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Edible body painting

Body paint by Shunga Erotic Art

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Edible body painting reviews

35 reviews
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35 reviews

What better way to express yourself and bring out your artistic side in the bedroom than with this delicious body paint. If saucy sweets are your thing, then Shunga will deliver. The genuine flavors, high quality ingredients and opulent packaging make this so much more than just another chocolate syrup from the local grocery store.

If you are in the market for a great natural-tasting body paint, Shunga Body Paint is what you need. It tastes great, smells great, and is an all around great product. It has a smooth texture and a somewhat thick consistency, so it doesn't run everywhere while you're trying to use it. Take your foreplay up a level with some edible body paint, and tease your partner to both of your hearts' desire.

Shunga's Edible body paint is a fun way to add some excitement into your intimate time with your partner. Turn their body into your own sweet, lickable, canvas.

This product will definitely be something I will use for years to come. It is definitely worth trying. You will have fun with this, and the taste will send your taste buds through the roof!

This product is fun and sensual. It can turn any night into a buffet of pleasure. With a light smell and taste that's to die for, you can't go wrong spicing it up with this product!

This product really surprised me. Shunga Strawberries and Champagne is definitely one of the best body chocolates that I've ever had.

This bright red body paint is a delicious way to get your partner in the mood, spice up oral sex or simply have a little fun. The brush leaves much to be desired, but the body paint itself is good quality, leaves no sticky residue and more than met my expectations. Though it is clearly synthetic, there is no chemical aftertaste and despite the fact that it does pull together if spread too thin, the viscosity makes it very easy to use and enjoy.

I love everything about this body paint except the "paint brush" it comes with and the stickiness. This is fun to use in the bedroom with your partner. Even though it says it can be used as a face mask, it doesn't make a good face mask at all. I can't wait until the chocolate comes back in stock so I can add to my collection.

We loved the Shunga Body Paint! It smelled and tasted great and really added to our foreplay. It was so sensual licking this off of each other's bodies. I highly recommend this to couples who want to spice things up!

Shunga Body Paint is well worth the cost, the bottle is pretty and it is great as a gift. Super for personal use, it allows you to experience a great opportunity to give foreplay a new definition!

Overall, this product was fun to use and had a good taste. If you're looking for a new fun way for foreplay with your s/o then this is for you. Just think, you can draw whatever you would like!

I think there is probably a better painting chocolate out there. While the chocolate tasted good the brush made it impossible to apply to the body and the thin texture made a mess.

If you are looking for that item to help sweeten the time in the bedroom, this is a great choice! It tastes and smells amazing and is a lot of fun. It's a nice size and will go a long way. Come to think of it, it would make a great item to add for some bachelorette party fun.

This really is an "eye of the beholder" item. Those who enjoy the vampire play, or erotic writing and drawing will enjoy it, but for others it'll be a waste of money. Best to buy only if already interested in body paint.

The Shunga Body Paint has its flaws but it is also lots of fun to paint on your partner and lick off.

This can be used on almost every part of the body, which gives you endless opportunities to try something new. I truly love this product, and I can't wait for you to try it out as well!

The Shunga Body Paint by Shunga Erotic Art is so yummy! My partner and I really enjoy the taste and love using the paint on each other. Not only does the paint taste good, but it's also very easy to clean off the skin with a bit of soap and water. We plan on getting another flavour of the paint soon.

I mean, let's be honest, you can buy a similar product for a few bucks in the grocery store and apply it with your finger or just drip it. That being said, you're paying for a nice bottle, a little applicator, and the general experience. Enjoy yourself...you're painting on each other.

This is a good body paint to get. For the price, you can't beat it and the tastes are pretty good. They are reusable glass jars that would look nice setting up on a shelf for decoration, after you've used the paint up. (or even with the paints too).

Painting is a sensual experience on its own. Mix that with a lover and you have an even more blissful experience. When the paint tastes like heaven it's incredible. Shunga really came through with this body paint. The flavors are absolutely delicious and left me wanting chocolaty desserts, so I made my lover into one, and a piece of art, as well!

Shunga body paint is a great tasting and smelling body paint for the price. However I did find it to be very sticky and felt the need to take a shower to wash and scrub off the stickiness. This is definitely something fun and unique to try out!

Your partner's skin is your canvas to paint as you please; once your masterpiece is complete let your tongue follow along the delicious lines of art and watch and listen as your partner crosses over into pure ecstasy. A regular night of romance just got incredibly romantic and extremely erotic.

I love this stuff! It's delicious and adds a little extra pleasure to foreplay and oral. I wholeheartedly suggest buying it! The Pros FAR outweigh the Cons with this product, and it's totally worth the price!

I absolutely love this product and one of my favorite things about it is when you lick the chcolate off it doesn't leave behind any stains or sticky residues on my body. I don't have to shower it off afterward and the only reminder of it is the great taste in my mouth. I would compare this to a more erotic Hersheys chocolate syrup due its ability to be painted on a lover's body.

Overall, I highly recommend this product to everyone! It's fun and tastes great. It's well worth the $12.00 I paid for it, and I will be buying another one when this bottle is empty.

This chocolate body paint is a great start to a wonderful, fun filled, sensory explosion. Has a great taste, beautiful bottle, with tons of chocolate fun. Get naked, paint your partner and lick them clean!

Overall, this is a good product, but it is sticky. There are probably some products out there that aren't as sticky, but this product still has its place in my closet.

Shunga's Chocolate Body Paint is classy, fun to use, tasty, and easy to clean up. It does not feel sticky either. Both my partner and I loved drawing designs on eachother and then licking it off.

Overall, I would HIGHLY recommend the Shunga hocolate body paint for anyone and everyone. It's great if you're looking for some extra fun in your foreplay routine. Its pros far outweigh its one little con. This is definately worth a try!

Well worth the cost. Great foreplay item Taste alternative to some of the other products on the market. Variety of flavors. Easy clean up!

I definitely approve of this product. It puts together two of my favorite things, my boyfriend and chocolate. It doesn't get any better than this.

This product tastes and smells like real chocolate, and you don't need much to sweeten your night. It does get sticky after a while on the skin, and the brush is pretty cheap, but other than that this is a wonderful treat and a fun way to get creative.

This product was well worth the $12 that I spent on it. It tastes great, doesn't leave me feeling sticky, and doesn't fill the whole room with the scent of chocolate. On top of that it allows you and your partner to get as intimate with each other as you both see fit.

Amazing. I suggest buying this and using it every time. I must admit it gets sticky but other than that it is supremely worth the slightly high price.

This item offered a fantastic way of being more creative in the bedroom, and let us delve into new sensuous foreplay activities.

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