Pheromone soy massage candle by Classic Erotica - review by ViVix

Lovely Concept, Disappointing Turn Out

A wonderful concept gone terribly wrong. The idea of making a wish every time you light the candle, the amazing scent options, the placebo of the pheromones, and non-burning massage wax all enticed me to buy the pheromone soy massage candle. I bought the vanilla sugar, which smelled amazing, but it had little to no functionality. It left an odd, greasy residue on the skin after it took over an hour to melt enough for a massage, and the smell didn't even transfer to the room.
Non-burning Wax.
Great Scent.
Possibly the Pheromones (at least as a placebo).
Wish Concept.
Leaves Residue.
Takes Forever to Melt.
Scent Doesn't Transfer to the Room Well.
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review


The concept of the soy massage candle is that this candle will burn for a certain amount of time, then the wax can be poured or scooped with a spoon onto your partner for a warm, relaxing massage. However, this is not the case. This candle must burn for far too long, and the wax is too greasy and messy. That being said, this candle is best used for a nice placebo if you aren't entirely skeptical of pheromones. Manufactured pheromones may or may not work, but the idea is to entice someone sexually. This candle is also a cute gift for the "believes in wishes" type because on the side it says "Light the candle...make a wish!" Sometimes I feel like I need a little luck or a big change, and it makes me feel slightly better to do things that I think will bring me luck. This wishing candle is perfect for that. I also really enjoy the smell, and while it is noticeable if the massage candle is just left to burn as a regular candle, it is very very light in comparison to an actual candle and must burn for quite some time as well. Since I've already boughten this candle, I'll probably just use it to make a romantic candlelit setting at some point.

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

The soy pheromone massage candle isn't what I would consider a good massage candle due mostly to the texture of the wax. Even when melted pretty thoroughly, this wax feels somewhat thick and goes on greasy. It does not rub into the skin, but rather, it leaves a white waxy residue that sits on top of the skin. The wax also is fantastically hard to get off after the massage is done. In addition, the wax is non-burning, which I consider a pro, but it also doesn't stay warm enough for any kind of decent-length massage. Finally, it's also not especially easy to pour, as there is no pour spout, and the edge has a rim that curves in and prevents smooth pouring as well.

It's slightly difficult, but I think you can see the white residue in this picture if you look closely.

    • Greasy
    • Thick

Taste / Aroma

I ordered the vanilla sugar, though this comes in 6 other tempting scents. I was not disappointed with the aroma at all, though I do not think this necessarily smells like vanilla sugar. Before it was burned, this smelled like vanilla or the birthday cake scent that seems to be pretty popular. While it was being burned, it smelled more carmel-like. It's the same scent I get when I'm making carmel apples essentially. Either way, I was really pleased, and I wish the scent would've been stronger in the room and would've spread in a timely manner as a normal candle does. I should include that I burned this candle in a very small room with the door closed, so a stronger scent was a reasonable expectation. I did not taste this massage wax, and I would not encourage anyone else to do so. This is not labeled as edible, and it does have parfum listed as an ingredient, so I doubt it would be tasty.
    • Light smell
    • Smells good


This product did not perform as intended. After 20 minutes, there was not enough wax to use yet. After 40 minutes, there was still not enough wax to use for a massage. Finally, after 60 minutes, I got tired of waiting and poured what had melted onto a small section of skin. After 60 minutes, there is no way a decent amount for a massage was available. This product is also very greasy and waxy, though I believe it's supposed to melt into more of a massage oil consistency. As previously stated, it leaves a residue on the skin, which is difficult to get off. I found myself rubbing it off with a towel as soap and water provided absolutely no results. Two days and four showers later, I still feel some of the residue. The good news is that everyone keeps commenting that I smell good, as the smell seems to come across more strongly on the skin than while burning in the container.

After 20 min:

After 40 min:

I love the smell of this, though I wish it were stronger. I also really think the wish idea is cute. The pheromones are a personal pro for me as I find that my hopelessly hopeful demeanor gives me a bit of a placebo effect and boosted mood. However, I am whole-heartedly disappointed with this item as a massage candle, which is the intended purpose!


These candles come in different color labels and silver tins according to scents (of which there are seven total). This is a 4 oz. candle, which doesn't translate into a massage candle that lasts for a long period of time. The candle is very cute and somewhat discreet...someone looking at it wouldn't instantly think "sex!" Upon opening the candle, the wick is already trimmed short enough to just light it, though the tin advises to keep it trimmed to 1/4".

The ingredient list is as follows:
Soybean Oil
Coconut Oil
Hemp Seed Oil
Apricot Oil
Jojoba Oil
Avocado Oil
Fragrance (parfum)
including essential oils
Vitamin E
Reconstituted Andronone

There are instructions on the package, but I think the concept is fairly self-explainable. Once more, I think that this container could have been modified to make pouring the melted wax less messy and more convenient. In my similar products, you will see that one has a pour spout, which I imagine is a huge pro for these types of products.
    • Discreet looking packaging
    • Messy dispenser
Follow-up commentary
This candle is just not functional...not as a candle and not as a massage candle. The smell is fantastic, but it doesn't travel very far even when the candle is burned for long periods of time. I actually started thinking about this, and I'm not sure if it's because this is a soy candle because I've never owned another soy candle. The idea behind the "wish candle" is really cute though. Hopefully, we will see a few improvements in this product.
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