Milk made smoothing hand buffer - hand cream by Cake Beauty - reviews

Milk made smoothing hand buffer Milk made smoothing hand buffer

Hand cream by Cake Beauty

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Milk made smoothing hand buffer reviews

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11 reviews

I am somewhat disappointed in this product simply because of the scent. I didn't realise that it would be so strong when I purchased it. However; I did love how the sugar granules felt over my hands or my sore and tired feet. If you can wing it? When you go for a pedicure, see if they can massage your feet with it! You can thank me later!

The Milk Made Smoothing Hand Buffer by Cake Beauty makes the skin feel lovely and soft after using it but leaves an oily residue that requires vigorous washing to remove. The raspberry scent is sweet but faint so it shouldn't bother those with sensitive noses. The granules are far too abrasive for my hands but works great for the rough patches on my feet.

If you're a nail biter, cuticle chewer, dry or calloused hands or just want to pamper yourself with a spa style treatment-This is the product to try out! I highly recommend this to anyone! Can be used for feet, hands, elbows and knees.

Finally, I have the hands I have always wanted. No more cracked skin around my nails, no dry patches on my hands and now I have hands that I am proud to have anyone hold and caress. No one will ever call me alligator skin again.

The Milk Made Hand Buffer is a new staple in my handcare routine that helps to keep my paws in tip-top shape. I am always very concerned with the look of my hands and want them to be polished, moisturized, and never dry! I have problem cuticles, and the exfoliants help get rid of rough problem areas, and the oil moisturizes and prevents dryness.

Still not sure if I am a fan of this hand scrub. The smell is amazing, the after effect is great, but the amount of oil is a huge turn off plus it ruins the bottle's label as well as any fabric it comes into contact with

I would've liked if it was easier to use. The mouth of the jar being small was kind of a pain and I would've liked it to smell like raspberry vanilla because that amazing scent combination is what actually first got my attention. Aside from that, it's a great exfoliator that left me moisturized and soft and I would recommend this to anyone looking for a good scrub. My dry skin absolutely loved this paired with Milk Made velveteen hand cream!

While it may not do much for your cuticles, it does exfoliate and moisturize very well. This would be a great gift to give to someone special or just a small treat for yourself, hands and feet.

This hand buffer isn't the perfect product for everybody, but it is a nice product all the same. You'll get a wonderful exfoliation and some extra moisturizing but the oil that Cake uses sits on your skin for a while after you're done. This may bother some people, but it can be easily wiped off if it does bother you. If you do leave it, it should sink in within a few minutes.

I have never used scrub products before but it was an excellent first impression. It has the ability to cause you WOW moments. Your hands and nails will receive the finest treatment at home. Super easy to use and gets results. Recommended!

While this hand and cuticle buffer does not perform its intended purpose well, it can be used instead on the feet where its rough sugar granules will exfoliate tough skin and callouses, and its oily consistency will moisturize without being a bother by making your hands all greasy.

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