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Wish is a 4oz vanilla scented soy massage candle, with added pheromones for sensual arousal from Classic Erotica. Contains gentle, skin safe soy which transforms into a divine massage oil - simply blow out the flame and drizzle the warm oil all over your lovers body for a sensual intimate massage experience.
Divine vanilla scent, leaves a lovely aroma in the air, only need a small amount for application.
Leaves a slightly waxy film on your body and is not edible.
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When you open the lid of this cute little tin, the first thing you notice is the gorgeous smell that greets your nostrils. It leaves a very sweet yet not overpowering scent of vanilla in the air when lit. The melting wax transforms into a sensual oil which is a gentle heat unlike standard wax, warm not burning, and is pourable directly onto the skin, but for safety reasons always test first on the palm of your hand or wrist. For hardcore wax play lovers, you'll find this a wee tickle at the most.

To use, simply pop the lid off this travel friendly tin and light the hemp wick. The wax in the tin is hard, not soft in texture, and sets very quickly again when cooled. Keep the wick trimmed to a nice quarter inch for optimum burning. As soon as you have at least a teaspoon worth of oil you can begin to use it, usually within 10-20 minutes. One teaspoon covers a fair amount of skin. Simply blow the candle out and pour directly from the tin. Remember to test it first on your hands if you are unsure.

The oil is silky smooth on application and spreads easily without disappearing into the skin and having a need to reapply more. It lasts the distance.

The wax when melted is made of a gentle soy massage oil and contains coconut oil, hemp seed oil, apricot oil, avocado oil, fragrance (parfum), essential oils and vitamin E. Which leaves your skin beautifully moisturized. It's also not tested on animals which is great!

Wish also contains Copulandrone, Copuline-alike and Reconstituted Anronone which with a bit of wikipedia research tells me are the added Pheromones the label suggests. Copulins are female pheromones which have been scientifically proven to increase male testosterone levels. So having this smeared all over your skin is intended to arouse any male nearby.

It does leave a slightly waxy film on your body afterward and is not edible, basically it leaves a less than desirable taste in your mouth so I wouldn't suggest you try any form of oral play with this smeared on a lovers skin. The wax will begin to harden quickly in cooler temperatures so it's best to use straight away with a massage.

You use very little each application so with a 4oz tin you will get quite a few massages out of it. The label does not indicate a number of intended uses either. Does not stain, but I suggest a towel placed underneath for easy clean up. A great gift idea or a sensual experience for those who enjoy an intimate massage. Especially if massage is one of your favorite ways to get all horny revved up!
We decided to try this after a couple wines and I ended up with not one partner massaging me but both of them kneading the oil into my back and neck. Maybe there is something in those pheromones, huh?

Pouring it onto my skin felt divine, the sensation from that was warm but no where near as hot as wax play and I loved the smell. In fact, I still keep opening the tin to have a sniff and have used it beside my desk as a room aromatic as I love the smell of vanilla. The oil spread easily and during the massage it felt silky smooth and my partner commented on how well it lasted.

However, it does leave a film that feels slightly greasy and waxy so a shower is definitely a must. It does thicken up and will harden quite quickly if left to sit on the skin, so if you use it, begin massaging straight away. It's definitely not edible and tastes gross so I don't recommend any form of oral play unless you like licking wax.

I gave this product a 3/5 simply because although I loved the experience and will use it again, the waxy residue left after could be improved and it would have also been nice to have a spoon to use or some form of pouring device as the tin already has wax down the side of it from pouring.
Follow-up commentary
As a good old candle with natural products and a beautiful smell I love this as a candle but I have not used it again as a massage oil. If you are curious about wax play then this is a lovely way to explore it without the serious heat and sting normal wax play delivers. It's nice just not something I have used again. I do however love the fact the ingredients in the candle are natural products and the oils are brilliant for dry skin. I quite often have this burning at night and it's lasting a long time.
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