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Secret garden enhancing cream

Cream by Shunga Erotic Art

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You’re as Cold as Ice

Shunga Secret Garden is a well made product. It does have a nice initial cooling effect and will work great for those that like this type of sensitizing lubricant.
Very little product needed, discreet packaging.
Doesn't work for everyone.
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You know how when you put ice on your skin, at first you feel it intensely and after a minute or two your skin starts to get numb? Yeah! Well that’s what keeps happening to me whenever I try a sensitizing lubricant. When I first apply one of these it feels very cold and I’m extremely aware of the whole area that I’ve applied it, in this case that would be my clitoris. Then my clitoris goes completely numb and it takes a while to regain sensitivity. Which, as you can imagine, is not a lot of fun until the sensitivity returns. I didn’t realize this was the problem until I tried this last lube.

So with that in mind I am about to review what I am sure is a great product and will probably work well for anyone who likes these types of lubricants. But it did not work for me. Then again, none of them have. I think after this, I’ll stop trying.

Shunga Secret Garden is called an orgasm enhancing cream. It is supposed to increase sensitivity by applying it to the clitoral region, making sure to massage some into the tissue under the clitoral hood. What it is supposed to do is increase the blood flow to that area. It is made of Water, Glycerin, Propylene glycol, L-Arginine, L-Ornithine, H.E.C., Turnera aphrodisiaca extract, Methyl paraben, Propyl paraben, Mentha piperita, Tocopherol. Some of the ingredients may pose a problem for some users. Glycerin is known to increase susceptibility to yeast infections for those prone to them. L-Arginine and L-Ornithine should not be used by people with genital herpes because it can increase outbreaks.

According to Shunga: “you will experience a sensation of warmth or coolness that is pleasant and normal. However this thermal sensation may be too intense or weak, depending on your sensitivity level.” If it is too intense you should just wipe the excess off. If it is too weak, apply a bit more. You only need a couple of drops to start with. My initial experience was a cooling sensation. It was not over the top or unpleasant. But it really didn’t seem to increase sensitivity either. Shunga does say that some people need to use this a few times to achieve the desired effects. I did try that, but still didn’t have any luck with it. But, again, we are all different. And so far everyone who has reviewed this product really liked it.

The consistency of Secret Garden is a light textured gel. It smells lightly minty and tastes slightly sweet. It comes in a little 1 oz bottle that is very discreet and tasteful. The cap is actually on the bottom of the bottle which is good and bad. Good because it dispenses very easily and you will be able to get every last drop out of it. Bad because, if you have to set it down when it’s still open, you can’t stand it on the top end. It all comes packaged in a pretty black box with Japanese art and the Shunga logo on the cover.

Clean up should not be necessary since you’re only using a few drops. But should you need to remove it, just a little soap and water will work fine.

I wish I could say that this worked for me, that I loved it. But unfortunately, like I’ve already stated, my body does not like these types of products. At least I can say that this one did not burn, which some others have, and that it was not exactly unpleasant. From what I can tell this is a very good product. And if you like these types of lubes I would recommend it.
Follow-up commentary
I have tried this several more times, hoping that I might find a way to make this work for me. But unfortunately, my body still does not like this. I really wish it did because I know this is a very good product.
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  • LikeSunshineDust
    Thanks for the review. Sorry it didn't work for you.
    I think I'll be giving it a try with my Valentine's coupon..
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    Thanks LikeSunshineDust! You'll probably love it. I think it's just my crazy body that doesn't.
  • sophie2229
    Desensitizing things weird me out a little so I don't think this is for me. Great review!
  • ......
    Sophie, It's actually not supposed to be desensitizing. LOL!

  • AwakeningTara
    Thanks for the info. We can always count on you for an honest review.
  • Kynky Kytty
    Well, I learned something today about the ingredients that can start herpes outbreaks. That might explain a few things... Winking Just kidding, but still very useful to know.
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    AwakeningTara, Thank you! That's a very nice compliment!

    Kynky Kytty, Thanks!
  • Sammi
    I am so undecided on trying something like this Smile
    Good review!
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    Awesome job as usual Newme! Big smile
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    Sammi, Thank you! Have you ever tried anything like it?

    Viktor, Thanks!
  • Angel deSanguine
    Great review! It can be a bit rough to write a review on something that didn't work for you in the way you had hoped but you did an excellent job!
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    Thank you so much Angel! That is very nice of you to say!
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    Great review! Also, I love the musical title!! Big smile
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    Thanks Syd!
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