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Luna mini pleasure bead system reviews

25 reviews
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25 reviews

I really like the Lelo Luna Beads Mini. They are nicer than the original beads. The smaller size allows you to feel the vibrations of the weighted ball moving around inside the beads easier. They are waterproof, body safe, and can be worn as long as you'd like to wear them.

I'm not sure if the beads are simply too big and they create a vacuum so they just don't fall out of me, if my kegels are already strong enough for this, or if these beads are simply not heavy enough. Regardless of what the problem is, these beads are a disappointment and I'm pretty frustrated about the amount of money spent on something that is only good for a warm up because of their rumbliness.

Overall, for my first set of Kegel balls, I really like this set. It offers different options to the user; do you feel like using one ball or two? Both the same weight, or one of each? I would recommend these to beginners and seasoned users alike.

The Luna beads mini are the Cadillac of kegel beads. These beads are luxurious and engineered to perfection. Whether you're using them for exercise or pleasure, I highly recommend these beautiful beads.

I'm a beginner at using kegels and didn't really know how to use them and didn't know if they would work for me. I am happy to say that I have had a good first experience with vaginal balls. Since I am a beginner I do need to learn more about how to use these. I would recommend these to anyone who want to strengthen their vaginal muscles.

The Luna beads are worth getting if you’re in the market for either ben wa balls or duotone balls; and as with all Lelo products I’ve used, these are crafted with quality workmanship and should last a long time.

LELO does not disappoint with the Luna mini. I've been using Kegel exercisers for about 5 years, and these are by far the best. They're comfortable, and I love the interchangeable weights. With body-safe materials and versatility, beginners and advanced users can love this set. If you've found Teneo Uno, Duo or the classic Luna set to be too big, these could be a fit for you! I feel like I get an actual workout with these. The amount of movement never lets me forget that they're there!

The Luna mini bead system by Lelo is a great improvement on the original set offered. The smaller size makes them much more comfortable for extended wear. The beads are a great way to do your kegels without even really having to think about it. The only flaw is that they are very loud when compared to the original.

The Lelo Mini Luna Beads system is an easy to use, effective, and pleasurable way to strengthen your PC muscles. A reasonable price, beautiful design and body safe materials make this product a great investment in your sexual health. Apart from the slight rattling noise, the beads are very discreet and easy to care for. This product is a great addition to your sex life.

This set delivers exactly what they promised. I am a beginner and am completely comfortable with my choice, and look forward to seeing more results from this system. These Luna beads are also easy to use, clean, and store which is always a plus!

Luna Beads by Lelo are the single most arousing set of kegel balls I have ever owned! The Mini set will provide a challenge for the advanced Dual Ball user, and comfort for those who find dual balls to be too much! They provide quality, versatility, and challenge to all levels of users. Kegel health is incredibly important, and this set of balls will keep a large number of users satisfied. Minute downfalls can easily be overcome with the innovation of the design and the movement you will find fr

For anyone looking to start kegels, this is a great start. Lelo offers a smaller-than-it's-original system that seems to stand its ground. With interchangeable balls at different weights, it makes up for the price. Though it can be noisy and I wish there was another heavier set, a little creativity and combination can make sure they aren't forgotten in the toy box.

I like these. They are cute, comfortable, and I can wear them anywhere while doing everything I already do. All the while, I can be improving my sexual health and well being. It's just another secret to have, much like wearing sexy lingerie, even if for no one other than yourself.

The Luna Beads are amazingly rewarding. I'd be happy to use them for pleasure only, but the fact that they're also good for you means you can turn "work" into fun. What could be better?

These beads are fun and, due to their size, are very comfortable. The only drawback is the noticeable rattling sound that the weights create while walking or running.

Overall, I believe all women should purchase this and use regularly. While not guaranteed, it is surely worth trying for at least one of the following: stronger orgasm, easier time reaching orgasm, prevention of urinary incontinence, easier and less traumatic child birth, and prevention of uterine and vaginal prolapse.

The Luna Mini Pleasure Bead System works exactly as promised, and I am very happy with the quick results. They are comfortable to wear, easy to use/store/clean and I have definitely noticed improvements in my muscle strength/control since wearing them!

I really find the Luna Beads to be a product that is very well made, from a great brand, and with a reasonable price. It comes down to seeing if you're similar in preference compared to me when deciding on purchasing this.

If you're looking to get your PC muscles in shape, then the Luna pleasure bead system is a must-have. The weighted beads make the Luna system like a 2-in-1, as you can mix-and-match them to create your own vag-ercize routine. The mini system's beads weigh the same as the classic system, but the size of the beads and the harness are smaller. They are recommended for those under 30 that have not experienced childbirth. But I am 30+ and have two kids, and these are perfect for me.

I have tried various kegel exercisers and the Luna Mini Pleasure Bead System is honestly the best! There are a number of weight options in this kit so you can go at your own pace and customize your kegel experience.

The Luna Mini Pleasure Bead system provides a kegel ball system option for those who require something smaller in diameter and size. However, the Luna Mini Pleasure Beads CAN be heard outside the body in certain circumstances, so if absolute discretion is required, you may want to look into the full-size beads or a different kegel exerciser system.

Make kegels fun and effective with the Luna Mini Pleasure Bead System. This attractive set is made with body-safe silicone and plastic with several different weight possibilities to satisfy most everyone from beginners to more advanced users.

The Luna Mini Pleasure Bead System by Lelo has everything the original offers and does so while better accommodating beginners to the world of vaginal exercisers. With four weighted balls designed to meet the user's level of comfort and pelvic floor strength, this is a great set for your purchase. If you’re someone who isn’t a size queen and would prefer a smaller kegel ball that isn’t at an advanced level, then this is a dream in body safe materials.

While the string has my suspicions on high and I'm really torn between the effectiveness of these and the fun of Uno, these were the correct fit for me. With my Uno, I experienced pain and discomfort and wasn't working my PC muscles due to the large size. These mini beads are perfect for someone in-between weight levels or with a small downstairs.

The LELO Luna Mini Beads are a smaller version of the original Luna Beads. They will be a good match to those who find larger Kegel beads to be hard to insert or wear. The Luna Minis follow the tradition of the originals in being fun to wear around due to the movement of the beads. Sadly, the noise that the Minis produce limits me to where I can wear them.

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