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These little eggs may be a good choice for people who have found the larger silicone "ball" Kegel exercisers to be too large, or otherwise uncomfortable to use. These are easy to use, easy to keep clean, and can give those pelvic floor muscles quite a workout with little effort at all.
Hygienic, easy to use. comfortable, discreet, comprehensive instructions.
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The Crystal Premium glass eggs by NS Novelties are Kegel exercisers, meant to help women strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. Strengthening these muscles helps get things back in shape after child birth, wards off incontinence in later years, and can lead to more intense orgasms at any stage of life. All great reasons to use them!

The eggs come with a set of instructions for some structured exercises you can do, but the simple act of walking around while trying to hold them inside should put you on the right track to improving muscle tone.

Material / Texture

Made of two colors of borosilicate glass with a completely smooth surface, the Crystal Premium eggs feel solid and weighty in hand and can be inserted with little to no lube. This glass is nontoxic and highly resistant to breakage; a material safe enough that it is also used to make high quality cookware. It warms quickly to body temperature, and can be heated or cooled in a bowl of water for different sensations.

Design / Shape / Size

While most Kegel exercisers would be a bit difficult to explain if found by the wrong person, the Crystal Premium eggs have such a stylish, artsy look that they could easily be passed off as being decorative items, whether in your home or tucked in a travel bag for the TSA to find.

Each egg is seamless and measures 1.75" long x 1" wide at the largest end. While they are small enough for any user to insert easily from either end, women who haven't already achieved at least some tone in their vaginal muscles might not find it so easy to hold these slippery little eggs in place for long.

egg size


Having such a smooth surface means that it doesn't take much, if any, lubricant to get these eggs in place. In fact, you may find that the more you use them, the more difficult it is to keep them from sliding back out.

The instructions suggest that they be inserted one at a time with the tapered end facing upward, but you can place them however is most comfortable for you. Starting off by using one egg alone is a good idea for anyone who is completely new to the experience, in order to give time to become used to the feeling. Eggs facing with the tapered ends up are easier to hold in than with the tapers down. They will tilt around either way, but rarely become uncomfortable. If they do, simply squeezing your inner muscles can right them. Placing the eggs with the large ends together, with the innermost egg's taper facing up and the other facing down, minimizes this tilting.

Once inside, they don't provide much in the way of stimulation, and they don't make any noise to alert others that you have them in.

Some users may be concerned about the eggs becoming "stuck" inside of them, but this is extremely unlikely. Gravity works with weight to pull them downward, so simply bearing down with your muscles, particularly when squatting, or even giving a good cough can dislodge them. If that fails, you can insert one finger and "scoop" them out, but most people won't find it necessary.

Care and Maintenance

Since they're glass with no texture crannies to worry about, it's no effort to keep these eggs clean. You can use soap and water, commercial toy cleaners, boil them, bleach them, or slip them in the silverware cage in the dishwasher. Just remember that they become quite slippery when wet, so if you're washing them in the sink it may be a good idea to lay a washcloth in the bottom for padding in case you drop them.

As far as lubes go, the eggs are compatible with any kind.

You can keep them in the package or the storage bag that came with them, or you can find your own little spot to store them in. It really doesn't matter, as long as you keep them from clacking against each other overmuch and check them before each use for any damage as an added precaution.


The packaging is well thought-out and fairly discreet. On the front of the small cardboard box is a picture of the eggs with their name. The bag has cutouts so you can see the eggs. Both sides have product and warranty information written in tiny lettering, but unless someone took the time to read phrases like "wash toy after each use" or "device should not be used on inflamed skin" then it's not going to be immediately apparent what they are.

Inside is a lidded plastic storage tray that holds the eggs apart. Under it is a pamphlet of instructions that will be very useful for anyone who is just starting out.

As mentioned before, there is also a small storage pouch included to keep everything together in too, but it's not padded and doesn't keep the eggs separated so they don't knock together. It shouldn't be any problem for average storage use, but you may want to wrap each egg individually in a small scrap of cloth or find another solution if you plan to take them somewhere where they will get jostled around a lot.



Michele says:
These are the Kegel "balls" I've been waiting for. So far every other set I've tried has been passed on to other people for the same reason-- they're too big to be effective for me. These are just right, and I can't think of anything I *don't* like about them. No irritating retrieval device, no worries about whether I'm getting them clean enough, and no walking around feeling like I have a giant ball in my cooch. I've done Kegels for years, so on average I don't find these hard to keep in place. The instructions say to use them for a set amount of time to do the prescribed exercises, but I tend to be the kind to wear them around for awhile. I don't feel them much at all most of the time, but every now and then, when I move a certain way, I can feel them shifting down, and I really do have to pause a moment to squeeze them back in place. There's no doubt my muscles are getting a workout then.

Alan says:
Well I'm not equipped to say anything for the usage of these, but I can vouch for how discreet they are. The first time I saw them they were sitting on the desk. You should have heard her laugh at me when I asked if she wanted to go to the hobby store to pick up a nest for them. In my defense, I didn't see the Eden box come in the day these arrived, and there are a lot of glass doo-dads decorating our home, so sex toys was the furthest thing from my mind.
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