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For anyone looking to start kegels, this is a great start. Lelo offers a smaller-than-it's-original system that seems to stand its ground. With interchangeable balls at different weights, it makes up for the price. Though it can be noisy and I wish there was another heavier set, a little creativity and combination can make sure they aren't forgotten in the toy box.
Size, variety, price, beginner friendly, rumble
Rattle/Noise, Color, Could be heavier
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The Luna Minis have the same mission as the original and that is for making it easier to perform kegel exercises and to strengthen the PC muscles of the pelvic area.

Pubococcygeus muscles are very important for both genders, but women especially. The amount of damages and hits they can take can cause rectal prolapse, vaginal prolapse, and/or urinary prolapse. Prolapse means "to fall out." The Pelvic floor muscles (PC) support a majority of organs in this area. So when something goes into "prolapse," the organs can fall and protrude out of their respective areas. Scary, no? Many things can cause the pelvic floor muscles to weaken. Childbirth, being overweight, smoking, aging, pregnancy, and any abdominal surgery can weaken the pelvic floor muscles and increase the chance of prolapse. If PC muscles are strengthened, it also decreases your chances of having "leakage" from different orifice in old age! Yay no diapers!

That being said it can also have sexual benefits. It can make having orgasms easier for both you and your partner (and if he does kegels then it's an amazing thing for the both of you). You can squeeze down a little and give him a little surprise.

One mistake I've learned, even before I learned what kegels were, was the whole "stop peeing mid-stream." Many websites will tell you that you can practice kegels by stop peeing mid-stream. If you don't know already, this can lead to UTIs and stuff. Sure, do it once or twice to find out how to squeeze your PC muscles but don't sit on the toilet and repeatedly do this. It's not that hard to find the PC muscles without having to do this.

I'm one of those girls who are kinda scared of becoming too "loose" for my partner because I use toys a bit bigger than he is and sex for us is a few-times-a-year thing and each time should blow his mind.
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Material / Texture

These tiny little balls are made from plastic, which automatically makes it an 8 in safety. While I'm a huge person for 10s in safety (silicone), I'm okay with the plastic. As long as it's not heated up too much/melt, it's a relatively safe material that doesn't break down at body temperatures. The harness is made of silicone which is most likely the most popular and safest product out there for many things in many different industries. It's basically temperature resistance. Silicone is a new material in the kitchen because of it's almost indestructible nature. It's able to withstand temperatures of 400 degrees F very easily, dishwasher safe, and very flexible. It's also very inexpensive to it's more destructible counterparts in the kitchen (plastic, wood, and some metals).

Both materials are not porous, have no odor, and are basically smooth. Of course the plastic is more smooth than the silicone but it's not flexible at all. The plastic balls themselves have a metal ball inside (9 on the safety meter) but never makes contact with the skin (or shouldn't) if you're using it correctly. There is also no taste or smell to the kegal balls, but they have nearly no reason to be in the mouth area!
    • No odor
    • Not porous at all
    • Smooth

Design / Shape / Size

The design of the Luna Minis is very simple. A white harness with two pink balls, and two blue balls. The harness is shaped sort of like a barbell or pair of eye glasses without the parts on the side that hold onto your ears. The pink and blue balls are basically see-through so you can see the metal ball on the inside of them. There is no secret or mystery to it.


Many people may not like the limited color options unlike many other kegel options (Smartballs) but you're giving up color for being able to interchange the weights at your own discretion and based on how you're feeling. I'm a huge fan of colors but the added value of being able to interchange made me more of a fan.

One of each of the colored balls (one blue and one pink) have a white string attached to them. The string might be a nylon or cotton blend or something, because it feels not very high quality. I do think they could have changed that when they made the smaller set. Anyway, the string makes it so you can put in just one ball to start if you want to and are a beginner to kegels (like me). Do not place the other ball (stringless) into you unless you know what you are doing because it will be hard to get them out and make lead you to a trip to the ER or a powerful magnet up your vagina trying to find creative ways to get it out. I don't like the string, I think it could be made of better material, but that's just me.

The luna mini can be perfect for travel and even comes with a small storage bag to keep them in. If someone else were looking through your bag, they would skip over the storage bag entirely, not thinking much of it. But anyone who knows anything about kegels or have seen the product before, instantly knows what they are when they see them. I haven't come across anyone who even knows what they are for when I showed them to a friend. She was convinced they were a child's toy or something. I'm sure if you had them out, someone would be just confused as to what they were, but not question them.
    • Beginner
    • Discreet look/design


The best thing about this toy, other than the material and it's purpose, is the weight variation in it.

The pink balls weigh 28 grams each, and the blue balls weigh 37 grams each. So you can wear just one pink ball, just one blue ball, both pink balls, both blue balls, or one blue and one pink ball. While many people may not notice the 9 gram difference between the two balls alone, it's almost like moving from a 5 pound weigh, to a ten pound weight. Of course it's not super noticeable and feels nearly the same, but your muscles do have a work a bit harder and rushing process might not give the results you want. When I hold the balls in my hand, I feel the difference for sure but it's a lot less noticeable inside me.

This product is a vaginal one. Putting it into your anus is not recommended! There is no "stop" to the colon, so if you insert and the muscles slowly pull it inside more, you're taking a trip to the ER to get it out. I'm not going to tell you how to live your life, but they make anal beads for a reason. Also, the string might be dirty and hold the scent so putting it back near/in the vagina will be a testy decision.

For me, since this is my first time using kegels, I use this step up system:
1. One pink ball
2. One blue ball
3. Both pink
4. One pink/one blue in harness
5. Both blue

There is a huge con to the Luna minis and that is their sound. I hear a lot of people say that the original Luna beads are very silent and can be worn anywhere, but the Luna Mini are not as silent. I have had a few times, when I move very suddenly in a semi-quite place, someone asked "What's that rattling?" I did some jumping jacks in my room and the noise, I'm sure, is VERY audible outside the body. There is only so much noise I know my vagina can muffle. Here is a test I did to double check, I took the balls in my hand, clasps them tight, and shake them...I instantly knew that would be an issue.

I am a college student, so I did expect to wear the Luna minis at school but I'm scared for someone might hear. If I were to wear them in a more outside setting, it would be just on a daily outing and when I'm not around friends. So walks, going to the grocery store, etc. I would not even think of wearing these in a library setting.

I gave the noise two bees because it's not super loud, but when it does rattle it can be very noticeable. It doesn't take the most sudden movement to get the noise out of it too, a soft step will make it rattle. Because I don't know when it will rattle, I mostly use them at home when I'm alone or when I don't care who I'm around.

The silicone harness is actually kinda uncomfy inside me. It's so weird how it feels like it pinches my insides a little and I have to walk funny to adjust them a little inside me. I am not sure if it actually is, but this only happens when I wear these beads.

The measurements of the balls are as followed:
Circumference: 3 3/4"
Diameter: 1 1/8"

This makes them perfect, to me, for beginners to not only kegel toys but sex toys in general.
    • Easy to use
    • Multiple settings
    • Noisy

Care and Maintenance

The balls themselves should be washed in warm water and anti-bacterial soap. Do not boil them or anything like that. While the silicone harness is boil-able like many silicone products, I just wash it with the balls out of convenience.

While plastic can be used with all lube types (silicone, water, and oil), silicone should only be used with water-based lubes. That being said, and knowing that the balls come into contact with the silicone harness a majority of the time, it's best to just use water-based lubes with it. I would recommend Sliquid H2O since you don't need something that lasts a long time, just need to get it there initially.

It comes with a black satin bag, and I just keep the whole thing in there, or just the extra balls when I'm using it.

I, personally, hate washing the Luna Mini set or changing out the beads because the harness is kinda hard to slide them back into and if you don't position the bottom one correctly then the string doesn't go right. You can't twist them around once they are in there so you have to take them out and position them as best as you can inside the harness.
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store


Lelo is basically all about simplicity when it comes to their products and this is really simple. Comes in a small box with the beads on the front and all the pretty designs. It comes in a smaller (not by much) white box with Lelo in metallic writing. Once you open that, there are your beads. Two of them are in the harness and the other two are next to them. You have to lift up those to get to the other good things in there which include: a 5mL package of Lelo lube, a small black satin bag for storage, an instruction book, a registration card. While the box itself is okay for storage, Lelo was nice enough to include a small bag. While the outside box is not discreet, the inside box is very discreet.

Outer box
Inner box
Box contents

The bag is of OK quality. I would not handle and rough it up too much because it can tear. I have not used the lube at all but I would if I got a chance since it's made of nice quality ingredients. I will stick to my sliquid when it comes to inserting the toy. The lube is glycerin and paraben free which is great! I do think Lelo gives too much lube in these little packs. 5mL is a lot of lube and most maybe use half a milliliter when putting in their balls and since there is no way to close the packet after using just a tiny bit, I will most likely save it for when I need more lube for something else.

Instruction book

The information booklet seemed more like a challenge of how many languages they could fit into one book because there is nearly no information on how to do kegel exercises or an example of what to do. I just looked up some stuff on the web but if the tiny booklet was my only resource then I would have been left a little confused.
    • Good for storage
    • Minimal

Personal comments

I opted for the smaller beads since, in this situation, it's not the bigger the better. While I can handle something as big as the VixSkin Mustang, I don't want that feeling all the time and the bigger Luna balls had their flaws too. I don't think Lelo fixed any of the problems with their kegel exercisers other than their size. The balls are still really loud (at least to me).

If you want a different color or a more fancy look, Lelo offers the Noir which is just the Mini Luna's blue beads turned black and in a black harness. I'm not all that picky and like the variety.

While the Mini Luna beads are a deal within themselves, I did buy the Ami with them and have been switching back and forth between the two sets to make my own work out routine and I find this highly effective. I would recommend the Luna beads alone for someone who is new to kegel exercisers. It's very beginner friendly and easy to figure out, even without the instruction manual. To spite the rattle (noise), I do like the slight rumble it gives me when it does rattle.


I think the pros clash with the cons. One of the major reasons I bought the luna minis is so I can concentrate on my kegel workouts (and have a reminder) in a discreet way. I did not know they would be so loud. I had to drop it a star because of that. If it wasn't for that fact, they would be a solid five stars. I cannot use them at all times and have to save them for when I'm alone or when I don't care what people think.

I can kinda feel myself getting the results but since I'm not currently engaging in sexual activities, I cannot for sure tell. It's not like I can crush a coke bottle in my vagina. My muscles will hurt even after around 30 minutes of working out but I can use my exercisers for hours at a time.

Many say it would take around 3 months to see results but I think it depends on how much you work out. I am pretty strict about it and I'm sure I have results, I just can't really tell too much. I know I can use them longer without it hurting..So I guess that's progress?

I do a 3 weeks on and one week off formula for my work outs. It's how I physically work out but another reason is the string. To use these exercisers on your period can be unsanitary. I'm sure the string can collect all the bacteria it wants and the vagina is more vulnerable to infection and other stuff on the period. But since the kegel exercisers can help hold the Diva Cup in place when using it during that time of the month, it's a more immediate way to see results! I, one day, hope to get to get a Diva Cup and use it.
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