What's the To-do with Jelly Vibrators?

What's the To-do with Jelly Vibrators?

Beetle Beetle
Jelly is all I have right now, and honestly, I didn't do any research regarding them before I went out and purchased a few of them.

Even though I care greatly for my translucent buzzing buddies, I'm a little discontent to learn that Jelly isn't quite as safe as some other sex-toy material.

I've also been warned thoroughly that certain materials can corrode wood finishes and react with the chemicals on.. almost every surface in my room.

So my questions are..

What type of toys would you reccomend for a girl who really just wants a good, traditional vibrator?

I've read through the rating on materials already, but, I'm not sure if condoms will react poorly with my Jellybrator, either. What do you think?

What, exactly, makes them so unsafe? Why are realistic skin dildos worse?

As for scents, do silicone toys have the same, tingly, almost nostril-insulting scent jellies do?

Really, I like my jelly vibrators.. but there's a few things I could do without.

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Adriana Ravenlust Adriana Ravenlust
Originally posted by Beetle
Jelly is all I have right now, and honestly, I didn't do any research regarding them before I went out and purchased a few of them.Even though I care greatly for my translucent buzzing buddies, I'm a little discontent to learn that Jelly ...
One of the biggest things about jelly as a material is that it is porous and cannot be properly sterilized. Furthermore, jelly may contain latex - a known allergen - or phthalates (which is the big health/safety issue) which are bad for your health.

Condoms should be safe and are often recommended for easier clean up and to prevent/reduce dirtying the porous material.

If you're looking for an alternative, I would suggest silicone. It's just as soft, but nonporous so it can be disinfected. Toys without vibrators or removable bullets can be washed in the dishwasher or boiled to disinfect.This makes it MUCH safer for sharing.

However, take care to use a water based lube with silicone toys.

From my understanding, that unpleasant scent is usually due to chemicals such as phthatates, which silicone does not contain. My personal experience is that silicone toys have a slight scent from being packaged but nothing that lasts or that is overpowering.

Cyberskin and similar materials also may contain latex or pthalates, is porous and reacts highly with materials such as silicone or other cyberskin toys. From what I've seen, these types of toys react much quicker and much worse. I've seen cyberskin toys which have melted/discoulored from touching others and they're not pretty. Cyberskin also should not be used with silicone lube and condom use is strongly recommended.
Nashville Nashville
Everything Adrianna said and more. With jelly toys they tend to break down faster as well, where as silicone toys won't unless you use silicone lubricants with them. While jelly toys are cheaper they get replaced a whole lot faster so in the long run it's better to make the investment of a more expensive toy made out of a better material such as silicone. (I'd like to personally note that silicone is soft, succulent, and comes as close to imitating skin as I've ever been able to find in sex toys. Not does it have that same terrible smell *which is actually chemicals* because silicone toys do not contain phthalates.)
Essin' Em Essin' Em
Real silicone, once taken out of the package and cleaned, should have NO smell.

Condoms, as said, can and SHOULD be used with all jelly toys, at all times. There isn't enough information out there yet on phthalates, and different studies say different things, from them causing allergic reactions, irritation, etc, all the way to being cancer causing.

Silicone and plastic are safe. We label phthalate free toys on the site, and you can sort by them.

There are realistic dildo options that are silicone; check out vixskin dildos by Vixen - they feel lovely!

(Adriana - great answers!)
Bulma Bulma
TPR Silicone is quite comparable to Jelly in my experience, but doesn't have the health concerns. I really like my TPR silicone cock ring (actually my husband wears it, I am a woman, and alas, have no cock of my own). It is really stretchy and feels better than Jelly does, it doesn't smell, it isn't as sticky, and it transmits vibrations wonderfully. I know it is safer than Jelly, but it still has the qualities that I like about Jelly like being so pliable and stretchy. Just note that from my research TPR Silicone can not be sterilized (someone correct me if I'm wrong in this), only pure silicone can be truly sterile (plus metal and glass, but we're not talking about those).

I am trying to get away from Jelly, and TPR silicone seems like a good choice for me. I would much rather have pure silicone toys, but lets face it, they are more expensive and way harder to find in some types of toys.

Essin' Em - I really want to try a Vixskin dildo; they sound perfect actually, and look pretty good too. Knowing how much you love yours and considering your vast knowledge of toys, leaves me confident that I'll love mine once I finally commit to the price.
Essin' Em Essin' Em
Bulma -

I have the Raquel (non-realistic), and she is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. I also have a Mr. Right (a packer made out of Vixskin), and I love to just sit and hold it, feeling it warm up to body temperature. Vixskin is totally amazing! I know AAG and the Cock Wrangler like them a lot as well (they're big Outlaw fans). I hope you enjoy it
TexasBrat TexasBrat
I have several materials for toys. I enjoy either glass or silicone the best. With jelly toys, the fear of phthalates is there, which has yet to be fully proven to be harmful or ok. Many people that like more "pure" things steer towards phthalates-free toys, which is why so many companies are now making them that way. I am in no way a germaphobe, but, with jelly toys, the best thing to do, that I've found, if you don't want to use a condom, is wash it with warm water, and antibacterial soap right before and right after use. That's how I clean all of my sex toys, and I've never had a problem.
Beetle Beetle
o: What a welcoming helpful crew you all are. Thank you for all the advice and information. I had no idea trying to come into my own WideWorld of Sex would be such a semi-complicated matter.

Silicone does seem the way to go. And glass. Can't forget my glass. :3

Thank you, everyone, for answering that for me.
Cock Wrangler Cock Wrangler
I see everyone beat me to ranting about jelly...
but I sure do love Vixskin! I've used a few of that line, and the feel of them is amazing. And no, they have no smell at all. =)
Betty Rocket Betty Rocket
TPR and Silicone.....my faves.

Jelly is just yucky to me. Little fuzzies everywhere, never comes clean, smells funny...........ew
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