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If you're looking to try an exfoliating scrub, then it might be worth it to try Dona's body polish. It gives a nice clean and a light smell. Do not, though, that your results my vary depending on your water.
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You have to give the Dona line credit for thinking of almost everything. If you ever wanted to treat yourself and get an entire cohesive set of body products, then this might be a beauty line for you. Dona is a lone run by JO, who are known primarily for their lubricants. This Dona product is called a body polish. Body polishes and scrubs are washes to use in the shower. What makes them different than standard body washes is their texture. Polishes and scrubs almost always contain small, abrasive particles in the wash. The idea is for the slightly abrasive aspect to exfoliate, cleanse, and soften skin better.

If new to body polishes, I'd recommend trying a small amount in a cloth and then washing your forearm gently. See how much pressure you want to apply to see how much you like the textures. If you have sensitive skin, go especially gentle. I would be careful if you want to use this wash for your face or nether regions. The abusiveness of the scrub could irritate your face and make the nether bits uncomfortable. I do not recommend this for cleaning the folds of the vagina.

The ingredients are fairly standard compared to other body scrubs. If in doubt, you can do a spot test to see if you can tolerate the product. Wait one to two days for reactions before continuing to use the product. This body polish is not means for anything internal. It does not have any overt sexual purposes. You could, however, use it to wash each other during a joint shower.
    • Bridal gift
    • Foreplay
    • Mood enhancer

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

Even for body polishes and scrubs, this one is really thick. It doesn't really move to follow or conform to its container. If you poke a hole in your scrub and leave it for a month, you'll find it almost exactly how you left it a month later (providing you closed the cap and what not). This body polish is technically a liquid, but it reminds me of moist, clumpy sand. It won't run off your hands like water when you use it. You could even put a small amount of product on your hand and turn your hand upside down. It will stay there as long as the product isn't too top heavy.

Because of the exfoliating properties, the polish is grainy when you rub it between your fingers. It is not a blended cream of one color. It is a beige opaque color with red particle to exfoliate the skin. If you've never used body polishes, then this scrub might appear a little weird to you. If using to wash, you don't feel any unwanted residue after you rinse off. However, it may be different depending on the water you have. If you have soft water, you may still feel soapy after using this product (it should hold true for most soaps, but especially polishes like these). If you have harder water (water with higher amount of minerals like calcium) then you're more likely to feel less soapy after a wash.
    • Grainy
    • Thick

Taste / Aroma

The body polish is not edible. In terms of smell, I'm starting to understand that it is probably a challenge to have a scent stay consistent throughout many products. The chemistry between a body polish and massage oil is different, so you shouldn't expect the same exact scent. The body polish does smell similar to other pomegranate products in the Dona line. However, I don't think Dona captured what pomegranate smells like in their products. I would expect the scent to be fruity as its main note and then it could have a variety of undertones. However, I get mostly a floral note with fruity undertones.

If you tend to prefer fresher scents, then this one may be too heavy for you. If you like fresh, the Mangosteen would be a better option for you. To me, the pomegranate smells older and more... stuffy. However, smell and how we perceive it is a personal and varied experience. Some people may absolutely love the scent. The smell in the body polish is more subdued then it is in other products. It does leave a slight smell after washing, but not for that long if you only use the polish and nothing else from the line.
    • Light smell


Again, your success with this body polish can depend on the chemical properties and hardness of your water. The harder your water (to a degree), the easier ti is for soap to break up and rinse off. I have harder water in my location in the northeast of the US. I have experienced no problems rinsing this polish off. I don't detect and residues after bathing, even if I sweat or get caught in the rain. My skin doesn't seem an different than if I used other washes or scrubs.

It's best to put the polish on a wet cloth and then apply it to your skin. You're less likely to overuse the product and it will last longer. Still, this polish won't wash everything. Keep a milder, smooth soap around for the face, behind, and genitals. Some may like the polish for their face, but I prefer to use a milder exfoliate.

The Dona line claims to have an aphrodisiac quality in their products. It can be claimed, but it cannot be backed up by hard science. There are ingredients in the product that have been thought to have such qualities. There is no conclusive evidence saying so.
    • Needs to be washed off with soap and water


The jar came wrapped in plastic. Remove the plastic and you'll access the polish. The jar is easy to unscrew and use.

You can simply unscrew the jar, grab some product to put on your washcloth, and then close the lid. It doesn't leak or even move in the jar, so it's pretty safe for travel. Note that it does count as a liquid if going through airport security.


I tend to be a tough reviewer when it comes to body products, and I think it's fair. I am putting this on my body and I expect it to treat my body well. This polish pleased me more than many other products in the Dona line. I'm still not a fan of the pomegranate scent, but I would definitely consider getting some in the Mangosteen scent. I like body polishes when used gently. I also love having my partner wash my back with body scrubs.

The smell for me isn't a big deal since I put on a different lotion after bathing. My lotion (generally citrus or cucumber based) is the main thin you'd smell on me.
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