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Dona rose petals

Sensual kit by System JO

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Through Rose Colored Glasses

Dona Rose Petals can be used to set a romantic mood for your partner. They can also be used as simple decoration. They hold scents well and can be used with the Dona Linen Spray or essential oils to add another element to them. The petals fray, which causes a mess wherever they go. This could potentially also cut the life of these short if they unravel completely. Compared to the price you would pay for petals at a store, the Dona Petals are a bit costly. They do set a nice mood, however.
Holds scents well, nice color options, large size petals, comes with container, dye won't run.
Fraying on the petals is messy, more costly than other petals.
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What It Is

Dona is a line of bath and body products from System JO. The products can be used together to create a five step ritual. The ritual includes: Relax, Cleanse, Nourish, Illuminate, and Engage. The Dona Rose Petals are part of Step Five: Engage. While most Dona products are aphrodisiac infused, the petals are unscented. They can be sprayed with the Dona Linen Spray to add the Dona aphrodisiacs to them.

What It Can Be Used For

There are many uses for fake rose petals. The one most often though of is to spread them out on the bed to create a romantic scene for your partner. Once the petals are sprayed with the linen spray and perhaps a matching candle lit, it creates a lovely atmosphere. They could also be used to create a trail into the bedroom. You could also place a few petals in a bath to make the bath more romantic or relaxing. While not the most cost effective option, if you bought enough of the petals you could use them as decoration around the house or for an event such as a wedding.


The petals are packaged in a clear tube. A sticker on the tube has the product info. It says "Dona An Aphrodisiac Infused Ritual Rose Petals" on the front. The back says "Sprinkle rose petals in the bedroom or create a playful trail to romance." The tube includes 0.35oz (10g) of petals. In my tube, that worked out to be 86 petals. There will likely be some variation on number from tube to tube.

Material and Color

The petals are made from polyester. The material is thin enough that you can see the outline of something placed behind it. It's thick enough that you can't see clearly through it. The material appears shiny. This shiny appearance carries through to the feel, which I would call soft but slick.

Each one is colored slightly differently to create a more realistic appearance. The color options are coral, pink, red, or white. I have these in the coral which is a bright orange with red tips.


Each petal is approximately 2" long and 2" wide at the widest point. There will be some variation from petal to petal in terms of size. Here you can see one in my hand for size reference:


The petals were tested in both oil and water. I soaked one petal overnight in a massage oil and placed it on a white towel to see if the color would bleed through. No bleeding occurred from the dye in the petal. The petal held the scent of the oil long after I had attempted to rinse it off.

One petal was placed in the sink to see how it would react to water. The petals naturally float in water unless pushed downward. Once submerged, the petal was able to be placed back on top of the water again and made to float.

The petals do have some fraying issues on the sides. Every petals seems to have this. The petals that were tested in oil and water seemed to begin to fray worse after testing.

When spread out, I was able to cover a good portion of my queen size bed with the included amount of petals. They don't cover it fully, but it's enough to get the point across.

The fraying once again caused an issue after being placed on the bed. The petals have a tendency to shed some of the fray each time they are placed somewhere. The bed was left with orange thread all over it once the petals were picked up.

Cost Effectiveness

Doing some research online, it seems most petals come in quantities of 100-300 petals or in even larger bulk amounts. The larger the quantity ordered, the cheaper the price becomes. I was able to find some petals around $0.007 per petal (less than one cent). The Dona Petals work out to be $0.10 a petal (at 86 petals). If you're looking to decorate a large event or use large quantities, clearly the Dona petals will not be the best way to do this. However, for use in a bed or tub 200+ petals aren't really needed. It will be up to you on if you'd prefer to have the smaller quantity or larger quantity of petals.
I'm mostly a kinky type of person, so rose petals in the bedroom isn't something that's overly appealing to me. I'm just not geared romantically, I suppose. I did like the idea of taking a bath with these. Something about adding a floral element to a bath seemed especially relaxing. These can be used for that, but it will shorten the overall life of the petals as it increases the fraying that exists.

For bedroom use, these are just too messy. The frays seem to leave behind threads everywhere they touch. Each time I put them down there seem to be a little less, so perhaps after quite a number of uses this could be eliminated completely. I'm not a huge fan of extra cleaning work, so these will stay away from my bed going forward.

The petals work really well at holding scents either from the linen spray or from oils. If you have any essential oils, you could place a drop on a few petals and they would keep that scent. I wouldn't recommend drenching it like I did in the test as it worsens the fraying. A drop in the middle of the petal would be best.

The cost of these is a bit high in relation to petals you can get elsewhere. Dona products are usually well priced, but the per petal price of these isn't all that competitive. That said, if you're looking for something romantic and don't want to have to figure out somewhere to put 200+ petals after you're done with them, these may be worth the added cost.

For me, the additional work of cleaning up after these just isn't worth it. I'd like to take them in the tub, but I fear they wouldn't last long if I continued to do so. They set a lovely mood, but the mood doesn't last when you have to quickly grab a vacuum.
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