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Dona body polish Dona body polish

Scrub by System JO

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Dona body polish reviews

24 reviews
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24 reviews

Loved this product. Have tried quite a few products from this company, have been happy with all of them. Kind of hard to find in stores but easy to get online.

If you're looking to try an exfoliating scrub, then it might be worth it to try Dona's body polish. It gives a nice clean and a light smell. Do not, though, that your results my vary depending on your water.

All in all this product did work great and I would recommend others to buy but wouldn't recommend the camu camu scent.

I am incredibly unhappy with this scrub. I certainly did not feel polished after using it. I felt greasy, gross, and the granules were so large that I found them to be painful, despite not having at all sensitive skin. To top it all off, the camu camu scent smelled like rancid play-doh. Yum... I would absolutely not recommend this scrub to anyone.

Those looking for a mild scrub that will leave your skin feeling smooth and soft may find what they are looking for in this product...if they can get past the smell! While the product was decent as a scrub (I prefer mine rougher, but appreciated the moisturizing properties of this one), I couldn't stand the smell and had a mild reaction to the scrub when I used it.

This is a neat polish which is also called a scrub. It leaves a nice glow on your skin. I also use this for when I do my foot pedicures, combined with the salts and bath milk, and touch it up with the body butter, I have a wonderful salon of my own at home.

Dona body polish is a nice addition to a shower or bath. It helps get you clean while exfoliating your skin, leaving it feeling smooth and lightly scented. With many scents, there's bound to be something for everyone.

The body polish from Dona is a great way to exfoliate your skin. I really like the ricey/grainy textures of these scrubs. It's abrasize but not too abrasive if that makes sense. I also really enjoy the scents. Goji berry and acai both smelled fresh and clean. I would definitely purchase these scrubs again in the future. I think for the amount of product you get (large tubs!) it's definitely worth it for the price.

This scrub smells great and it softens rough skin (and removes dead skin) on knees or elbows. It also softens up newly shaved legs. It’s paraban free as well. Also it doesn’t irritate my eczema prone skin.

Dona Body Polish is by far one of my most favorite bath and shower products that I have ever used, and I can't stress how much I would recommend that you all try this product. It smells wonderful, and leaves your skin feeling healthier and softer than before.

Aphrodisiac-infused and amazing texture. The scent stays with you ever so lightly and leaving your skin feeling brand new. The container really lasts for sometime, mine is still more the half way full.

I definitely feel this product is worth buying. It does exactly what it is supposed to: polish the skin, moisturize, and leave you with sexy skin!

I love this stuff. I want it in every scent. It feels good, smells great, a little goes a long way, and it's just so very sensual...

All in all I am rating this product at a 4 only because the Mangosteen was a total miss for me. As a product, this stuff is wonderful! Great price, wonderful product and it would make an awesome gift! Now that I know what scents I like from the Dona line, I will be purchasing this product in either Camu Camu or Pomegranate. If you like citrus scents, try the Mangosteen but these do smell slightly different to everyone so read some reviews before you make a choice on which scent you want!

System Jo's Dona Body Polish is definitely one of the most affordable scrubs available. The product gently polishes skin, but dissolves quickly and leaves surfaces slippery. If you have sensitive skin, beware, this product may burn!

Dona's body polish isn't perfect, but the mangosteen variant is both more pleasant and effective than the "scents" of some of the other polishes. With a sweet citrus and coffee scent, you might enjoy adding this to your morning routine. You may enjoy it if you require only a bit of buffing and don't mind that it doesn't also function as a cleanser.

The Blue Lotus body polish, not to be mistaken with the other DONA body polishes, is great for those who have sensitive skin and enjoy light cucumber like aromas. This will make your skin feel as smooth as a baby's bottom by the time you're done using it. For those of you looking for something with a strong exfoliating property or something less creamy this might not be the best DONA polish to consider.

The Dona Blue Lotus line smells like Lily of the Valley, it does start out as a pureed cucumber aroma briefly when applying it right out of the container, though. It is an extremely light and subtle fragrance that does not last long unless used with the other bath products, creating a 'layered' effect. The moisturizing properties work very well and this is one of the lighter exfoliants on the market.

Depending on your personal skincare needs, the Dona Body Polish may or may not meet those needs. I'm giving this 3 stars. Despite the fact that this doesn't measure up to my natural polish, it's still a nice product. For my skincare needs, it simply doesn't fit in well with my regime as it doesn't hydrate, exfoliate or clean. I had hoped it would cleanse as well as polish, but it doesn't. It smooths, leaves me glowy and reduces the look of lines and wrinkles on the body.

I'm very happy with this product and I can see it becoming a staple in my beauty routine. The Goji berry smell is wonderfully refreshing and I'm thrilled with how my skin feels after having used this Body Polish.

I can't say it enough that I LOVE this product. It made my skin so soft, smells heavenly and my husband even noticed how soft my skin was after using it. The Mangosteen is like a strong cup of coffee with soft fruity undertones and the Goji Berry reminds me of a fruit smoothie. They smell good enough to make my mouth water while making my skin the softest it has been in a long time.

I can not think of anything I don't like about this product - other than the fact you really need to layer it with other products from the DONA line to create a long-lasting effect. I love the scent and the way this feels on my skin when I use it in the shower. My husband finds the scent somewhat sexy - or at least desirable and at this price, I don't have to do my "budget minded shopper" economics because...who cares? I'll even pay {gasp} full price for this product!

Dona is the new bath and body line from System JO. The products create an aphrodisiac infused ritual that can be followed daily. This scrub won't be joining my daily ritual anytime soon. The product burned my sensitive skin and caused it to turn red and blotchy. For all that irritation, I didn't find that the polish really polished off very much. It felt more like a thick body wash than an exfoliation product.

Dona Body Polish is simply an amazing all natural nourishing cleanser for your skin. I am absolutely astonished at how high quality this product is for such a low cost. A gentle scrub, delicious aroma and clean soft smooth skin all in one container! Get your pampering on, you deserve it!

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