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Dona rose petals Dona rose petals

Sensual kit by System JO

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Dona rose petals reviews

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9 reviews

These petals help add the extra touch for a romantic night. Sprinkle them on the floor, on the bed, or in the tub. They may not last very long, considering that the fabric petals fray on the edges.

Dona rose petals are a really sweet addition to a sensual evening with that someone you love. Whether you're planning an evening at home or away, these petals are a delicate touch to a beautiful evening! The petals aren't the best quality and the raw edges make the petals fray, but as long as you don't mind cleaning up the little strings left behind, these are a fun buy for you and your special someone.

Want to add some extra romance whenever the feeling strikes? You might want to consider some reusable rose petals by Dona. They might not look real and they can reek at first, but it is easily corrected. You sacrfice realism for versatility and options.

Hubby and I had fun with these but they are just not made of very good material and will not last us very long since I like to use mine a lot. They are getting 4 stars because we did have fun with them they just fray easily.

This is a horrible product. The petals are frying like crazy, smell bad, and overall would probably be more fit for a hobo.

These fabric petals will help set a romantic mood if you scatter them in a trail OR on the bed OR in the tub. But they are unscented and fray a bit. You may need to buy more than one tube. They get the job done but are not the best fake petals out there.

These petals are a great way to invite your lover to join you in an intimate encounter. They also add a seductive, fun, element to the bedroom. Just don't expect them to make your desire stronger or tantalize your olfactory senses.

Dona Rose Petals can be used to set a romantic mood for your partner. They can also be used as simple decoration. They hold scents well and can be used with the Dona Linen Spray or essential oils to add another element to them. The petals fray, which causes a mess wherever they go. This could potentially also cut the life of these short if they unravel completely. Compared to the price you would pay for petals at a store, the Dona Petals are a bit costly. They do set a nice mood, however.

If you want to buy rose petals, your money is better spent at a craft store. It it is Dona you are wanting, your money is better spent in the bath and shower section!

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