would be somewhere in between one of those cheap little LipSmacker lip glosses (not chapsticks) and a thicker one like the cheap clear NYC brand glosses. In other words, it's not thin enough to run or drip, but not so thick or greasy that it feels sticky or tacky on the lips. It's slick.

The gloss is clear and goes on clear, but it does leave your lips shiny.

It is very moisturizing and after it's worn off, my lips are soft and the chapped areas can easily exfoliate away with a wash cloth or tooth brush.

I love how it feels on my lips, but it is intense at first. The first sensation I always feel from this is warmth, never burning though. Minutes later or when outside in the cool air, I can feel the cooling. When this is applied to my other lips via my partners mouth, it feels warm the entire time is lips are closed around me, but after licking I'm able to feel coolness.

To feel more cool sensations than warm, slightly sucking air in your mouth while performing oral sex on a partner will create very cool sensations!

This stays in place wonderfully. There are times, a lot of times when I do not want the lip gloss inside my vagina. Even with 50 minutes of oral, this never runs to other areas. It stays on my clitoris.
    • Slick

Taste / Aroma

I love the smell! The strawberries and champagne smells delicious enough to keep licking! I am not able to taste anything more than a faint hint of the sweet strawberry. Although this does contain Splenda, it doesn't have that strange overly sweet taste. It makes my tongue a little tingly, but other than that it not irritating in the mouth. The taste is light as is the scent. I can only smell it when it's held close to my face.
    • Light smell
    • Light taste


The cooling and warming sensations of the lip gloss last far longer than I'd like. With one thin application to my partner's lips, this lasts throughout the entire 50 minutes of oral! From now on, this will be washed off before oral if I use it down stairs again at all. Thankfully, a quick rinse with my detachable shower head works wonders for ridding my cooter of this stuff. It will wash off with a wet washcloth, but I'm still able to feel the sensations somewhat, but no residue will be there.

Depending on how much you apply and how long the oral sex lasts, this will either last longer on your body or not. I wasn't able to feel much of the actual gloss except every so often. After we're done, I can't tell it was ever there, but we keep at it for nearly an hour every time and this may be why. If oral only lasts for a few minutes, you will be able to feel slight stickyness from the gloss on your crotch. By the time we finish, it's dried up... or licked off and I can't feel it. It doesn't require showering afterward unless your partner doesn't lick it off.

Like I said, one thin application was way more than enough for me to feel it well. This will effect different people in different ways though. After about 15 minutes of oral sex, it dies down some, but is noticeable for at least 50 minutes on me. After 50 minutes, it wears off enough for me to actually O.

The feeling of lip gloss is always slightly sticky when touched to the skin and while the lip gloss isn't bad at all, at some times during oral (recieving) it did get extremely annoying.

This is designed for oral sex, but I found other uses for it that I like better and those are what I like best about the product. I will explain in my experience section.
    • Long lasting
    • Needs to be washed off with soap and water


The lip gloss comes packaged in a lovely artistic box with a flap. The flap opens and you can slide the lip gloss out or open the box. Since the packaging takes up much more space than the tube of lip gloss, I just tossed it.

The lip gloss itself is in a regular lip gloss container with a want that screws on and off. The end of the wand has the typical spongy brush for applying to the lips. The plastic tube is discrete enough to pass as lip gloss. It says "Shunga Erotic Art" on it, but it hasn't ever drawn any attention and more than likely won't. You can toss this in your purse or in a drawer and it won't leak so travelling with it is fine. I keep it in my purse and use as a lip plumper.

This does come with a leaflet of instructions and the same description you see listed on EF's product page. It also includes the ingredients.
    • Discreet looking packaging
    • Does not leak
    • Easy to use / dispense

Special Features

Shunga's Lip Gloss has both warming and cooling effects and tingling can be noticed in some.


I adore Shunga's products and have quite a bit. I've never used anything from Shunga that I didn't love until my partner put his lip gloss covered lips on my crotch. The product itself is actually a great product. The cooling and warming sensations are unique and Shunga done an awesome job with a simple lip gloss. However, the product desensitizes my girly bits and makes for an extremely frustrating oral experience. This is how it affected me, but for anyone who enjoys the cooling and warming sensations will more than likely really enjoy this.

Like I said, the cooling and warming ways of this lip gloss is outstanding and feels amazing, but for me, it desensitized my lady bits a little and made it much harder to orgasm. Instead of arousing me faster, this prolonged it which in turn caused my partner to have to spend more time on oral. Not that he complained, but it was frustrating. After 50 minutes of oral, it felt like I was about to really have an O, but it would stop everytime right before I actually got there! I was so frustrated with this.

It isn't a bad product, but it does not line up with my personal preferences for oral sex. For someone who really enjoys letting it build up and being stopped mid-orgasm, this would be a great product. For me though, I don't enjoy that.

While my partner was doing his thing, I applied the lip gloss to my nipples as well since I love nipple play. I wasn't able to feel much happening on my nipples until he licked them after I applied the gloss. That seemed to activate the warm and cool sensations and it felt great! I've used it a lot for this and while it isn't near as intense on my nipples, this does make a wonderful nipple product.

As for my partner, he has a hard time with anything that warms, tingles or cools. It seems to completely stop him from being able to have an orgasm or either it takes a couple of hours. We tend to avoid using getting the lip gloss on him since well, sometimes I can't always handle going at it for 2 hours! He said it didn't irritate or bother his lips and didn't leave an aftertaste.

Not to make this extremely long, but it's important to mention that the lip gloss can burn if you have a cut or chapped lips! It did burn my cut for a few minutes.
Follow-up commentary
I've still been using this lip gloss since I got it! Being a liquid gloss and that I use it so often, I'm surprised that I still have so much left (over half a tube!) That's a big "pro" for me, but I tend to use this more as a lip gloss rather than a sex enhancer. My clitoris has yet to change her mind about it. It just seems to not be the right fit for that purpose, but I enjoy it as a lip gloss. I wasn't sure that I would buy this again, but since it lasts so long, adds shine, plumps, and protects/soothes my lips, I believe I'd buy it again just as a lip gloss! Occasionally, I'll rub a dab on my fingers, then slightly rub across my lady bits for the tingly sensation. That excites me some, but I prefer it more for my facial lips!
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