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Make Your Booty Smell Fruity!

The Dona Linen spray is marketed as a fragrance spray for linen and sheets to add a sensual touch. However it's much more versatile then that. It's infused with aphrodisiac super fruits to help add to the sensual experience. The Acai Berry is a light and pleasant scent that is great for those who don't like strong scents. The only downfall I have found so far is the pump sticks once in a while. Otherwise Dona's Linen spray is heavenly!
Smell good, 6 scent options, versatile,
Pump could stick.
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System Jo brings you the Dona line of bath and body products which includes a linen spray. The purpose of linen spray is to give your linens and sheets a sensual touch, according to the bottle. However, this spray is much more versatile then that. You can spray this fragrance spray anywhere and everywhere including yourself. This is a natural, cruelty free, and paraben free product that is available in 6 superfruit and aphrodisiac infused scent options.

Your directions are to spray on fabric, wait, and breathe in happily. Anyone who is sensitive to an ingredients like fragrance or glycerin, should avoid skin contact with this spray. But also if you choose to spray your garments with this spray be sure not to spray the areas that will have the sensitive parts touching it.

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

This linen spray comes in a pump bottle that is like an generic hair spray bottle. One pump dispenses a decent spritz. If you spray it too close to the fabric, it will leave the small area damp, but I don't find it stains and dries quick. If you spray a mist and walk into it, you won't even notice the mist. Once you spritz or pump a fine mist comes out of the bottle. This isn't the finest mist you will come across, but it's not a large amount. I usually need about two pumps when I wear it as perfume and I spray my full size bed about 5 times to cover it. (One in each corner and one in the middle.) Inside the bottle the linen spray is a clear and runny liquid that looks just like water. If you shake the bottle some bubbles pop up to the top of the bottle, but otherwise this is basically water. It doesn't feel greasy, sticky, or oily when it comes in contact with the skin.

Taste / Aroma

This linen spray is available in 6 superfruit and aphrodisiac infused scent options. Your options are Camu Camu which is a red to purple cherry looking fruit that is native to the Amazon. Goji Berry which is a orange to red berry that is native to Southern China. Blue Lotus which is an Egyptian water lily that is native to the Nile. Pomegranate which is berry that is the size between a lemon and a grapefruit that is native to Asia and Europe. And finally, Acai which is a small black to purple drupe (grape like) that is native to Central and South America.

I personally purchased the Acai. I have extremely happy with the Acai scent from this Dona line. It's my go to scent option. The linen spray in Acai smells like a berries with a hint of floral and perfume. The berry smell is definitely the main smell to this spray. I don't smell the floral and perfume smell until after the berry smell. It seems to only be a hit of floral, but enough to tickle my sinus'. Most things that smell like flowers make me sneeze and this is no exception, but thankfully it's not something that last for a while. The perfume smell is to be excepted, because it is a fragrance spray. The smell isn't overwhelming, but those easily irritated by floral scents will sneeze from this.

You shouldn't taste this spray. It's not meant to be a breath freshener. However, if you lick your skin after your spray this on your body you will taste perfume. Luckily this isn't an overwhelming taste. It's not pleasant, but it's not unpleasant either. The taste won't overwhelm your palate.


If you are looking for a spray that is going to last a really long time and really make the entire room smell wonderful; the Acai isn't the scent option for you. While it isn't the most mild fragrance spray I have come across, it's certainly not the strongest. It doesn't seem to last long and doesn't really cover other scents. The scent seems to be strong the first 20-30 minutes, but after that it really seems to blend in with the surrounding scents. It's even like this on the spot your sprayed the most on. If you stick your nose right up to the garment and try to smell it; you can't really detect the spot your first sprayed. So, this stuff fades and needs to be re spritz often.

Should you want to remove the smell, washing your garments or linens will be the only way to get it out immediately, but if you wait it out, there will be no need to wash your garments or linens. If it's on your skin you just need to rinse your skin off, but again waiting it out will make the smell fade too.

This linen spray is best for those who want something to smell good for a short period of time. If you are looking for long term fragrance, Acai isn't the right scent option.


You get a 4.5 oz bottle with a pump top. There is a sticker tab on the side to label your scent.

Special Features

Ingredients Break Down

Water- H2O
PPG-26 Buteth-26- a skin conditioner that is the polyoxyethylene ether of butyl alcohol.
Hydrogenated Castor Oil- a skin conditioner and viscosity controlling agent that is extracted from the Castor seed.
Lycium Barbarum (Goji)- Wolf berries or Goji berry fragrance for the superfruit infusion.
Coffea Arabica (Coffee Seed)- a masking agent that is a oil from the beans of Coffea Arabica.
Euterpe Oleracea (Acai)- Acai berries fragrance for the superfruit infusion.
Morinda Citrifolia (Noni)- a cosmetic astringent that is extracted from the Indian Mullberry plant.
Punica Granatum (Pomegranate)- Pomegranate fragrance for the superfruit infusion.
Camellia Sinensis (Green Tea)- a skin conditioner that is an oil extracted from seed of Cammellia Sinensis.
Garcinia Mangostana (Mangosteen)- Mangosteen fragrance for the superfruit infusion.
*Glycerin- skin conditioner that also decreases viscosity that is a natural occurring alcohol compound from vegetables or animals. It is known to be allergy causing for some.
Phenoxyethanol- preservative used in cosmetics.
Ethylhexylglycerin- a skin conditioner and a weak preservative.
Fragrance- what is added to give scent.
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