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Freshly laid eggs -- freshness guaranteed!

I'm neutral on these. I'm having a hard time recommending them for any user because I keep thinking of the other products out there that'd be more effective. These eggs make lovely decor, and there's nothing quite like laying two eggs right in on your bed, but they don't do anything for me. The length of time it'd take to achieve results with these makes them useless to me. It comes down to this: they're nice, and eventually they'll provide results, but there is much better available.
May be useful for some.
Not as effective as weighted balls.
Color isn't pink.
Very little muscle activity.
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The Crystal Eggs work just like your typical Ben-Wa Balls. They're inserted into the vagina and left for the purpose of giving your pelvic floor muscles a work out. Unlike your typical kegel balls, these are made of glass, have no internal ball for the rumble effect, and are shaped like eggs, not balls.

Kegel excersisers have been marketed as a "tightening" product. However, while they very well may tighten things up, the main reason for using them is to improve your cooter's health for the long-term.

When the vaginal walls are weak, they pose risk for prolapse. This can happen as you age or after a serious injury, childbirth or a surgery such as hysterectomy. Kegel excersises are done to prevent these things from happening. If your walls are strong, there's less chance of your bladder or rectum falling out, which is what prolapse basically is. Cystocele is a condition where your bladder prolapses or slips out of place and eventually, the bladder can begin to protrude from the vagina. Rectocele is where your back vaginal wall becomes weak/too thin and your rectum literally bulges into your vagina. Some women see minor symptoms when rectocele is just in the very first stages. I personally chose to try the Smartball because I had a very minor symptom that matched one of the symptoms rectocele patients tend to have. Smartball Uno was just too large to do any good for me, so I ordered mini balls instead. I enjoyed them, and they were a perfect fit for me, but since there are few options for those of us who need smaller balls, I was too intrigued to stop my kegel journey there. These eggs were a must. I'll even compare my experience with them all for you later. I think this will be super helpful for someone who is like me and cannot use the majority of the balls out there due to large size being painful and not allowing a workout.

Whether you have a prolapse condition or just signs of one or nothing at all, every woman still benefits in the long run from doing kegel exercises, since not only do they prevent those types of conditions, but also other things like bladder leakage. If your pelvic floor muscles are nice & strong, you have less of a chance of ending up with a leaky bladder. I've also read that exercizing these muscles diligently can even "reverse" an already leaky bladder or symptoms of rectocele.

The good thing about kegel balls is you can use them anywhere you want to. Anywhere. You can't insert them anywhere, but you can dang sure wear them anywhere.

Who are the Crystal Eggs best for

Honestly, this set of kegel exercisers aren't as effective as two others I own. I think these are best for those who do not want the sensation of an internal ball rolling around and creating a rumbly sensation. Perhaps you've tried balls that create a rumble and you didn't like it, these don't create any sensation.

These also seem to me like they'd be a decent item to start out with if you've never ever done kegels before and want to try with a product, but don't want to go all out and get a kit. Other than that, these may simply end up being your Easter decor. Or if you can drill through glass, make a set of heavy glass earrings? They would be awfully heavy, but I did consider it. If you're into temperature play, you may be able to incorporate these into a fun, sensual foreplay session. They can be fun for that. Also, using the pointy tip to run down your partner's spine feels pretty lovely.

There is no other purpose (besides what I've listed) for this product besides to work the PC muscles. Do not put it in your butt and do not give it to small children. Just thought it necessary to say that.

How to use

These are the easiest to insert out of my entire kegel ball collection -- which consists of the Bedroom Kandi balls, which are tiny and the Mini Luna Beads and Smartball Uno, which was like giving birth to an elephant, only in reverse.

I normally need lubricant with everything. I'm lucky if I can comfortably insert two fingers without lubricant. However, I'm able to insert both eggs, pointy end first, often without any lubricant at all. So I highly doubt anybody will have trouble inserting. Simply lie back, relax and insert one at a time -- pointy end first. Once the first is comfortably inside, you may want to walk around or jump before inserting the second. This way, if the first wants to slide out, you'll know to only practice with it before adding two. Or else you could end up laying two crystal eggs right in the floor. I almost did that last night. I also recommend avoiding the toilet when inserting as you wouldn't want to risk dropping them in!

Often introducing the first of the two balls into the vagina, the first wants to push itself back out. For easier insertion, lie on back with hips raised slightly to prevent the first one from pushing out. Inserting them while standing will require extra pressure to insert since gravity will encourage them to slip out easier than when lying back.

It takes time to get results. In order to improve your health for the long-term or to see whatever results you may wish to see, you should continue exercising with the balls for at least 30 minutes daily. Your results occur depending on the condition your vagina is in when you begin. So be diligent, my grasshopper. I usually just leave them in for around 5-8 hours daily.

Make sure they're about 2 centimeters inside the vagina, but don't make an effort to push them very far inside.

The first time I inserted these, it felt like they'd tumble right out, so I only wore one. When that went a little too well, I began using the two. It does press on my g-spot and bladder a tad, but not as badly as the monstrously huge Smartball!
    • Temperature play
    • Travel friendly

Material / Texture

If leaving something inside of your vagina for long minutes (or hours) at a time concerns you, rest assured that these balls are made of borosilicate glass, which is not porous, so there's no issues of bacterial making a bed and breakfast out of your eggs. Also, these are latex and phthalates-free, anti-bacterial, food-grade material, hypo-allergenic. They rate a 10/10 on EF's material safety scale.

Borosilicate glass is resistant to extreme temperatures, but can crack if exposed to sudden changes of such extreme temperatures. However, there's really no reason anybody should heat these up to such an extreme temperature. As for cooling, try sticking with the fridge or cold water to avoid accidentally leaving in the freezer for too long. This glass can also crack if dropped, but I doubt it'll happen unless you drop it from far up, and onto something as hard as say cement. I say this because I'm the world's worst with dropping things -- my camera has abuse marks to prove it, and I don't own a single glass dildo that's not been dropped at least one time -- and I've dropped these onto my hard wood floor with no problem at all.

As most of you know, but I still feel it necessary to state, borosilicate glass is more likely to break into big chunks instead of splinter into small shards like a mirror. So you'll know if it does break.

The Eggs are handcrafted, which really appealed to me. They're also said to be hand-blown. I have several hand-blown glass jewelry items that are beautiful, and these remind me of them.


While there are stripes on these eggs, they're hand-blown, not just painted on, and it appears the stripe isn't on the outside, but the inside. I have a glass dildo that has "hand-blown" purple nubs, but the color is actually paint! These seem legitimate though, no freaky paint on the outer egg. Due to this, the stripe is not feel-able at all. It doesn't raise above the glass egg's surface at all, so you cannot feel it. The entire egg is smooth to the touch with no seams or crap like that, and has no bubbles inside or out.
    • No odor
    • Not porous at all
    • Rigid

Design / Shape / Size

*Forgive my messy painted-up hands. These were taken right after work one day.*

As for the look of these, the photo is a liar. It looks like clear with a pretty bold, hot-pink stripe spiraling around each egg. Much to my sadness, that blasted stripe is so pastel-pink that it looks white. So don't buy these strictly because the color matches your... outfit? I know, I shouldn't care so much about color, but the hot-pink and clear just really tickled me pink. Sorry, I had to. Moving on.

Despite seeing the actual size on the product page, I was still surprised when I seen how small they were in person -- a very good thing because I'm not the best at getting things to fit inside my cooter! Perhaps I'm just not very visual, but I have taken a few comparison photos in hopes of showing you guys who may be like me, how small these are. It was tough to find an object most people would know well, so I chose to do the lighter, nail polish bottle & cell phone. Everyone has seen one or the other at least. Pay close attention to how the eggs' size compares to those items, and later how the eggs compare to the size of my other kegel products! I feel that most people who have had issues holding in the larger balls like Smartballs will not find these easy to hold onto. However, if you really want to test whether or not they'd work for you before buying, here's one way: if you can insert a marble and jump up and down without it falling out, you'll probably be able to hold these in no problem. Yes, I once tried the marble.


The entire length of the eggs are insertable and they measure: 1 3/4" long.

Circumference: 3 1/4".

I measured right at 3" around at the widest part of the egg, the base.

Diameter: 1"

Weight: 3.4 oz

The size is perfect for me. As I've said, my first kegel product was the Smartball, which was far too large for me. The Luna Mini Beads are the kegel balls -- the ones I use regularly -- that are a comfortable size for me & are effective for my own needs. Smartball Uno is monstrously large, causing me a lot of pain, and the large size meant they did not require any work of my muscles, so they were ineffective.

If you've tried the Smartball Uno or Duo, or any kegel ball larger than those two, you will likely find the crystal eggs too small. If you're like me and have found discomfort with the average kegel ball (aside from the mini balls like Luna and Bedroom Kandi's) you will find these to be a good fit, size-wise. I'll go into a deeper comparison on the weight differences and more later.

As for discretion, these are about as discreet as you'll find in a kegel product. They're glass, shaped like eggs with a decorative little white spiralling stripe. They look like an Easter decoration or something else. My partner has these magnetic stress relieving things that cling and clang together, and are similarly shaped to these eggs only longer. So these could very well pass as plenty of other things besides something that goes in the vagina. In my personal life, these won't stand out to anybody as a kegel product. People would assume they're just something pretty to look at.

Unless someone knows the Crystal Eggs really well, they're not likely to automatically realize what their use is. You'll easily be able to pass them off as something else. Even a paper weight or decorative little things for your work desk.

As for travelling, these are so small that they'll fit in your purse, clutch or even pocket. However, you can always just travel with them inside you. I have travelled with both my Bedroom Kandi balls and my Luna Beads with no issue, and these would be just as well. Simply put them in their drawstring bag and into your purse, or wear them.

Again, I want to warn to keep these out of reach of children and probably some pets. Seriously, they are small! A child would easily be drawn to their size and look, and the risk of choking is high. Do not leave them where a child could get to them. My cats or hamster wouldn't be able to fit the eggs in their mouths, but a larger dog who's prone to picking up anything you leave around could possibly choke. This did not occur to me until reading it on the package, so I figured it was important enough to note.
    • Whimsical / artistic


Performance-wise, I feel like these are useless. I've tried thinking of who else they may work for, but I keep coming to one conclusion: there's a better kegel product out there that provides a rumble. Maybe it's just me and that blasted rumble I love so much, but I truly don't think this is the most effective kegel exerciser out there. I guess it's good for beginners, but then again, so are the Luna Mini Beads because they're small too and have different weights to choose from. Plus, the rumble helps me work my muscles.

The very first time I used these, I only inserted one and totally forgot I was using a kegel aid. I guess being used to my Luna Beads rumbling has put me off guard, and not feeling that rumble, it gives me the impression my muscles are not working as much.

However, these will cause your muscles to work some, as long as you don't require something the size of a Smartball. I can't help but think these would be useless to a person who's able to use a Smartball regularly. When you're used to using one of that size and weight, this probably would do even less, if anything at all for you.

I was interested in using them for foreplay such as during oral, so I've done that again twice, and instead of removing them in the middle of things, I wait until we're done with foreplay and they slide out easier. In case you're wondering, no it didn't seem these hindered my orgasms during foreplay.

With other kegel balls, I'm able to feel them jump inside when I squeeze my muscles, and often times pull the removal cord while kegeling just to feel how strong my muscles are. These are not things I can do with the glass eggs because I really don't feel them move much when I kegel, and they have no cord.

In fact, each time I've worn these, I forget about them. I never forget about my beads because they rattle and say "hey, don't forget about us down here." And that reminds me to kegel. I just ain't seeing very much effect from these eggs, except for decor and a little foreplay fun.

I tried one egg only for the first time, and then went on to using both. I never notice they're with me. They don't try to slip out, they don't seem to activate my pelvic floor muscles in the least, so that brings me to the conclusion that if they are doing anything at all for my muscles, it's very little, and since the Luna Mini Beads cause me to continuously use my muscles, these are basically useless to me.

I guess I'm neutral to these. I'm not happy or excited with them. They are boring and I can't help but feel that they're ineffective, especially when there are better sets out there. I don't think I would recommend these. Maybe if someone was new to kegel products and wanted to try glass, these would be good. However, if someone wanted these for the glass feature only, but didn't mind spending time each day to use a kegel product such as the glass dildo/kegel bars, then you could always go with the dildo/kegel bars available instead of these. I just have a hard time thinking of anything that makes these an equal choice to what else is available, unless you're just looking to try several different kegel aids for the experience or something. That was my main reason for buying these. I've got the Mini beads that I'm totally satisfied with, but these had me intrigued and I wanted to see how effective they would be compared to my others.

Another interesting thing to note is that NS Novelties claims these will clink together inside your vagina -- which I expected to happen, and actually was excited for -- and supposedly create a sensation similar to a vibration. Those of you who have experienced the clink and rumble of a weighted kegel ball may be able to relate to what I'm explaining. However, these glass eggs do nothing of that sort for me, and I highly feel that NS Novelties over exaggerated this "vibrating" sensation. I don't even feel them clink together because they're basically being held tightly in place by my crotch, they don't just jiggle around. I jump up and down and they're still tightly held right in place. This made me wonder though if my inability to feel any kind of sensation whatsoever wasn't due to my years of kegeling and months of regular use of kegel balls. Maybe these actually are best for a person totally new to them. I'm wondering if someone who's new to kegel products tried these, perhaps they actually would notice some type of clink together or "vibration" when they clink over and over. I wish I could shed more light, but this is simply what I've received from them. It does seem possible though, that a "beginner" may be able to feel them since the muscles would be weaker than someone who's religiously exercised, and that may allow more movement of the balls. These are just some theories I have.
    • Easy to use

Care and Maintenance

Now here's something super positive I can say about the glass eggs: they're the easiest kegel product to clean! Running them under hot water will always remove any lubricant, secretions or whatever else may be on them. Of course a bit of soap (natural is great!) is needed to remove bacteria, but only a small amount will suffice.

You can put these in the dishwasher, boil for a couple minutes or even use a toy cleaner and washcloth. I've felt comfortable using my natural, anti-bacterial toy spray on these before putting them away.

You can wipe them down with a wash cloth to dry. The glass doesn't hold onto any cloth lint, hair or dirt.

For storage, these fit perfectly in their silk drawstring pouch, and then tossed in a purse or drawer. They're small enough that you can tuck them away anywhere, even your toy box.

Don't forget that glass means you're free to use the lubricant of your choice since all lubricants are compatible with glass. That brings me to this: it's unlikely that most people will even need lubricant to insert these, but there have been days when it did make things more comfortable. I use an organic, 100% natural lubricant to insert or Aqua. Since they're small and glass, only a tiny drop of lubricant will suffice.

And if you are into using these little guys for stroking down your lovie's back, use as much massage oil as you want -- it won't harm the glass.
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store


Oh, looky here! There is something else I really liked about these -- well, not about the product itself, but the packaging. It's plenty discreet for me personally, but I was ecstatic to finally have a product with no nudity trashed all over the packaging. That's always a nice thing, and it makes it gift-giving worthy.

However, if you're looking for discretion in terms of the product not showing through the package, you may want to re-create your own package, if you plan to gift these. They come in a small paper box with a clear plastic box inside. The plastic box has indents for the eggs to sit and a plastic "lid" to protect them.

The outer, white paper box is cut out where the eggs can be seen through, while still in their clear box inside. The front of the white paper box has a photo of the eggs and their actual size, but certainly not their actual color -- hot pink stripes, I think not!

There's not much text on the box, which will be appreciated by some. The text isn't overly sexual, but here's what you'll see on it:

"Crystal Premium Glass Eggs" and "NS Novelties" as well as the word "glass at the bottom corner." That's all the text on the front. Simple, discreet.

On the back, there's no text besides "NS" at the top, then you just see the window showing the eggs.

There is a paper pamphlet inside that finally reveals what these are -- kegel excercisers for intimate rejuvenation." If you wanted to gift them to someone without them knowing or reading what they are, remove the insert from the box. You can do this without damaging the packaging too.

The pamphlet has a diagram, much like you see on the insert in a tampon box, showing you where these go, inside you!

You'll also notice the black, silky-feeling drawstring bag in the box, so be careful to look for it before tossing your box! I had thought mine didn't come with a pouch for hours until seeing it stuck in the box at the very bottom. When the drawstring is pulled, the Eggs will not fall out of the bag. On the front of the bag, in white text it says "Crystal Premium Glass Eggs."

The Crystal Eggs do come with a warranty that's valid up to a year after going to NS Novelties online and registering your product.
    • Discreet looking packaging
    • Recyclable
    • Very informative


Let me pause to discuss removal. First, I feel it's important to state that your vagina is not a sink. If you put something in hole, it will not "disappear." Many are uninformed and believe things can be "lost" inside the vagina, and this is a myth -- a crazy one. The eggs do not have a retrieval tail, like a tampon or kegel balls often do. They just freely hang out in your vagina.

While it's impossible for something to be lost inside the vagina, or travel to say, your heart, it is possible to have a tough time removing something that has been wedged up in there without a cord. Hopefully, knowing this information -- that a kegel egg will not travel elsewhere when crammed in your vagina -- will offer some relief to those who are hesitant due to that reason.

I haven't ever had trouble removing non-corded items from my vagina. Strangely enough, there have been several items I've had in there to be able to tell you this. Remember when I said I'd even tried a marble before?

When ready to remove, the best way to do so is standing up (gravity, remember?) and inserting a finger while relaxed, searching for the end of the object and curling your finger around it to ease it out.

I don't recommend using these as a foreplay device if having an object really far inside your vagina scares you. I say this because I had the eggs in all day and forgot about them while my partner was performing oral until he asked if I had them in! It seems last time I left my Luna beads in during oral, it was impossible to orgasm, so when he reminded me of the eggs, we paused to remove them. Uh-oh!

When you're aroused, the vaginal canal lengthens, you know, to accommodate Mr. Penis. That also creates a lot more space for the eggs to travel, and since oral tends to cause arousal and contractions of the muscles, those eggs can easily travel a few inches inside. That's the only time I've had trouble removing the eggs, but it was a tough one! I had to contort into all sorts of positions and ended up on the bed, on my knees with my partner to cramming his finger in to help dislodge the first one. Once that one was dislodged, they both slid near the entrance and I was able to hook my finger around them, and voila! Lay one egg at a time right in my hand. After I laid eggs, I presented them to my partner "my offering to you! Guaranteed fresh, I promise!"

The photos above are my comparison photos. The first photo, on the left has the Luna Mini Beads, Crystal Eggs and the Bedroom Kandi ball (I only photographed one of the BK balls since each that come in the BK kit are the same size, so it was not necessary to photograph each).

The Bedroom Kandi balls don't seem to make me work my muscles at all until I've worn them for hours at a time. These I don't notice any muscle activity until I've been wearing them for an hour or two and doing vigorous activity. But with my Luna Beads, I feel my muscles working immediately after insertion. So that's one thing that keeps me from choosing these over my Luna's.

I would say the Eggs have most similar results to the BK set since neither provided me with much of a workout, and it was easy for me to forget about both even being there.

Crystal Eggs compared to Luna Mini Beads
Advantage: Crystal Eggs are easier to insert whereas the balls always require lubricant. Also, the ridge on the harness often pinches and causes pain. The Crystal Eggs have the advantage in this department because they're totally painless and easy to insert.

Disadvantage: Crystal Eggs are not near as effective as the Luna Mini's. They produce little to no sensation and the Mini Beads always rumble like mad, reminding me to kegel.

Weight and Size Difference between Crystal Eggs, Smartball Uno & Luna Mini's:
Crystal Eggs weigh 3.4 ounces.
Heaviest ball in Luna Mini Bead kit weighs 37 grams.
Heaviest ball in Bedroom Kandi kit weighs 0.75 lbs.
Smartball Uno weighs 42 grams.

Luna Mini Beads measure 1 1/8" in diameter, 3 3/4" circumference.
Smartball Uno measures 1 2/2" in diameter, 4 3/4" circumference.
Bedroom Kandi balls measure 1 1/8" diameter, 3 3/4" circumference.
Crystal Eggs measure (at the widest) 3".

So you see the difference in size here. Like I said before, Uno was way too huge for me, but the rest have been perfect sizes.

How About Those Orgasms?

Everyone wants to know if a particular kegel product was efficient in creating better orgasms, as many are marketed for. In my time of using kegel balls, it's not true that my orgasms are different, but they last longer. That has been something I've benefited from with using the kegel balls diligently. Where in the past a clitoral orgasm from oral or a vibrator would last less than 5 seconds, now they often go on for up to 8-10. That has been a big difference for me, but no, it's highly unlikely for a kegel product to cause an orgasm themselves. They simply create stronger muscles, which will eventually lead to longer lasting orgasms for some.

As for the Eggs though, I cannot thank them for doing anything for me. I've been using them for going on 3 weeks, and they've done very little. Some days, when I've worn my Mini Beads all day, after taking them out and later doing a kegel, I'll notice that my muscles have been worked, not sore, but they're worked! The eggs can be left in for 10 hours and hardly create much of a workout, which is very disappointing considering what they're use is! I will say, perhaps it's me and not the product.

Do They Really Tighten The Vagina?
I can't say for sure, but can only speak for myself. It seems my vagina may have reached it's peak and won't get much tighter. I've never given birth, and have a pretty narrow downstairs, so it's not like I had a lot to work for in terms of "getting tighter." So I can't say that these will not help you achieve that. My partner says in the time I've been doing kegel excercises with my Mini's, that it seems tighter and tighter. To me, I think it can only get so tight, and from there on out it'll probably just keep getting stronger and more toned. With diligent work though, I'm positive you will see results in that area, but it will depend on what shape you were in to begin with, how long you keep at it and what product you use. Take time to find one that will be most effective for you. I doubt the eggs will, and if they are effective, you'll eventually need to move up to a bigger weight, so this also makes me want to recommend the Luna Beads over these since you have two different weights to work with with those.
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