Sqweel oral sex simulator - clitoral stimulator by LoveHoney - reviews

Sqweel oral sex simulator Sqweel oral sex simulator

Clitoral vibrator by LoveHoney

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Sqweel oral sex simulator reviews

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15 reviews

This is one of the most subjective toys on the market - it works great for some, and does absolutely nothing for others. Ultimately it's just about anatomy and preferences, but definitely do your research first.

Overall, I did not enjoy this toy and I wouldn't spend the money on it again. I say save your money and spend it on a toy that is more worth your while.

This item simply isn't worth it for someone who needs a lot more clitoral stimulation than a brief flicker. I was very disappointed.

Overall I found this toy not satisfying. I would not pay the money for this toy again. The only saving grace for me is the fact that it has different attachments. Make sure that you have a lot of water based lubrication on hand before playing! Be prepared to experiment with it first, before using it with a partner in order to figure out what pressure feels good and what area feels best to you. If you like the Sqweel, buy the different attachments to try the different sensations.

Simply put, The Sqweel looks like a great idea and may work for some women, but I was completely disappointed by the results.

I admit it- I bought this toy on a lark because it looked so silly and weird. But it actually feels very pleasurable and life-like, and serves as a nice alternative to a traditional vibrator. Unfortunately it can be a pain to clean, with many separate parts to be disassembled.

Definitely a change from your average vibrator. Get your oral fix without having to beg your partner endlessly. Just have a large stock in AAA batteries!

Ever wanted to feel the sensation of oral sex without your husband getting a neck cramp and lock jaw? Then try the Sqweel, a totally new kind of toy that is sure to please!

I enjoyed the premise of owning a Sqweel, but as for actually being pleasured by my Sqweel, it just couldn’t happen. I really wish that I was able to orgasm, but they would just never come!

Oral sex simulator is right! The Sqweel is different, and totally worth it. It has 10 flexible tongues that are ready and willing to lap you into orgasmic bliss any time you wish.

While this toy seems expensive, it is definitely worth it. I have not regretted my purchase at all, even though I don't use this toy as frequently as many of my others. If you are someone who just wants to get off really quickly, this may not be the toy for you. If you are someone who enjoys a slow build to orgasm, this is something you will want to try.

Sqweel is great for anyone who likes oral sex. The 10 small TPR tongues work great in unison for a nice lapping motion to work you up to a great orgasm. If you have patience and some time you can get great use from this. I took one star off for it not being waterproof! Other than that, it wins all the way!

The Sqweel is a unique and innovative toy that will give you something new regardless of your level of experience with sex toys. The 10 tongues actually do an admirable job of simulating a real tongue, although you don't get the experience of the long, slow licks. You can use it on more than just your clit too - anywhere you may want an adventurous tongue to go, the Sqweel is there with 10 that don't stop until you tell them to.

If you're looking for the only toy that can truly resemble oral sex with the lap of a tongue (or 10), you can't go past the Sqweel! It's one of the cheaper oral simulators on the market who knows how to get the job done right. Try it for yourself.

The sqweel is probably going to be a hit or miss toy. People who need a lot of pressure and power won't find much enjoyment. Someone who likes a lot of teasing and tickling will probably love it. I think it is a good toy, just not a good toy for me.

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