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It's a pretty candle but there's hardly any scent!

The Champagne Lights candles is pretty but there was hardly any scent at all. Up close it smells so yummy, like pink vanilla sugar but you literally have to put your nose right by the candle to pick up the scent. It's really weak. It's just a candle without anything really special about it.
Pretty, Sets the mood
The scent is so weak!
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The Champagne Lights candle with pheromones is best for setting the mood for a bath or a romantic evening. Unfortunately, the scent failed to impress me. The jar is pretty but the scent wasn't even there. I got the candle in the French Vanilla scent and failed to smell it in my bedroom with the door shut for 2 hours. Don't ever leave an open flame unattended! If you're going to light this candle make sure you're around to watch it.

I honestly think this candle is a bit overpriced for what it actually does. I mean it's pretty but it's small and in my opinion unscented. You can only smell it when you stick your nose right into the candle. It smells good and I wish it would have filled my room with scent but unfortunately it did not. This candle is meant to set the mood and create lighting and that's about it. It says that it contains pheromones but I didn't notice anything.

I honestly won't be buying another one. The only reason I can think of to tell you why to get this candle would be that it makes a nice small gift or to set the mood in a room or bathroom. I think with a little effort you could find something better that smells stronger.
    • Bridal gift
    • Mood enhancer
    • Small gift for friend

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

This candle isn't a typical wax candle. Inside the jar are tiny little wax crystals. To light the candle you have to brush them away from the wick before lighting. I think this is a pretty neat concept and it looks pretty. It also makes the wax melt faster. I tried it in my wax melter and poured the crystals into the warming dish. The wax melted pretty quickly and simmered away but sadly there was no scent in my room.

Taste / Aroma

I got the candle in the French Vanilla scent. When smelled up close it smells so good! It smells like vanilla pink sugar. I really wish this candle was stronger. I would have loved my room to smell like the candle crystals but unfortunately this candle was a flop. I had the wax melt for at least 2 hours and still didn't smell anything. I guess this is more of a mood candle for lighting.


I tried this candle in my bedroom with the door shut. At first I brushed the crystals away from the wick and lit the candle. I waited awhile but there was no scent at all. It looked very pretty on my dresser and could definitely be used to set the mood but I mostly wanted this candle for the scent. After no success I tried something different. I poured the wax crystals into my wax melter to see if the scent would be stronger if I let it sit and simmer away. I let the wax melter sit for about 2 hours and couldn't smell a thing even though I was sitting right next while I was on the computer. I like the pretty jar but the candle just wasn't for me.


The candle is in a glass jar about 2 1/2" high and around 3" wide. On the front it says, "Champagne Lights scented candle with pheromones" in black letters. There's a really pretty scroll design on the candle in black that I really like. The back of the candle has a warning about leaving open flames unattended. It also says, "For that added glow of romance, relax and bathe for the Champagne Lights candle's scent will naturally freshen room when melting." I don't know what scent they are talking about! I didn't smell anything. There's also a website on the back of the jar, that you can check out if you're interested. This candle is made by Kingman Industries Inc.

The glass jar has a metal twist lid. I think the jar looks pretty and I'm going to wash it out and reuse it for something else.


I thought that if I poured the crystals out and put them in my wax melter that the scent would be stronger. I poured the crystals into my warmer and let it sit for a few hours until the crystals were melted. I was in my room with the door shut and didn't smell anything at all! I'm quite disappointed.
Follow-up commentary
In my opinion, this candle was a waste of money. After putting the wax crystals in my tart burner and having no scent or success with that, I had pretty much ruined the candle. The only purpose this candle has is to sit pretty and that's not really what I wanted. I really wanted it for the scent which it sadly didn't have. I washed the glass jar out and I put makeup pencils in it, and that's about the only purpose it has for me. I wouldn't buy this again.

If you just want a simple candle without any scent that's pretty to look at, then here's your candle. It's just a plain old candle in a cute jar. It might work for some, but it disappointed me.
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