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The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty reviews

29 reviews
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29 reviews

While this book is occasionally boring or odd, the majority of this book is a sexy fairy tale. The only break you'll want from this book is when you find yourself needing both hands.

This book is worth the read if you are into BDSM. However, I would not recommend this for beginner BDSMers because several of the scenes are pretty intense and may scare off those new to BDSM reads.

An essential bit of BDSM history, and a sumptuous treat in its own right. Taken as gothic erotic fantasy, The "Claiming of Sleeping Beauty" is a delectable treat that will leave you wanting more.

What if Sleeping Beauty was given to her prince as a sex slave? If you read this, you'll find out. This extremely erotic book follows Beauty as she transforms into the perfect, obedient servant. It has several different fetishes/kinks, and may not be for everyone. If you think you can handle it, though pick it up!

I was highly surprised I stumbled upon this book. It was an amazing find and a brilliant read. I highly recommend this book for anyone who enjoys erotic experiences and reading.

All in all, I wasn't disappointed. Although not what I consider her best work, it is very well written and interesting. It keeps you on your toes and anxious for the next installment.

Looking for something completely different from your average erotica? Look no further. Medieval fantasy meets modern BDSM in the well known Gothic writing style of Anne Rice, the author of Interview with the Vampire. Twisted, kinky, dark, and leaves you begging for more.

Overall a great book that does a great job at showing the beauty and not so beautiful aspects of being a sex slave. The author takes you on a great journey with this book.

Adult fairy tales which neither try to shock or shake the reader - they simply are what they are, and if you loved the first three Kushiel fantasies, the Sleeping Beauty will transport you to a similar place.

As a submissive, I really enjoyed this book and highly suggest it to anyone that finds kink appealing. It includes many different BDSM situations from both a male and female submissive perspective and not all relationships in this book are heterosexual. In addition, this book is well written and, unlike other erotic fiction, maintains a plot without deviating from eroticism.

Get divulged into a world where dominance and utter submission are not only accepted, but expected. If you would like to read a book about princes and princesses being subdued used as toys, this book is right up your alley. It is eloquently written and is very easy to get caught up in.

Reading this book is not unlike reading the blog of some girl you knew in high school who turns out to have a creepy fetish that disturbs you in a way that when you see her in line at the grocery store you feel embarrassed FOR her. Anne fucked this one up, and the next one, and then churned out a third book. Claiming is the only somewhat decent book of the series, and it's still pretty bad.

This book is worth a read because it shows in a fascinating way that BDSM and fetish aren't necessarily bad things. Plus, it's just an interesting read for those of us who are into the lifestyle, myself included.

This book is erotic literature at it's best. Better than a summer read or a dime-store novel this book basically wines and dines you and then treats you to a night of amazing "me time". I recommend this book to anyone who can read.

I think that this book is worth the price. I like spanking stories and this is definitely one of them. I wish it were a little bit longer and all in one volume.

If you have never read Anne Rice's books other than her horror, then I think this should be on your list to read. Even if you hate it, it still should be experienced. Approached with an open mind, it can be a fun, informative read with a deeper meaning to be found.

To be honest, I don't even know what to say about this one. I am a huge Anne Rice fan, but this isn't my cup of tea. It is probably because I'm not all that interested or turned on by BDSM. Rice usually will mix an ample amount of erotica in her chronicles, but this was excessive for my tastes. At the turn of every page was the account of some sadomasochism, physical as well as mental degradation, bondage and punishment. I'd pass on the Sleeping Beauty unless you're into that sort of stuff.

I did not find this book exciting, and in fact skipped or skimmed many sections to get to the good stuff. I like the fairy-tale-turned-dirty concept, but the story didn't have enough raw, dirty sex for me.

Not amazing but... Not terrible. It is a fun, kinky world to read about and enjoy for what it is. Plus it is a fabulous twist on the Sleeping Beauty fairy tale we all know.

Amazing Book! Simply amazing. If you like bdsm erotica fiction this is most assuredly the book for you. It's written in amazing detail, and I like that it's set in the past. It would be great for a historical fiction fan who wants an erotic twist. Rice is amazing at what she does, and this is some of her best work. The twisting of the classic story into bdsm erotica is simply genius and she writes it to where you feel like you know the inner workings of the characters.

It is a great book to own, even if you are not one to read much! You will love it!

Great book for anyone, even if you're not into BDSM, Anne Rice will take you on a wonderful journey as she always does!

If you're tired of the same vanilla erotica and you're ready for something edgy, dark, and want to dip your toe in the BDSM waters, this book will take you there. Anne Rice, a novelist with a penchant for writing books that draw in readers who want that edge, is brilliant in her version on this classic tale, as told to adult readers looking for a devious, dark, delicious bedtime story.

This is a good beginner erotic book. A recognizable author that shocks you a bit, but still within the realm of light fetish.

Naughty version of the classic Sleeping Beauty tale. BDSM fantasy about a princess who is taught how to both control her desires and give in to them.

This is a good book for a bit of fantasy reading. It is not meant to be taken for reality and does not portray the master/slave relationship in a realistic, sane, or even legal way.

A beautifully written, engaging story that intertwines erotica with an interesting plot and complex characters. The book doesn’t provide a series of masturbatory fantasies, but it does offer readers ample food for thought about the nature of submission and the content of our fantasies.

A tantalizing fantasy of a spoiled princess as she struggles to let go of her ego and cope with her unexpected desire to please. Not to be taken as a realistic view of consensual BDSM.

An adult story of Sleeping Beauty as she is awakened by her Prince and taken to a sort of slave boarding school to learn to be a better Queen.

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