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Dona's body polish isn't perfect, but the mangosteen variant is both more pleasant and effective than the "scents" of some of the other polishes. With a sweet citrus and coffee scent, you might enjoy adding this to your morning routine. You may enjoy it if you require only a bit of buffing and don't mind that it doesn't also function as a cleanser.
Smells good, light scrubbing properties, easy to use, smell stays with you.
Not a strong exfoliator, kind of messy, requires washing off of body and surfaces.
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Dona's body polish promises to smooth and moisturize your skin. You can use it everyday during your normal routine to become a little bit more touchable, or combine it with all the Dona products for a spa-like experience that cleanses both body and soul. Just don't expect it to be a miracle worker.

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

The texture of this polish is like porridge, or perhaps a slightly chunkier version of Cream of Wheat. Although it has some coffee bean granules, it no doubt will be too soft for some who are looking for the just right fit. The pieces of rice give this a soft texture overall, and it's not very moist. If you shake the jar upside down, it won't budge. This is nice. The instructions say to put it on your washcloth or shower poof; however, you'll have to dig it out with your fingers, so you might as well just use your hands.

Some users have reported that this feels greasy, and it might if you use it outside of the shower, but this effect should be minimal if you use it in the shower. The rice actually dissolves in water, which is an interesting property.

It's important to note that not every "scent"/aphrodisiac variant of Dona's body polish has the same texture. As far as I know, mangosteen is the only one with the actual coffee granules.

The thick texture means this this does not work as a cleanser in addition to an exfoliator. You will want to wash with your normal product before or after you use Dona's body polish.
    • Beads
    • Textured
    • Thick

Taste / Aroma

Mangosteen has a scent that is fairly close to what one would expect. It's a tart and citrus blend with a touch of sweetness, that is similar to a sugared grapefruit. The coffee beans also give it a hint of coffee that seems to become more noticeable as you dig deeper into the container. If you like to smell the coffee brewing in this morning, you might enjoy adding this one to your AM routine.

Like all Dona products, this one smells strong. It tends to stay on your skin and cause your entire bathroom to smell aromatic for a short while. It definitely lends something to the experience.

I did not taste this, but I expect you would also taste the coffee.
    • Smells good


Expect no more than light exfoliation from this product. This is ideal for your arms, legs, abdomen, and other places that might need a touch of polish but no extreme measures. Calloused feet, on the other hand, will need more rigorous treatment. This is no replacement for a rough scrub or a pumice stone. However, it might tide you over in the meantime, and I personally find the experience more pleasant than using a pumice stone.

Because it's a light exfoliator, you can use it on your face comfortably if you have no skin sensitives. Some reviewers have experienced discomfort about the genitals, and one reviewer had a particularly bad reaction because of her sensitive skin, so you might want to "spot test" this product first.

If you don't turn away from the water, it will quickly dissolve away and you'll find yourself reaching for more. Similarly, you might grasp for more product because the exfoliant particles are so few and far between. I've noticed my container is emptying far quicker than I'd like.

After you do use this, the rice mostly dissolves, but the coffee grindings definitely need to be washed off. The thick product also sticks to shower walls and tub floors more than similar products. It will probably require you to physically remove it, rather than just rinsing it away with water.


Dona's packaging uses a sleek design that mimics lace. It's feminine, discreet and pleasing to look at. The tub that this product comes in has a screw-off lid that is easy to use, although not with a single hand. It's secure but, as I've mentioned, not ideal for applying to a sponge or cloth like the directions suggest. You definitely have to dig your hands in there. Because of its bulk, you probably won't want to travel with this.
    • Discreet looking packaging
    • Does not leak

Special Features

Dona's creators would probably argue that the aphrodisiac is a special property; however, your mileage will vary greatly. All the products are strong smelling, but some users find them to be unpleasant, too. If you have a chance to give these a smell in a local shop, I would recommend that first.

The name mangosteen does not necessarily refer to the smell of this product -- although it happens to be a citrus/coffee blend -- but the aphrodisiac used. If you enjoy this smell, you will probably feel more sexy, but the opposite might also be true. Of course, your partner's preferences will also come in to play. Long story short? It's all placebo effect.

Personal comments

The ingredient list for this is long! It includes many natural oils, rice, Vitamin E and the contentious "fragrance". Glycine Soja Wax, or soybean wax, might be of note to those who react to glycerine. However, this has no petrochemicals, sulfates or parabens. I'm not particularly sensitive and I experienced no problems, but this might not be the same for you.


I really did not enjoy my pomegranate products in terms of scent. Although this product isn't a hardcore scrub, I do enjoy the experience and have taken to rubbing it on most of my body during my shower. I like that I can use it on my face and it doesn't seem to leave my skin feeling greasy.

I definitely feel like this won't last long because I have to really glob it on, though.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

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