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Mist by Kingman

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Romantic candle reviews

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27 reviews

The romantic candle by Kingman is a fun mini candle with unique wax beads. The Midnight Romance scent is divine, but don't expect the scent to fill an entire room. For the price, this is the perfect little candle!

I was a little disappointed with this candle. The smell was very light and you can only smell it when you're right on top of it. I probably wouldn't buy another one, but I will try some of the other brands.

If you enjoy unique candles that only slightly perfume your room, you will probably enjoy this one. If you don't enjoy having to work to get a candle situated, I'd steer clear of this one. It is overall a decent candle, but not an everyday purchase in my eyes.

I was a little unsure about purchasing this candle at first due to the price tag on such a small candle. I was pleasantly surprised when the candle threw off a nice, strong floral fragrance. The fragrance may be a bit strong for some. This candle is supposed to be infused with pheromones, however I did not notice any effects of them.

I thought this would drastically enhance my libido and I felt nothing. The smell is very hard to notice unless very close to it. I was also not pleased with its size.

Overall, I did not find this to be impressive. I would only recommend this if you like the smell of vanilla. You are better off getting a candle at your local store, although this is a good price for what you get.

This is a great deal! Only $6.50 for a cute, wonderful smelling candle. If you just so happen to love candles, be sure not to miss out on the Romantic Candle.

I'm very disappointed in this. I paid for a candle that wasn't a candle but was instead wax beads and a wick that I had to line up correctly. Then the scent was very light and a cheap version of french vanilla that has an after-scent to it. It did not smell true to the vanilla scent at all. I do not recommend this unless you want to have a half-hour project and enjoy Walmart quality scents. Oh - and pheremones? Well, I did notice the flies were attracted to the candle - does that count?

If you're into candles, Id invest in these simply because its cute and smells nice. If you're looking for a "WOW" candle or for this to live up to its pheromone properties, Id look elsewhere.

Overall, this is an acceptable candle for mood lighting with a light vanilla smell. I wouldn't buy this again as it's not that useful for anything other than what I've written above. I'd suggest purchasing a different candle on this site or from other candle retailers.

Set the mood, relax in the bath add some aroma to rooms in your house or give them as a classy, beautiful and aromatic gift. These candles are pretty, smell great and with the proper care, can burn for hours! These are a very nice set for gift baskets along with sandstone coasters to place them on. Add a bubble bath and you will be a hero!

This candle makes your mouth water if you get the French Vanilla because it will remind you of ice cream. Maybe you will want to incorporate some of that into your bedroom time! Burning for a total of 12 hours, it certainly will last you through a lot of play time!

Want a candle to set the mood with its flickering light? A candle to keep you company at your desk? A candle that will make your bath a wonderland of amazing scents? The Champagne Lights candle by Kingman has you covered!

Having used the French Vanilla and the Champagne Rain scents, I would definitely say that French Vanilla wins my vote. These weren't spectacular candles, but they were nice and I would purchase again.

This is a good product for its price. It really is worth buying if you want an inexpensive way to set the mood or to create ambiance. I will be buying more of this product.

The Romance Candle, while the pheromones don't seem to make us anymore attracted to one another, does provide a small, compact way to give you and your partner the romantic ambience without an overpowering smell.

The Champagne Lights candles is pretty but there was hardly any scent at all. Up close it smells so yummy, like pink vanilla sugar but you literally have to put your nose right by the candle to pick up the scent. It's really weak. It's just a candle without anything really special about it.

Fresh clean scents, and a good burn time for the price. I will definately get more of these to freshen up smaller rooms in my house. Mixing and matching the fragrances seems to be a good way to go.

This was very disappointing. It is just a plain candle; nothing special about it in my opinion. If you want a candle just for a nice light scent then I would suggest going to your local retail store.

The smell is a very strong and pleasant one. The crystals can fall out easily if candle is not held correctly. It is pink in color if you get the french vanilla scented candle.

I would not recommend this product (apple-cinnamon scent) because it's not worth the money. The scent does not fill a room or even a space, the candle burns too quickly, the wax sand/beads are messy, I did not notice any pheromone activity, and I just did not find this candle to my liking.

I love that this candle gives you the option of being able to mix and match the wax beads to create your own scent. However, I wasn't thrilled that mine smelled like soap. The scent doesn't go far either. The price is good and the burn time and size are decent for the price. Because of this, I'll get more of these, but this candle is nothing to rave about.

These loose wax candles are very lightly scented and come in a beautiful 4 oz. glass jar with beautiful scrolling on them. They have a metal lid that keeps the candle free of dust and lint ensuring clean, nearly smokeless burning. They are 12 hour candles but they are tricky to get to burn evenly. They can make a bubble bath or a romantic evening something special.

I would suggest this candle and others made by the company to others. It's a good product that's easy to travel with. I just wish it were bigger and the scent spread through the room, not just in a corner.

This isn't the candle that will make a whole room smell like fall, unless you're burning it in a very small room. But it still smells absolutely divine when you can smell it, and it burns really well.

While this is a pretty candle in a reusable jar, it's good for nothing more than adding ambiance and a bit of sensuality to a scenario, not anything extra special at all.

The Romantic Candle offers sensual lighting, relaxation during bathing, and naturally freshens any room. It is all natural and has a 12 hour burning time.

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