Romantic candle - mist by Kingman - review by Hot 'N Sexy TexasMama

(French Vanilla) No one told me this was "make it yourself"!

I'm very disappointed in this. I paid for a candle that wasn't a candle but was instead wax beads and a wick that I had to line up correctly. Then the scent was very light and a cheap version of french vanilla that has an after-scent to it. It did not smell true to the vanilla scent at all.

I do not recommend this unless you want to have a half-hour project and enjoy Walmart quality scents.

Oh - and pheremones? Well, I did notice the flies were attracted to the candle - does that count?
Light scent
Not overly impressive
Have to dig to find the wick among the wax beads
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My husband's very first gift to me was a candle almost 34 years ago. Because of this, I have a soft spot in my heart for candles and it seems like I'm always looking for another new one to try out to freshen the house. I was so excited to see that Eden Fantasys offered a candle with the French Vanilla scent that I could not resist it. I ordered it and anxiously awaited the delivery by the UPS man the next day (hey - it was a large order and got free shipping).

When I opened the box and finally got down to the candle, I almost contacted Eden Fantasys' customer support for a replacement. Although the container stated it was a candle I thought they might have sent me a form of bath salts or something by mistake. Here is what I saw.

You may notice that I have the candle next to a travel-size container that you can use for carry-on luggage when you travel. This is to show you the size.

I anxiously opened my candle so I could start burning it before my husband came home. What did I find?


At first I thought these were bath salts, but I got to looking at them and digging around in them. That is when I realized - these were tiny little flakes of wax. If my container had wax in it - could it have the wick too? Was there hope?

So I got out a spoon and started digging...

After three half-spoonfuls of digging...alas...I FOUND the "buried treasure" - also known as "the wick"

Yippee! I was no longer "wickless" even if my wick was off-centered and crooked. At least I could now burn my candle. I could hardly wait to smell that french vanilla. Out came the lighter as I anxiously waited to smell that french vanilla.

I decided to walk away and let the candle burn for a bit. I came back out - anxious to smell the french vanilla. No real scent. I walked away again for a little while and went back.

Ah...I could smell it now if I was within 3'. At least we were making progress. Perhaps there was hope for this product!
Well, I let this candle burn for three hours. I still could not smell it unless I was within 3-5' of the candle. In addition, the scent was a cheap knock-off version of french vanilla. In fact, my husband who can usually pinpoint scents asked me exactly what scent this candle was supposed to be.

I was somewhat disgusted when I went to blow it out and realized that NINE flies had flown to their deaths by doing a kamikaze flight into the hot wax. I've not had that happen with candles before - at least not to that extend. I suspect it was the pheremones in the candle acting to attract the flies.

So we've decided to go ahead and continue to use this candle until it's all gone - but we're going to use it to get rid of the flies in the house that we didn't realize we had. That seems to be what this candle is best used for.
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  • - Kira -
    Aww I had wanted one of these! I'm so sad all it does is attract flies.
  • mpfm
    How disappointing. That's just a big mess. Thanks for the warning.
  • JessCee
    WTH!? All that mess MIGHT be worth it if the thing actually scented the room and smelled good, but that doesn't seem to be the case at all! Thanks for the review, most helpful.... as always
  • wetone123
    Glad I read this review! Was thinking of ordering this candle. I'll pass now. Thank you so much for your honesty.
  • Cookie Monster Mike
    Ahahahaha kamikaze flies! That's hilarious! But that is horrible overall about the product quality and the cheap scent. I guess after reading this review and seeing the pictures it definitely looks like a cheap product. I know now to not waste my time looking for a wick.. lol "wickless" That whole paragraph made me laugh!
  • unfulfilled
    Sorry you had such a horrible experience with this.
  • Silverdrop

    Okay, that's just bizarre. and gross.
  • jmex83
    Thanks for the review!
  • MistressDandelion
    Thanks for the warning, what a shame..
  • LuciFaery
    Thanks for the review!
  • closed account
    flies, that's disgusting! thanks for helping me decide NOT to get this one
  • Master DarkWolf
    Good review...
  • DreamWolf
    Great review!
  • xOhxSoxScandalousx
    Too bad it doesn't have much scent.. Thanks for the review!
  • smasmasma
    Darn I was hoping this would be a good product. guess ya get what ya pay for.. thanks for the review though, very helpful!
  • sugar&spikes
    thanks for the review!
  • pixxie87
    excellent review. off wl
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