Sqweel oral sex simulator - clitoral vibrator by LoveHoney - review by Shellz31

Ten Tongues Of Pleasure!

If you're looking for the only toy that can truly resemble oral sex with the lap of a tongue (or 10), you can't go past the Sqweel! It's one of the cheaper oral simulators on the market who knows how to get the job done right. Try it for yourself.
~ Actually simulates oral
~ Three speeds
~ Different Sqweelers to buy separately
~ Battery operated
~ Little noisy
Rating by reviewer:
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I hadn't been purchasing toys for very long when I came across the Sqweel being sold on an online chemist site of all places. I had always been very self-conscious about receiving oral and found I was too sensitive. I was determined to get use to and enjoy what so many other females so loved. Sqweel was my guinea pig.



Sqweels are for anyone, at any stage in their sexual experience, who loves oral stimulation. Not only for the girls, but guys could also benefit from the pleasures. Just keep in mind, wherever you use it you're going to need some lubricant – whether it be spit, bottle lube or other bodily fluids. Otherwise the constant flipping of the silicone tongues are likely to cause irritation. I'm one who never uses bottle lubricant for any kind of vaginal play cause I produce enough of my own and naturally thought I could get away with doing the same with Sqweel on my clit. I was very wrong. I find I need quite a bit of bottle lube rubbed over all the tongues and sometime need to add more half way through building to the first orgasm. But, I think this may just be me using an insufficient amount.

It's simply not practical at all to use a condom with this, so unless you plan on sterilizing the insert with a 10% bleach solution between uses, I wouldn't share it with anyone you're not fluid bonded with.

Material / Texture


Eden's product page says the Sqweel is made of plastic and TPR. Going by mine and the many other places I have found online, half of it is correct. Mine is made of ABS plastic and supple silicone. It's created by a UK company called LoveHoney who have also designed another three inserts, known as Sqweelers, since introducing this stimulator to the market. They are hypo-allergenic, food grade, latex and phthalates free. I personally only use water based lubricant, as silicone based will cause the silicone tongues to become sticky and break down. I can't see that LoveHoney would change the silicone for TPR, but if for any reason they have, all lubricants will be fine.
I don't recall there being any odour at all when I first pulled mine from the packaging.


The Sqweeler that originally comes with the Sqweel is totally smooth which creates some drag across the skin. Hence the need for lubricant to act as saliva and avoid delicate areas from being chaffed. Each tongue is squishy and very flexible. Even though they are pliable, if pressed too hard against the body it will prevent the tongues from spinning. The hard casing and lid have a soft velvet touch. Although the tongue have a very visible seam, I haven't felt them while in use.

Squish test


Compare the standard tongues with the Nubbed which resembles a studded tongue:


Design / Shape / Size


The Sqweel and Sqweelers only come in the black with pink. All silicone areas are done in a pink which looks kind of like it's suppose to resemble flesh – only a very pink version of it. The inner core of each Sqweeler is black, as well as the plastic casing and lid.


When the lid is on, Sqweel looks like a large round disc with a part off one side that forms the handle, control and battery compartment. On the top, when Sqweel is laying flat, is two different sized raised circles with small indents between the two which resemble the tongues. The name SQWEEL is also featured here. Turn it over and it's the same, only without the name and tongue indents. On the handle section is a slide cover which hides the batteries. Very easy to remove, but I have never accidentally slid it off while in use.

From the handle edge and across measures 4 ½”. The diameter of the actual circle is 4” and measures 1 ½” in depth.
The insert features 10 soft tongues that are just under 1” at the widest point with a length of ¾”. These tongues are also slightly curved to create a fan appearance. Each tip is a fraction thinner than the rest of the tongue so it has a feather like touch, rather than a heavier piece of silicone slapping at your clitoris.



side view

tongue side view

Functions / Performance / Controls


On the base/end, of what I refer to as the handle, is a simple slide controller. Far right is off, then onto the low, mid and high spins. It's very easy to slide it to off in seconds if you're suddenly interrupted. There are no vibrations with this one. It simply spins, allowing each tongue to lap over your clitoris or wherever else you may like to use it. Spice things up by holding the casing so the tongues lap at your clitoris in different directions – upwards, downwards, across, diagonally.



Sqweeloperates on 3 x AAA batteries and has no issues with rechargeables. I haven't found it to be that thirsty on batteries and seem to last if you wish to leave them in after you're done.
Although it's not the noisiest toy in my collection, I wouldn't say it's quiet either. It's a higher pitched noise which tends to be easier for others to hear. I personally don't trust that it can't be heard with my door closed, so I choose to turn the tv on low. Even soft music would do the trick or playing under the covers. No one is going to hear Sqweel on low with just the door closed.


Care and Maintenance


This is the only part that I'm not so keen on. Because the battery cover is just slid on, it's not waterproof at all. Same goes for the motor which sits in the middle of the core when the Sqweeler is inserted.
The top side piece (when laying flat) with the tongue indents actually turns clockwise, makes a popping click sound and then can be lifted away from the casing to reveal the Sqweeler. The Sqweeler just sits over the top of the motor and is removed for washing. This piece is completely waterproof and can be washed with anti-bacterial soap and water or toy cleaner. I wouldn't boil or place it in the dishwasher cause of the plastic core. Although it seems like rather solid plastic, I'd hate for it to warp and render it useless cause it no longer will sit over the motor.
Lubricant (whether natural or bottled) is going to get into the case as the tongues flick around. Do not get water in this section! I use an anti-bacterial wipe to thoroughly clean this area. There's a lot of corners due to the plastic frame work, so it can be somewhat of a time consumer to get all of it out. This is the one reason I don't use my Sqweel more often.

Once all the parts are fully cleaned, allow it to air dry completely (especially inside the hollow Sqweeler core) before putting back together. The silicone will naturally attract any lint floating in the air, so I recommend sitting it somewhere protected unless you intend to give it a rinse before your next use.

side off





Mine arrived in an awesome silver metal tin inside thin cardboard that advertises the item. Not discreet at all unless you ditch the cardboard covering. The tin does have “LoveHoney Sqweel” imprinted into the lid, but unless whoever is looking at it knows much in the way of sex toys, they won't know what it is. There is no lock on the tin. Inside the Sqweel sits into moulded velvet covered plastic which can be taken out if you want to use the tin for something else. There was also a booklet, but mine is long gone so I can't say exactly what info was in it. But the toy is very simple to operate – hence throwing mine out. Mine was advertised as coming with a lubricant sample and batteries, but it arrived without either of them. I wasn't too worried.

There was no pouch, but the tin is more than suitable for storage if you have the room. Other than that, a pouch truly isn't needed cause the Sqweeler is completely enclosed in its own hard plastic case – it's all in one.



I'm rather fond of the upward motion of the spinning tongues and then holding it diagonally over my clit. I also really enjoy it lapping at my u-spot. I will admit that the first few times I used it, it took longer than normal for me to orgasm as I experimented with finding the best positions for me. It was quite frustrating. But frustrating to me is an orgasm that takes any longer than 4 to 5 minutes to achieve. I also have the SaSi because people were saying how it simulated oral and I wanted to test it against Sqweel. SaSi has NOTHING on Sqweel – doesn't even come close to achieving what this gem does! And for less than half the cost, it's a win/win.
Sqweel also has a different type of handle that can be purchased and may make operating easier. I'm yet to buy one, so I can't yay or nay it at this stage.

Sqweel earns a full 5 stars from me!
Follow-up commentary
I've had my Sqweel for quite some time and I have enjoyed every minute since it landed in my hot hands! I think I prefer the original (10 tongue) Sqweeler the best, but am still testing out the 3 extras you can buy now.

I lovesss my Sqweel!
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