Crystal premium glass eggs - vaginal balls by NS Novelties - reviews

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Crystal premium glass eggs reviews

13 reviews
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13 reviews

The strong point of these eggs is their beauty and elegance, not their function. Yes, their weight causes your pubic floor muscles to work harder, but it is such a subtle effect you are unlikely to notice. If you can't feel a tampon, don't expect much sensation from these! Buy them as an art piece, but if you want a toy you can feel, look elsewhere!

If you're looking for a way to exercise your vaginal muscles to improve your sex or health life, then these cute little glass eggs may be the tool your looking for to give some weight to your kegel workouts!

I think you will need to experiment with them to figure out what you want to use them for. I didn't like the slight weight to the toy. The weight is good once in my hand, but I didn't notice the weight once inside. However, I've been doing kegels without the use of eggs for some years now, so this maybe a factor. It might work great for someone who is new to kegels. I love the shape, design, and coloring of the eggs. They are a bit small for what I was expecting.

I enjoy my toys and having both large and small kegel exercisers, both silicone and plastic. I could never let these go. While I also enjoy larger toys, the smaller ones such as these still provide their own unique pleasure due their size. I like variety--it is the spice of life. The old and the new complement one another. When I use these eggs, now old to me, they constantly reaffirm all that I enjoy that is new.

This pelvic floor strengthening tool is not recommended for beginners, due to its weight and lack of tail for easy removal. It is for vaginal use only.

I'm neutral on these. I'm having a hard time recommending them for any user because I keep thinking of the other products out there that'd be more effective. These eggs make lovely decor, and there's nothing quite like laying two eggs right in on your bed, but they don't do anything for me. The length of time it'd take to achieve results with these makes them useless to me. It comes down to this: they're nice, and eventually they'll provide results, but there is much better available.

These little eggs may be a good choice for people who have found the larger silicone "ball" Kegel exercisers to be too large, or otherwise uncomfortable to use. These are easy to use, easy to keep clean, and can give those pelvic floor muscles quite a workout with little effort at all.

At such a reasonable price, these are well worth the experiment to see if kegel exercisers would benefit you. You don't risk a big investment in them and they're easily stored in their pouch.

I enjoy these eggs quite a lot! It's a great and fun way to work such important muscles. Pretty and delicate you will love the look and feel of these glass eggs.

Add these Eggs to your Shopping Cart! They make excellent vaginal exercisers, and they are small enough for a beginner. Their unique shape makes insertion a breeze. Want to spice up sex or masturbation? Add these eggs in for some added stimulation and pleasure!

These are pretty and will get the job done, but the shape really gets in the way of the function. If you want something pretty to look at or use for temperature play, these are certainly beautiful and made of a very body safe material. If you are looking for a great Kegel exerciser, I'd get something else.

Beautiful crystal eggs perfect for those like me who are new to kegal balls/eggs or those that prefer smaller kegal products. A novel aesthetically pleasing comfortably weighty but slightly pointy addition to your toybox.

Just for the sheer beauty and ability to add a unique item to your toy collection makes it worth the money. Also, it may just work as a beginner vaginal exerciser for a novice or experienced user.

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