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Secret garden enhancing cream Secret garden enhancing cream

Cream by Shunga Erotic Art

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Secret garden enhancing cream reviews

23 reviews
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23 reviews

If you want to add a little pizzazz to your sex life, add this baby in. You will not regret purchasing this lube that will give you many different sensations, and has your little friend begging for more.

Don't be skeptical because this products works. It will make your clitoris beg for mercy and for you to play with it. A single drop can give you spasms and make you crazy.

I would recommend this product. It's a great price and if it works for you, worth EVERY penny. Arouses without being irritating, and adds that certain umph to climax!

What sold me on this product was my body's immediate reaction to it. I am slow to arouse sometimes, but with Secret Garden I'm wet fast.

If you are looking for a stimulation gel that increases sensitivity without feeling too intense, or leaving a residue, then this is an excellent gel to try. It only takes a small amount to start working, is packaged beautifully and discreetly, and can help you have a more sensitive clitoris.

Secret Garden is a wonderful product for women who might have negative reactions to the more intense gels. For someone who's looking for something intense though, this may not be the perfect match. However, it is a nice middle between sublte and arousing since the sensitivity levels do increase. It doesn't let me down, but I can't say it does enough for me to be worth the price.

If you're looking to try a stimulating gel but are hesitant on this one because of the price, keep in mind you only need a little bit! If you're looking to get someone this type of product as a gift, please consider this one! it's beautifully packaged and extremely informative!

If you're looking for a miracle, look elsewhere. This is NOT a miracle product. It does, however, help you orgasm a little easier and the orgasms are intense and prolonged. I am satisfied with this product, and I can't really complain! Great stuff, Shunga!

There was nothing disappointing about this product. It stimulated me just as it promised and made orgasming very easy. It also has a nice taste and makes oral sex extremely enjoyable.

Read the label, it's for women. While some female toys and creams can translate to male use, this is not one of them, as it does not create a very strong sensation, makes it harder to masturbate if too little is used and is very expensive.

I think this is a fantastic female arousal gel. It wont work for everyone, but if it works for you it will be amazing. People with herpes or other STD's should not use this product, and the company responsibly put a warning on the container.

This gel did not really work for me. It took way more applications than I wanted to use, and to stop what I was doing sexually to constantly keep reapplying did not work for me.

This gel is amazing. Every woman should try it at least once; even if you don't have any problems in the orgasm department, you will feel a definite difference in the quality of your orgasms.

Shunga Secret Gardens does heighten the feelings of the clitoris. It increases blood flow to that specific area, giving added stimulation with your partner or even if it's just yourself. For the cost of $17.99, it is worth getting and using. It puts the bang into the fireworks of love making.

Pricey, but it really feels amazing and will last forever. If you want to make your clit all tingly and happy, do give it a try. Or three.

I enjoyed using this arousal gel. It is better than most I have tired and did not go bad after a few uses. This currently is my go-to for arousal gel.

If you're lost in the bush, find your way to Shunga's Secret Garden. With its peppermint aroma and many active ingredients, this topical clitoral arousal gel will leave your "down below" feeling tingly, cool, and ready for an O! Experience pleasure like never before... all you have to do is wander into Eden.

The Shunga Secret Garden clitoral gel arouses you the moment you open the box with its yummy peppermint aroma. The cream massages into the clitoris and hood and causes arousing cooling and warming sensations that with intensify your orgasms and heighten your sensations.

A fantastic addition to easily achieve an intense stimulation orgasm. When your partner urges you to use it, just to watch you get to the top of the mountain and take advantage of you while you're there, it's a must have in the night stand. Running out has been the only fear - wait, new bottle has arrived, potential disaster averted.

Shunga Secret Garden is a well made product. It does have a nice initial cooling effect and will work great for those that like this type of sensitizing lubricant.

Shunga Secret Garden surprised me with it's effectiveness. I expected it to be run of the mill tingling and it, instead, created a throbbing, thoroughly aroused feeling moments after using. It may not be that effective for everyone - which Shunga recognizes - but if it works for you, man does it work!

Although it doesn't work as immediately as some female arousal creams I have tried, Shunga's Secret Garden does produce a noticeable and pleasant tingling, Because it comes in such an attractive package it is discreet and would make a great gift for even your most conservative of friends or partners.

Excellent clitoral arousal gel that no girl can go without! It feels great, tastes minty and is very helpful for me in attaining my orgasm quicker. I am not a very sensitive clit person and I found the warming/cooling effect of the gel to be really great.

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