Pheromone soy massage candle - aromatherapy candle by Classic Erotica - reviews

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Pheromone soy massage candle reviews

18 reviews
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18 reviews

I am a total candle snob, and I can happily say that these candles are one of my very favorites! The packaging and names are cute, and make for excellent gifts!

Wax play and erotic hot oil massages are a great way to add some spice in your bedroom. Made from body safe soy oil and other natural ingredients, Classic Erotica’s Sex Ripe n’ ready Raspberry Massage Candle is the perfect choice. Don’t worry about burning when the wax drips onto you, this low heat candle creates oil that’s warm and never hot.

I totally think this massage candle was worth its price. I cannot say I would pay more, but it is quality enough for the $9 it was on sale for. Pleased with the way it melted and the way it feels silky on the skin afterwards. I say buy and try.

I cannot exactly speak to whether the pheromones in these candles work to make me more "in the mood" but the scent of these candles does make me feel good. So I'm willing to be convinced! The oils are light, melt easily and make a massage a thing of beauty. As hot wax play the candles are tops and this is something no bathroom should be without!

While this didn't work out as a massage oil, it does work pretty well as a normal candle. It has a good smell to it, and the packaging is really cute. This could make a great gift for any of your friends!

Overall, this was not a total waste. The Pheromone Soy Massage Candle from Classic Erotica has a great smell and is now used to help set the mood in our bedroom.

All in all, this is a great candle/ massage oil if you do not mind a thin layer of wax left behind. For me, I think I will just stick with regular massage oils, but it's a great candle.

This is a great product for those interested in massage and for beginners in candle play. It’s easy and safe to use, and smells great. Also, it conditions the skin wonderfully.

A wonderful concept gone terribly wrong. The idea of making a wish every time you light the candle, the amazing scent options, the placebo of the pheromones, and non-burning massage wax all enticed me to buy the pheromone soy massage candle. I bought the vanilla sugar, which smelled amazing, but it had little to no functionality. It left an odd, greasy residue on the skin after it took over an hour to melt enough for a massage, and the smell didn't even transfer to the room.

For anyone new to wax play or wax massages, I think the price of this candle makes it well worth a try.

This was our first time using candles during massage.. We LOVED the smell, but using it for a good massage? Meh. This is a great product, and we will purchase it again just because it smells so amazing, but we will most likely look for another type of candle for massage in the future.

While this is not my favorite massage candle that Eden offers, it isn't all bad. It has a great fresh smell and a long burn time. It does leave a waxy residue on your skin that needs to be washed off after use.

The solitary star that this candle earned is a reward for its function as...just a candle. It has a strong, sensual aroma, rather than an overly sweet, medicinal smell. However, as a massage candle, this one is a massive failure.

Sin In A Tin is has a big scent for a little candle. This soy candle is great as a cute candle to scent up your room or for a sensual massage. I can't support the pheromone claim, but this candle is enough of a mood-setter with its sexy scent you can let it slide.

Don't let the pheromones turn you on to the Burning Desire candle, but don't let them turn you off, either. Passionfruit is a delightful tropically fruity scent, and the body-temperature wax feels lovely under your partner's hand. The slightly waxy feeling that remains for an hour after a massage might cool your mood once the candlelight fades, but the scent will linger in your room for a while, reminding you of pleasant time spent acting on your Burning Desires.

Overall, the scent is great and I probably will use this again to lure my boyfriend into giving me a massage. The scent is worth it. But I also love oils and will likely be buying more of those than candles.

I really wish there would have been more to the Wish candle than just a sweet scent. I wanted to have a horny hubby, not a waxy one. At least he got the benefit of me not being able to leave him alone. How can I when he smells like cake?

Wish is a 4oz vanilla scented soy massage candle, with added pheromones for sensual arousal from Classic Erotica. Contains gentle, skin safe soy which transforms into a divine massage oil - simply blow out the flame and drizzle the warm oil all over your lovers body for a sensual intimate massage experience.

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