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Dona linen spray reviews

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23 reviews

This product is great for a home spray that you can spray on your bed, or in the air. It is a fun to spice up the sheets before sex. Making the scenery a little different is always a nice way to begin fun in the bedroom. You can use it on your body just to smell good for going out, or for staying in. I found it's also a nice, inexpensive, after-shower spray. Speaking of your body, play my naughty game for an extra fun on a night in, or get creative and make up your own...

The Dona linen spray is a great product to use around the home for various purposes. Whether you are freshening your sheets or using this product as a body mist, the light scent is sure to please!

I love this and I will probably buy all of the scents just to try them all. Its not to high which is a great plus!

DONA Linen Spray is everything I'd hoped it would be - a fresh, fruity scent that breathes life into your dresser, closet, or the back seat of your car without being overwhelming or boring. While it will be too sweet for those looking for something with a kick, I'd absolutely recommend it for anyone seeking a girly, exciting scent to bring to their home.

I would not purchase this product or recommend it. I felt as though I had to apply maximum amounts of it for minimum results.

For anyone looking for an allover air freshener this is one to get. Although because of the strong aroma it may do the best job in the vehicles.

If you would like sweet smelling sheets, cars, lingerie, or anything else, Dona's Camu Camu linen spray is sure to do the job! The Camu Camu scent is something of a mix of plum and cantaloupe... it's truly unique and delightful.

If you're looking for a scent to give your linens a boost in sensuality and romance, don't pass this up! An overall great product with great ingredients and amazing atmospheric results, it has set the standard for Linen Sprays!

A soothing spray to be used on your sheets, and perhaps lingerie that puts you and your partner in the mood. While the scent is appealing, it doesn't last the entire night.

While the Dona Linen Spray isn't the fabric refresher I was looking for, it is still pleasantly-scented and works well to freshen the air or the sheets for a short period of time.

I think that if you are someone who loves the smell of mangoes, this product is perfect for you. Just be careful and not use too much!

The Dona Linen spray is marketed as a fragrance spray for linen and sheets to add a sensual touch. However it's much more versatile then that. It's infused with aphrodisiac super fruits to help add to the sensual experience. The Acai Berry is a light and pleasant scent that is great for those who don't like strong scents. The only downfall I have found so far is the pump sticks once in a while. Otherwise Dona's Linen spray is heavenly!

Dona Linen Spray will make any room smell fantastic! This is one of those excellent products that you hope never gets discontinued or changed in any way. It is great for freshening your sheets and as an air freshener. This product is affordable and definitely worth plopping in your cart.

This is product my second favorite Dona product I have tried. There are so many things I love about this linen spray, but primarily it's the quality and versatility. For such a small bottle at low cost, this works great for many purposes. With a great long lasting smell that is sure to get peoples attention, definitely worth the buy.

The Dona Linen Spray is part of the Illuminate process it is used to illuminate your sensual space. How does lying down on a bed that smells like berry's sound to you? Well to me it is heaven this spray smells wonderful and a little goes a long way. Why stop at the bed you can also use this as an air freshener. This comes in handy for me while I am upstairs because I keep my others downstairs and don't have time to run down and grab it when I need it.

Surround yourself, complete the last little ritual in the Blue Lotus products and let your bedding in on your relaxing and refreshing secret. Why stop with your bedding? This spray works great on your clothing, lingerie drawer, dryer sheets and hairbrush. This is a reasonable long lasting and pleasant aroma that you will be happy to carry with you all day long.

Upon ordering and receiving Dona linen spray I expected an average product that I would probably end up letting it collect dust. But after discovering all the usefulness of this spray I have come to thoroughly enjoy it at home and work not only as a linen spray, but a general air-freshener. To my surprise the scents last a long time and are clean, crisp, sharp and enjoyable. This is definitely a versatile product most people will enjoy, especially in their bedroom.

The Dona linen spray in Mangosteen is a wonderful product with a lot of thought about what a customer would want in a linen spray. The scent has staying power without being overpowering. The spray follows the trend of using exotic fruits for a pleasing fresh scent.

System JO's Dona linen spray is amazing. It gives fabrics a fresh, sweet scent that really makes you want to just cuddle up with them. This product is also natural and contains several natural aphrodisiacs to improve your mood and stimulate your senses. For the price, you get an awesome product that is cruelty free. This spray is very easy to use and does not stain fabric.

Dona by System Jo brings us a natural, paraben- and cruelty-free linen spray with multiple uses. Though it doesn't last long in the air and is hard to detect on linens, the sharp scent clears to a nice soft floral aroma on the skin. For a quick awakening experience, use this in the bathroom or the bedroom. As a very light body spray, this will do fine. It won't last long enough to bother you, so the sharp scent can be forgiven.

This multi-use linen spray smells amazing and lasts a long time. It doesn't stain the linen you choose to spray it on and isn't irritating to the skin. It would make an excellent gift for pretty much anyone!

The blue lotus Dona linen spray is like walking into a flower shop! The fragrance is beautiful, it lasts a good long time on the sheets and makes the room smell wonderful.

This is a perfect product - both for the person who can't use the mangosteen body products by DONA and the person who can. Combine this with the candle and your house will smell sweet and fresh for a long time. I loved how this did not stain our sheets even when I accidentally sprayed it much closer than is recommended by the company.

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