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Tantric candle reviews

20 reviews
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20 reviews

If you like the smell of fruity candles and warm oil at your finger tips then this is defiantly the massage candle for you. It won't disappoint you with a nasty waxy feel.

I love this candle. It is simply amazing and I would absolutely recommend to anyone who needs a little more massage time or special moments with their loved one. This candle makes a great gift too.

It's a great smelling candle, but it doesn't work well as a massage oil. I highly recommend it to make your house smell delicious, but just go and buy some massage oil if that's what you want.

These are okay massage candles, but they certainly wouldn’t be my first choice, especially for the price. I might have appreciated these a bit more if I had chosen the vanilla scent rather than fruit punch, but the oily feeling left behind would prevent these from being number one on my list regardless.

This is a great massage candle. I loved the smell and the feel of it. I will definitely be buying another. This product is also not tested on animals (which is a big plus).

Between its great smell and benefits to your skin, this is a great little massage candle It's long lasting and works well for what it was intended. The passion fruit is tropical smelling and fills the air within minutes.

The Tantric massage candle is great for a romantic evening with a partner. This soy-based candle is infused with pheromones to increase sensuality, as well as vitamins to keep your skin hydrated. Purchase this candle and prepare yourself for a sensual night with your partner!

THis is my first massage candle and I'm glad I bought it. This takes our massages to a whole new level and a great experience. If you haven't tried this yet I advise you to.

I’ve never had tropical fruit punch as a candle scent and I was surprised how fragrant and yummy it smelled. It took about 15 minutes for the wax to burn down enough to start a massage but the wax could have been hotter, it just didn’t give the initial sting that massage candles do and that was disappointing. For the price I would not buy the candle again. The remainder of this candle will be used as a regular candle and not for massages; with the absence of the sting, I would rather use oil.

A great way to set the mood; massage. Toss in hot oil and you have a night that's sure to be explosive. This candle has all you need for erotic fun.

While the Vanilla Tantric Candle produces an amazing scent that immediately makes the room more pleasant and helps set the tone of the experiences ahead, when it comes to the actual massage, I was not impressed. The melted candle wax/oil loses its smoothness in what seems to be too short of a time to even begin a proper, sensual massage. You might be better off considering buying actual massage oil and lighting a regular, everyday candle.

All in all if you are looking for a candle to use in an intimate way I would tell you to stay away from this one. It's a wonderful thing that it is all natural and has never been tested on animals but the overall quality is not there for the price.

The Tantric massage candle has many natural ingredients and it's not tested on animals. The company boasts that it can last up to 60 hours. The variety in fragrances may have something for everyone. The candle is designed for couples use and for moisturizing. I received the Passion Fruit scent and it smells great but can be strong in a small or enclosed room.

If you are looking for a strong smelling massage candle that provides a nice long massage while leaving the skin feeling soft afterwards, Tantric may be for you! With 3 scents to choose from and a long burning time, this is much better than anything you'd find in the store!

This is a great massage candle for a romantic and relaxing evening, but I love that it has other uses as well. At first the stickiness I experienced turned me off on this product, but given time to be massaged into and absorbed into the skin, it was not an issue. I love that the ingredients are natural, and the Vanilla Breeze scent is amazing.

Easy to open and easy to light, it took very little time to both make the room smell pleasant and get down to a melting point that I could work with. I was able to work the wax into massages with no issue, and when the wax hardened, it peeled off with no pain or work. It is an open flame, which is always something to keep in mind, and when spilled it could get messy. Also, the scent will hover in your home for a bit. I am very happy with how it worked for my massaging.

Get (or give) a great massage with natural soy wax, a small list of ingredients that are all pronounceable, and smell like a delicious drink while you're doing it!

The Tantric candle is a great smelling, all natural massage candle. While there are better massage candles out there, this is a good quality product that enhances massages and leaves the skin feeling soft.

This candle is a definite buy in my book. It has a great smelling, well balanced scent that won't irritate your nose or your skin. The massage oil works really well, and the candle improves the setting of any room. I wasn't sold before on candles, but this candle has shown me the light.

This massage candle will delight several of your senses. After letting it burn for a few minutes, you can safely drip its warmed and scented oil onto your lover's back and begin a sensual massage.

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