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Before and after toy cleaner reviews

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The 8 ounces of solution lasts a long-time since it isn't intended to be the primary cleaning agent someone uses on toys. It's also inexpensive enough to be used as liberally as desired at the beginning or end of a play session. For the price and the effectiveness, if you're an anal player, toss this in your next order and I think you'll be glad that you did.

I had yet to grab a toy cleaner and needed to pick one up. Wipes are good and all and so is soap and water, but sometimes I handle my business at night and to not disturb little ears, I always need something easy and reachable. This is great for a starter but I will be looking at other options.

I really like the Before and After toy cleaner because it does its job, it smells great, and is easy to stow--or you can even leave it out and cover the label (or remove it), and no one will know what it is. It works great on cleaning glasses too.

I was looking for a bargain toy cleaner and I found one. But I also found an artificial fragrance that rivals President Snow's genetically engineered roses in the Hunger Game series for repugnance. This Classic Erotica product is worth it if you don't own any silicone Lelo toys, you don't use any toys for anal play, and you want a triclosan-free cleaner at an affordable price.

This is a great toy cleaner that is very easy and straight-forward to use and leaves toys with a sweet smell. I would urge those who are very sensitive to smells and chemicals to take into consideration that this IS a scented product and while the smell and chemicals did not bother me in my normal state or even in my more sensitive state, I didn't have need for this product when I was experiencing the worst of my sensory sensitivities. Be cautious when using it at first, just in case.

You should always clean your toys after use and this product makes it easy to do. It is quick, and the fact you know your toy is clean and ready for it's next use makes it well worth it in my opinion.

Yeah, yeah, I know I tasted it and I definitely didn't like it, but the actual bacterial spray part of it works wonders. I love how I can just quickly spray, play, and spray one last time and then set it aside for a later use, and the smell isn't half bad as well. All in all, I'm glad I saved myself the extra time and effort of having to wash my toys manually. Yeah I know, I'm lazy and I don't care who knows it.

The Classic Erotica Before & After Adult Toy Cleaner is an incredible product. Two sprays is all it takes to make your favorite toy into your squeaky clean favorite toy. It's very easy to use, and it claims to reduce 99% of the 3 major microorganisms that are found on toys! So, have fun and be clean.

Great to get the packaging lint off of new silicone toys. This works better than the antibacterial soap that I was using. It leaves no residue in the cracks and textured areas. It smells good but the smell doesn't transfer to your toys.

The spray was tested and proven, so I guess it works. There's no real way for me to test it. All I know is, this smells good and it has lasted me quite some time. However, it all depends on how many times you use it and the amount of liquid you spray on your toys.

I like this product, I feel that it is worth it for the price and handy to have around. The convenience factor can't be beat, being able to safely clean your toy right after you are finished with it and put it away without having to get up and go to the sink to wash it off is fantastic, especially after a through session on your own or with a partner.

This little cleaner works extremely well to clean up toys of all sizes and helps get into those hard to reach nooks and crannies, especially if you use a good cloth to help clear those out. I definitely recommend this product if you want an easy to use cleaner besides soap and water. Just watch out for the scent if you don’t like potent smells, but otherwise your toys will be spotless if you use Before & After Toy Cleaner!

This is a nice anti-bacterial toy cleaner that smells lovely, and is great for any toy material. Have peace of mind that your toys are clean, and that your body is safe from any harsh chemicals or parabens. It does not contain glycerin and sprays on easily, a great alternative to the conventional soap and water and convenient for travel use.

Classic Erotica's Before & After Toy Cleaner is a great value for your money! It works very quickly and doesn't leave behind any sticky film some toy cleaners have. It has a fresh clean smell that isn't over powering. This is one of my new favorite products!

Before and After Toy Cleaner is a convenient and handy addition for your toy chest. It will quickly clean your toys without requiring a trip to a faucet for soap and water, or to the trashcan with used wipes to dispose of. The design of the spray bottle is super-convenient and allows you to use just as much liquid as you need to clean your toy without waste, so you can depend on the cleaner to last a long time

Sex toys are fun, but they would stop being fun the second you used a dirty toy, and then contracted a sexually transmitted infection; am I right? Yea, I know I am right. Safeguard your body against infection and bacteria with before and after toy cleaner. Use it when you purchase a new toy, and before and after every use. This product is a must have for any toy owner.

Overall this products keeps your toys clean, safe and smelling fresh, however it is not good to use for your oral toys because of the taste.

Overall, I think this is a great cleaner. However, if you are sensitive to a lot of cosmetics and toiletries or sensitive to fragrances, then proceed with caution!

I am working on my second bottle of this cleaner because it is just - that - good. It's a quick, easy, and convenient way to get toys clean.

While I'd prefer an unscented version, Before & After Adult Toy Cleaner is a great way to keep your toys tidy between uses with a mild, water-free spray. Though, I wouldn't skip out on a good soap-and-water scrub completely, I highly recommend this product to anyone with a toy collection.

I ordered a bottle of this a few months ago. At first, I felt guilty about spending $10 on a bottle of cleaner. But regrets! EVERYONE should have a bottle of this stuff on hand.

I've continually purchased this product to clean my toys with. It's so super easy to use, lasts a long time, and smells wonderful! You get so much for a small price and it's cheaper than a lot of cleaners out there that I don't think work as well. I would highly recommend it to everyone!

To put it simply this product is a quality product at a reasonable price. The before and after is easy to use in the spray bottle and long lasting. It smells great and will have your toys smelling wonderful too. Just make sure you're ready to wipe when you spray so it does not drip all over. If you have toys then you need this toy cleaner. What a quick and easy way to clean your toys!

This is a wonderful product that everyone owning a toy should have in their arsenal. It's quick and easy to use!

Before & After Adult Toy Cleaner is a good product for quick cleanups and for cleaning up on-the-go. Although it is not a natural product, it doesn't irritate my sensitive skin. It's a good price and will last you a long time if you alternate cleaning with this product and with other methods (i.e. soap & warm water). Also, the packaging states it is free of harsh soaps, so it won't damage your beloved toys.

Looking for a great smelling cleaner to do quick spot cleans or clean smooth toys? Then look at this. It's not going to replace soap and water, but it will do a good job for all your in between times.

Cleans toys and gets rid of germs and scents. The perfect accessory for any sex toy owner. All you have to do is spray it on, wipe it off and rinse. No mess, no hassle, no germs, no worries.

Cleanliness is next to godliness, so keep your toys clean. No one would eat off a dirty plate so why will some people use a dirty toy? Before and After cleaner is a great product to use between uses and to freshen up your toys, killing bacteria and making your toys safe for use.

I'm a girl that just isn't satisfied with the old soap and water method. I am just accustomed to the extra feeling of cleanliness a toy cleaner gives me. The anti-bacterial properties make me even more confident.

This toy cleaner makes cleaning toys a breeze. With this toy cleaner it can even be used to clean toys while laying in bed. Providing you remember to bring paper towels or something to wipe the cleaner off the toys.

If you are looking for something to clean textured toys or moderate to heavy jobs of bodily fluids, this is not the toy cleaner that will be best for you. It does a good job on smooth, less textured toys if they are cleaned right after use. It also clears your toys of bacteria with a simple spray and wipe. I am glad I bought this; it just isn't exactly what I was looking for.

This product is necessary for all of us who love and cherish our toys! We need to keep them clean and healthy and the best way to do so is with Before and After Cleaner! It is water-based, healthy, easy, and definitely will leave your toys feeling fresh and clean!

If you are looking for an easy way to make sure your toys are clean, then this is probably it! This cleaner is great as an addition to the standard soap and water wash, plus it makes your toys smell yummy. The only possible drawback is that it doesn't taste as good as it smells.

There is a peace of mind that comes with knowing the toys I'm using are free of bacteria. Toys go into sensitive areas after all! The fact that the spray is both inexpensive and smells nice, is great too!

The cleanup is a simple spray and wipe down of the toy, and you're back in bed in no time. No more fussing over having to take a few minutes at the sink.

This toy has a nice flowery smell, is not tested on animals, is made in the USA, is soap free and anti bacterial. It is a great product and it is well worth what it costs. Just spray it on and wipe it off! It's really a great cleanser.

Where Water Runs Dry, Give Before & After a Try!

Before & After is a fresh-smelling, easy-to-apply, antibacterial spray cleaner that will effectively clean most toys, prior to, and after playtime. It's also the perfect solution for those times when no other cleaning options are available!

An easy-to-use, easy-on-you (but hard on those germs!) product. Great smelling and long lasting, Before and After is quality and bang for your buck. Just don't leave it lying about.

All in all this is a good toy cleaner that is simple to use. Just spray, wipe and rinse. Buy this product in good faith that it is effective and a great bargain.

You get a lot for what you pay for. It leaves your toys and equipment with a very pleasant clean scent

Though it might not replace the good old soap and water treatment for some items, this toy cleaner is invaluable for those of us who can't always get to a sink after our little romps. The scent is lovely, price is great for the amount of product and it cleans my toys up wonderfully.

Let me just come out and say it, you need this product! It smells great, it keeps your toys clean and safe from harsh chemicals, and it is easy to use. Just spray it on your toy, and wipe it off. Leaves toys looking and smelling good as new!

This item is a great cleaner for all sorts of toys and textures. It gets in creases and crevices with it's thin formula and wipes off for ease of cleaning.

This toy cleaner does its job well enough, but I'd personally rather continue washing most of my toys with soap and water. I'll use the cleaner for non-waterproof toys and to spruce up certain toys, but definitely not to regularly clean all of them.

Rinse free, pleasant smell, antibacterial, non-irritating, and effective! What else could you possibly want from a toy cleaner?! Before & After is the only cleaner I will use on my toys.

Before and After Toy Cleaner is truly an effective and convenient way to keep your toys clean and fresh, without having to worry about rinsing them off or washing them in the sink.

This allows me to do my after sex toy cleaning from my bed, what else can I say? This stuff is great!

I believe that this product will surpass your standards for cleaning your toy. All the water based lube was immediately removed along with other 'residues'. The toy looked like it was brand new again, and as my girlfriend exclaimed, "smelled great!"

Excellent toy cleaner. Works great on plastic, leather, metal, and even glass. Removes all residue and film and leaves behind a great scent!

I absolutely love this cleaner. I use it on all my toys that range from silicone vibrators to leather harnesses. It also smells incredibly fresh afterwards which makes after sex cleanup a pleasant experience.

No more naked runs to the bathroom and waiting for the water to warm up so you can wash off your toy. With this you can just spray it on and wipe it off and you're all set to reuse the toy.

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