Before and after toy cleaner - toy cleanser by Classic Erotica - review by Beautiful Dreamer

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Cleanliness is next to......

Rinse free, pleasant smell, antibacterial, non-irritating, and effective! What else could you possibly want from a toy cleaner?! Before & After is the only cleaner I will use on my toys.
No irritation, no need to rinse, pleasant smell, antibacterial.
The labeling is not discreet enough to leave lying out.
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extremely useful review
After my last cleaner failed miserably (created a burning sensation if you didn’t get ever little bit off and had a smell so strong my roommates could surely tell when it was sex toy cleaning time) I was on the hunt for something that was easy to use (no water required), had a non offensive scent, and was cost effective. Before and After toy cleaner definitely delivered and I will not use anything else in the future!

Instructions on the bottle read 1. Spray on.. 2. Wipe off.. 3. Have fun! It really is (surprisingly) that simple. It has a very convenient non aerosol spray nozzle and a plastic cap. I use between 2-5 pumps (depending on the toy size) which does the trick for me. I spray them down on a towel, let them sit a minute or two, and then wipe them off. Even if you miss a spot, the product evaporates rather quickly so you can play (or store) rather quickly. It’s also very nice that this bottle does not leak. I keep my toys in a bin that is short, so all of my lubricants & cleaners must be on their side to fit. I’ve had products leak in the past, not the case with Before and After|Before and after toy cleaner.

The most important aspect to me… no irritation!! I’ll admit that the first time I used this product, when I got out my vibe I was prepared for either a burning or stinging sensation because I didn’t rinse the cleaner off, just wiped like the instructions said. I braced myself and was surprised when nothing happened. So for anyone that’s sensitive, I personally did not have any irritation with Before and After toy cleaner.

It did a wonderful job of removing water, oil, and silicone based lubricants. The oil based lubricants did take two applications of cleaner and a little more elbow grease. The cleaner also does wonder on Jelly toys|What's the To-do with Jelly Vibrators? and that terrible smell. The scent of Before and After smelled almost like the “fresh breeze” scents of fabric softener. It is safe to use a variety of sex toy materials. I have also used it on my Crave wrist cuffs|Crave wrist restraints with no color problems.

After using this product, I have tossed my old fashioned “rinse off” toy cleaner and am now sticking with this. No more trips to the bathroom, pleasant smell, and no problems with burning… definitely a must have in our toy chest! I highly recommend it!
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  • Oggins
    I love this toy cleaner too! It's so much more convenient to use than getting up and going to wash everything in the bathroom! I really don't have sensitive skin but, I personally have had no irritation using this either! Nice review! =)
  • Beautiful Dreamer
    Thanks! There's nothing quite like rolling over, reaching down, spray, wipe, roll back over & go to sleep! :)
    It seems like this is a hit all around. I didn't detect the grape scent a few people commented on, did you?
  • Oggins
    I didn't really notice a grape scent...I think it kind of smells like a weak, fruity wine cooler if you actually unscrew the cap and smell it. I guess it's just depends on each persons sense of smell..... Either way, I still love it! =)
  • Cock Wrangler
    Is there any alcohol in this product? I would imagine so, for evaporation purposes... if so, it's not the best idea to use on leather, at least not often.

    What kind of cloth/paper do you use to wipe it down with? That's my main issue with bottled cleaners- most toys will still attract lint, and I just can't imagine how to avoid lint without a good wet rinse.
  • Beautiful Dreamer
    I use a towel, like a bath towel. This seems to do the trick for me our laundry doesn't have much lint though. There is benzyl alcohol in the product. But as this is less harsh than isopropyl alcohol, I think it would be okay for a few uses. Thanks though!
  • Bulma
    I love this product, as it is so convenient. I always hated to get out of bed and go wash toys in the bathroom after sex. It really is nice to clean up without getting out of the bed. I thought the smell was quite similar to the original febreeze scent, which is quite close to some fabric softeners and drier sheets. It really does clean quite nicely, and getting rid of at least most of the Jelly scent is a huge bonus in my book :)
  • Interesting that it smelled like fabric softener to you. That is much more appealing to me than the grape scent that others have mentioned.
  • Beautiful Dreamer
    I've performed multiple "sniff" tests. I've had (very good) friends sniff it in the name of reviewing. No grape scent has been detected. If you open the cap and almost inhale it, it smells slightly sweet. Hope that helps!
  • lezergirl
    nice review! (especially the title haha)
  • Modern^Spank^Anthem
    good review
  • dsumrow1
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