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Edible body painting

Body paint by Shunga Erotic Art

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Pleasure to paint you

Shunga's Edible body paint is a fun way to add some excitement into your intimate time with your partner. Turn their body into your own sweet, lickable, canvas.
Poor excuse for a paintbrush
I wasn't a fan of the flavor
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Shunga's Edible body paint is a sweet, erotic treat that you use on your partner to add a different kind of fun to the bedroom. Apply some to the brush or your finger and use your lover's body as your canvas. This product contains sugar so you'll want to keep it away from the vagina to avoid a yeast infection.
The ingredients are:
Sugar (sucrose), Water, Cacao (cocoa), Citric acid, Salt (sodium chloride), Potassium sorbate, Vanillin.

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

The body paint isn't anything like the consistency of normal paint. It's a bit runnier than I expected it to be. Some people described it as thick but that's not how I would describe it. It isn't watery-runny, but it's slightly runny but not so much that it'll leave runny streaks when "painting" with it. It will stay in place when applied with the brush or a finger but would run if poured. It feels sticky going on and if you don't lick it all off then you will feel sticky afterward.

Taste / Aroma

We chose the chocolate and vanilla paint. It smells faintly of white chocolate in that sugary, artificial way. The aroma isn't very strong at all. The taste wasn't what I expected, though I really wasn't sure what to expect. It tastes lightly of vanilla, maybe more like white chocolate. It left an odd aftertaste in my mouth and felt sticky. I guess I was expecting a stronger chocolate flavor, maybe like vanilla pudding and that's not what I got.


The paint brush was complete crap. I don't even know how they can call that a paintbrush? It's flimsy and doesn't really pick up the paint well at all. The tip is point and small.....it's just a complete fail. I preferred to just the tip of my finger since we don't have anything else handy to use. The white color isn't really the best choice or as fun to use on light skin as it may be on darker skin, since it'd look pretty, but that's just my opinion. It was fun to use and draw on each other then lick it off. I was just disappointed by the brush. I wasn't really crazy about the sticky feeling it left on my skin as soon as it got wet. It didn't bother him but I felt like I needed to have a rub down with a couple wipes after using it. It's a fun, different way to tease during foreplay but it can't be used for oral sex, atleast it shouldn't be used that way on the woman. If you use it on the male's genitals then you should wash it off before having sex to avoid any issues.
You don't have to jump in the shower to get the sticky feeling off, a wipe will be enough.


The bottle is nice, it's made of glass and tasteful looking. It lists the ingredients on the back of it. I don't know what the brush is made of but it's thin, thinner than it probably should have been. I would rather had one of this foam like pain brushes you see in painting kits for kids, almost sponge like, that would have been way better than this useless thing tied around a thin stick. As long as you put the cap on tight then you could travel with it. The brush, should you choose to keep it, could be slid back into the plastic holder attached to the lid.


He liked the taste but it isn't something that I cared much for. It seems like based on other reviews, we chose the wrong the one. I might be willing to try another flavor if there was a really good sale on it.
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