Luna mini pleasure bead system - vaginal balls by LELO - review by K101

Less entertaining and rumbly than Uno, but effective.

While the string has my suspicions on high and I'm really torn between the effectiveness of these and the fun of Uno, these were the correct fit for me. With my Uno, I experienced pain and discomfort and wasn't working my PC muscles due to the large size. These mini beads are perfect for someone in-between weight levels or with a small downstairs.
Perfect size for my figure.
Easy, painless insertion/removal.
2 weight sizes!
No help for insertion.
Not as rumbly/fun as Uno.
String cannot be sanitary.
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These are clearly kegel balls. As with my Smartball Uno review, I'll try to be brief on telling what most will already know. However, it'll still be here just in case, so if ya'll want to skip the specs and go into the rest of my review, I won't cry.

The Luna Mini Pleasure Bead System is a kit of four balls, a "harness" to hold the balls, 5 ml packet of Lelo lubricant, a satiny "anti-bacterial" drawstring pouch, box suitable for storage as well as the thinner box it comes in, 1 year warranty booklet and an informational pamphlet (photo of everything included below).

These are inserted into the vagina very similar to the way a tampon is. Simply stick em' in and go. A dab of lubricant is helpful most times, but I don't even experience pain with these, so if they're comfortable for me, then I'd about guarantee they will go in without pain for anybody.

Lelo created first the original Luna Beads, which look pretty identical to this set only the original kit had larger balls. So for girls like me who tried other kegel excersizing balls and found them uncomfortably large or didn't find much use in them due to the large size not aiding in kegel excersizes. So Lelo so perfectly designed a smaller ball. Think it was just for me? I do. I think it was because only weeks before these were available on EF, I was continuously searching for small balls and saying "I wish Uno was smaller!" We'll just go with Lelo made these because they knew there was a Kendra out there so desperately in need of smaller balls, since that makes me feel all special. And if you're someone who was in my same situation, you can tell yourself that Lelo made them just for your downstairs too!

Whether you're looking to tighten your downstairs or looking for something to help aid in excersizing for your cooter's long-term health, kegel balls are a really fun choice. Especially if you're getting bored with squeezing your muscles a gazillion times a day only to hear other girls say "well not only do I squeeze my muscles down there, but I also feel a little rumbly sensation." I got to say, plain ol' kegels are not half as fun as doing them with a ball inside to rumble.

When the vaginal walls are weak, they pose risk for prolapse. This can happen as you age or after a serious injury, childbirth or a surgery such as hysterectomy. Kegel excersizes are done to prevent this from happening. If your walls are strong, there's less chance of your bladder or rectum falling out, which is what prolapse basically is. Cystocele is a condition where your bladder prolapses or slips out of place and eventually, the bladder can begin to protrude from the vagina. Rectocele is where your back vaginal wall becomes weak/too thin and your rectum literally bulges into your vagina. Some women see minor symptoms when rectocele is just in the very first stages. I personally chose to try the Smartball because I had a very minor symptom of rectocele, when it was just too large to do any good for me, I ordered these mini Luna Beads instead. I'll even compare my experience with the both of them for you later. I think this will be super helpful for someone of similar size.

Whether you have a prolapse condition or just signs of one or nothing at all, every woman still benefits in the long run from doing kegel exercizes, since not only do they prevent those types of conditions, but also other things like bladder leakage. If your pelvic floor muscles are nice & strong, you have less of a chance of ending up with a leaky bladder. I've also read that exercizing these muscles diligently can even "reverse" an already leaky bladder.

The good thing about kegel balls is you can use them anywhere you want to. Anywhere. You can't insert them anywhere, but you can dang sure wear them anywhere.

There is not other purpose for this product besides to work the PC muscles. Do not put it in your butt and do not give it to small children. Just thought it necessary to say that.

You can use the four separate balls and harness in a few different variations:

1. One 28 gram pink ball and one 37 gram blue ball in harness.
2. Two of the same weight balls in harness.
3. Only one ball (either 28 gram ball or 37 gram ball) in harness.
4. One (or more if you want) of the two balls that have attached string inserted into vagina with no harness at all.

Often introducing the first of the two balls into the vagina, the first wants to push itself back out. For easier insertion, lie on back with hips raised slightly to prevent the first one from pushing out. Inserting them while standing will require extra pressure to insert since the harness is flimsy and there's no helpful finger indent.

Make sure that the last bead (one that you put in last, the one with the retrieval cord) is at least 2 cm inside you. I change it up though by pulling them to the very entrance to see how well my PC muscles will hold them. They should fit comfortably, like a tampon.

It takes time to get results. In order to improve your health for the long-term or to see whatever results you may wish to see, you should continue exercizing with the beads for at least 30 minutes daily. Your results occur depending on the condition your vagina is in when you begin. So be diligent, my grasshopper. I usually just leave them in for around 5-8 hours daily.
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Material / Texture

Unlike the previous kegel ball I used, the Luna Beads are hard ABS plastic. The little harness is made of 100% silicone though and these are labeled as FDA approved (if that means a thing to any of you) phthalates-free, hypo-allergenic, latex free and are non-porous.

While we know the silicone harness rates a 10 on Eden's safety scale, the ABS plastic, which is what the actual beads are made of, rates an 8.

As for the blasted removal string, it has had me concerned. Since the material of the string is not immediately offered up on Eden's or Lelo's product pages, I had to do some digging. However, just the fact that that material was left out on both Eden and Lelo's websites, I was already a little less than pleased. These are expensive and anything that will harbor bacteria is not acceptable to me, not for that kind of price. These are simple hard plastic balls with a metal ball inside. There's no reason at all that Lelo shouldn't have attached a little ol' silicone removal cord.

So upon my questioning Lelo, the manufacturers of Luna Beads, I was told that they will have to get back to me on that! I have yet to get a call back from Lelo's customer service, so at this point I don't know if even they know what the string is made of. My concerns could just be paranoia because in the informational pamphlets, it states that materials used in their products are tested to be non-toxic, phthalates-free & comply with CE & RoHs standards.

To me, the tiny string feels like Nylon. I could well be wrong though. It is definitely a string that absorbs things and I don't know if a string that absorbs liquids can truly be sanitary. I plan to keep on until I find an answer though and will update as soon as Lelo remembers what the material is.

Unlike the Smartball's removal loop, this one is so short. It's only a tad longer than 2" and thinner than a tampon string. Smartball's removal loop was uncomfortable, caused labial pinching and was so long that it would often try to peek out my shorts leg. However, I'll take safe uncomfortable silicone over unsanitary any day.

Another thing about Luna's string is it will absolutely break in shorter time than Smartball. It's, like I said, fabric-y, not sturdy and nice silicone. Since it's lodged inside me well and I have to tug hard to remove it, I feel the string will break right off any day now. I'm not horribly worried about it since it cannot get lost inside, but I really am ticked about the entire string. If you're handy enough and have a strip of safe material such as silicone, you could always attach your own to these, but I certainly don't have a little silicone string running around my house. In all honesty, after realizing this thing was absorbing lubricant and my secretions, I think I'll cut it off the ball just for peace of mind.

There's no information about the string anywhere online, even on Lelo's site or the packaging except for one place on pamphlet, and it just calls it "hygienic." Since they are quick to boast about "non phthalates, body safe, etc." when it comes to their materials, it makes me suspicious of this "hygienic" cord. Like I said, it's fabric-y and I've never known of an absorbing material to be fully cleanable. It can't be. It absorbs urine and secretions and I just can't help but think it will harbor bacteria. I mean if Lelo has some newly invented string then they'd surely mention it.

With Uno's silicone string, I could hold it out of my urine stream and if it happened to get dribbled on, it only takes the same amount of time to wipe it as it does to wipe yourself. Silicone won't absorb the urine and eventually harbor bacteria. I have to totally remove these each time I urinate or I risk God-knows-what!

There wasn't a scent to the balls. They're mostly smooth plastic and the silicone harness creates an extra bulge around the balls as you'll notice in the photos. Since they're small enough for me, this didn't cause any discomfort. When they first arrived though, my partner commented on how he thought the harness would cause discomfort for me going inside, and I was sure it would. Everything goes in there smoothly and without snagging or pulling.

In the product page, you notice these tiny lines/ridges on the actual balls. No worries, those are only on the inside of the ball so you don't feel them.
    • Not porous at all
    • Smooth
    • No odor

Design / Shape / Size

As I mentioned, you have four balls total. There are two transparent blue balls and two transparent pink balls. The colors are nothing to squeal over, believe me. They're plain and unexciting, which really made me sad to give up my pretty, fun Smartball. I know, I'm bad, but when you have such a lovely ball to put in your lovely crotch, who would want to switch to ugly, plain colors? Each ball has a seam around it, but it's only visable, you cannot feel it. It's like the two pieces were snapped together, and the seam is on the inside. Reminded my lovie of those quarter machine eggs you get with some rubber ball inside.

The thing I love most about these balls is that you have two different weights, but the balls are the same exact size. Only the internal weighted ball is where the difference comes in. This was a big plus for me since I had so much trouble inserting larger balls. This means I can use both the pink weights and the blue weights without one being larger and causing me pain or discomfort!

The pink balls are 28 gram and the blue are 37. That's another huge plus for me, the two different weights means I don't have to go buy yet another set in order to find the right weight. This also allows you to move to have a start out weight of 28 grams and then move up gradually to the 37 gram ball. In all honesty, for me, someone who's been doing kegels (without products) since my teen years, there wasn't a huge difference in the two. I find that the 37 grams (blue balls) do want to slightly peek out when I bend over though, so there's enough difference in the two that they both will be of benefit. I have been mixing and matching by using on blue ball in the harness along with one pink!

That last thing brings me to another wonderful thing about this set. You can mix and match. Add the pink 28 gram and a blue 37 gram in the harness and give that a go! That's good for when you're in-between. I like playing with both though.

Two of the four balls have that blasted string on them. The "harness" has a little hole where you slide the bead in and let the string dangle through the hole for removal (shown above). I suppose that'll come in handy for someone.

The harness has a little flexible stick in between the slots for the two balls -- you may be better off looking at the photos to understand what I'm saying. Unlike the Smartballs, there is no finger indent to allow easier insertion. These take a dot of lubricant and some extra time for me to insert since the middle stick is so flexible it just bends instead of going inside. I have to work a little to get them in.

The harness measures 3" long. The 3 3/4" circumference and diameter of 1 1/8" was the perfect match for me. Remember, I previously used the Uno Smartball with a lot of pain and discomfort, so if you're someone who's experienced similar things or are really small downstairs, this set would be something to consider. It's mostly all about your downstairs condition though. If anything, the Mini Luna Beads will be too small for most women. I highly doubt they will be too large for anyone.

As for discretion, I felt like my Smartball Uno was more discreet. I would take it out when I was ready to shower and even suspend it from my shower basket by its loop so it could get a shower too. I don't share my bathroom with anybody unless company comes over or the kids need to make a run to mine, so it wouldn't have been noticeable by them.

After cleaning, I'd just hang my Smartball on this little organizer I had in my office at home. It wasn't ever noticed except by the two year old who screamed "zoob! Zoob!" Thinking it was a dang Zooble. I think the bright turquoise and pink sort of felt more discreet and I was comfortable leaving it in the open at home or in my purse.

However, the Luna Beads just look like something suspicious to me. Not that they scream "I have been in a vagina!" but they look more "medical-y" than my single Smartball. Maybe it's because there's a harness and two balls with this kit, but I don't know that these would pass as something else. If someone knows what kegel balls are, they'll know what this is. If not, good luck coming up with a lie. I've yet to find one except stress balls and only the kids would believe that.

The Luna beads are discreet enough. I'm sure people who have never seen them before won't automatically guess their purpose. They could pass as some kind of cat toy I think.

Would I travel with these? Absolutely! I think I'll bring them along with me on my trip to Panama in a couple weeks. I also plan to take Uno because while Uno is painful for me, the sensation is totally different from Luna Beads, so I'm really having a tough time between the two. I'll talk more about that in my experience section.

Unlike the Smartballs, these come with a satiny black drawstring pouch. The drawstring stays closed well and is the perfect storage option for the little guys. I keep them in their pouch and toss them in my purse, my laptop bag, anywhere I feel like it. It works nicely. With my Uno, when I wanted to take it with me, I had to find a bag for it, so it could ride safely in my messy purse.

These are perfectly travel-able. In their pouch, they won't draw any attention and can be tossed in your purse or just worn. They take up little space and won't be easily lost when put in their pouch.
    • Beginner


Surprisingly enough, the Luna beads come with a 10 year quality guarantee and a one year warranty. Due to the small size inserting them isn't impossible, but with the overly-flexible tube in between the balls and no helpful finger indent, if these were any larger, they'd never make it inside me.

As I've said further into my review, I'm very torn between these and Uno. I have so many things I dislike about them both and so many things I love about both. I enjoy the size and more often clanks of these, but love Uno's rumbly deep rattling.

These are definitely suited only for someone who's going to have pain or discomfort with the larger balls available. These will not suit someone who needs something bigger in order for it to not continuously slide out. If these seem too small for you, I definitely recommend Uno.

Sometimes I would wear Uno all day and only feel it rumble when I bent over or was using my fitness pole. Using Luna, these babies click and clank so often and so loudly that you can hear them inside me! I don't really consider that a huge problem, but you can absolutely hear the Luna beads while wearing! You couldn't hear Uno if your ear was to my cooter and I was doing jumping jacks.

Here's how I discovered that you could here Luna while they were inside me: they just arrived, 3 days late, but they arrived. I inserted right before going in my parents' house where me, my mom, nephew and sister stood talking in the kitchen. I bent over to pet the cat, with my mom and nephew inches away and the balls said "clickity clank, clank, claaank!" I just stopped mid-bend and did not move. I knew they could hear them. Bad thing was, I was wearing a very light dress with no panties or pockets so it was even louder than if I'd worn at least shorts. And since I clearly had no pockets, where was that jangling coming from? Exactly! Nobody said anything and later I laughed about it, but heavens did it have me scared moveless! I slowly sat down -- when I had enough courage to move again -- and crossed my legs tightly for an hour! I did not want anybody saying "what was that?" What would I have said? "I have tons of change in my... vagina?!"

As for the difference in the pink (29g) and blue (37g) balls, I don't notice a very drastic difference between the two, but using the pink, they have tried peeking out when I wasn't paying attention. Neither the pink or blue will fall out. It will not happen. The pink will barely begin to peek out and that's uncomfortable, but they will not fall out of me. I tested both. Spreading my legs apart and doing jumping jacks, shake my rear as hard as possible and jump up and down -- nothing falls out or even comes close to falling out completely. Doing the same thing with the pink set and sometimes the last ball will barely peek out. Now these "peek" out the worst when I bend over or am on my fitness pole. I can bend over, touch the ground and during that time, the pink ball's tip has came toward my entrance. Enough to where I can touch there and feel the very edge of the ball. So the pink ones really were the correct size for me, as much as I wish Uno had been.

I can feel myself needing to use my muscles every once in a while wearing these whereas Uno did not ever feel like it made me use my muscles. Uno was practically embedded into my walls. That sucker wouldn't budge without extreme force. These are much easier to remove and insert. Vigorous movement like working out on my fitness pole and I can definitely feel my PC muscles squeezing to hold on to Luna.
    • Comfortable
    • Easy to use

Care and Maintenance

I know I'm being pickier than someone who's only kegel balls are these Luna Beads, but I can't help it. Cleaning is easy, but compared to my Smartball Uno, they take a tad longer.

After wearing these for the first time, I got home super late, showered and planned to settle down and do some school work. Since I'm used to hanging my Uno in the shower with me and then soaping it up and bringing it back to the bedroom to store, I did just that with Luna. I took them out and soaped them up while in the shower. When I was done, I just brought them back to the bedroom with me. The next day I was about to use them again. I took their little harness off to clean and noticed that stuff gets inside the harness. For some reason, while cleaning them the night before, it did not occur to me that secretions were able to get up under the harness holding the balls. I mean it's so snuggly fit onto the ball. So taking the entire thing apart while cleaning is totally necessary! Don't forget that part.

How to clean these little dudes:

I use scalding hot water and mild soap. You can easily use a spray toy cleaner or wipes, but it feels like a good hot bath does better to me. Remember to clean the part of the harness where the balls slide in or else you'll end up with stuff staying there like I almost did.

These are smooth, so there's nothing to catch your lubricant or secretions. No toothbrush necessary. Never use cleansers containing alcohol, petrol or acetone.

*Warning* Do not expose beads to extreme heat & keep out of sunlight! That's the warning that came in the pamphlet.

Since the harness (that makes me laugh everytime I say it out loud. Harness!) is silicone you should not use silicone lubricant with these. You may not even need lubricant, but I do. Use only water based to ensure your harness does not degrade.

As for storing these, well, I store them in my cooter. When they aren't hiding out in there, they're in the provided black drawstring pouch and either in my purse or sitting on my desk. They can be stored anywhere you have space: a purse, drawer, pocket if it's big enough or vagina (only without the drawstring bag!).

If you plan to store them away, put them in the drawstring bag and inside your toy box. Remember to keep them in their bag if you're going to store with other toys -- silicone can degrade, remember?
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store


One thing I truly appreciate about Lelo is the nice, simple and plenty discreet enough for me packaging for these. Instead of referring to the Luna Beads as "vaginal exercizers" or "orgasm enhancers," Lelo calls them "Pleasure Objects." To me, that looks nicer on a box than something like "Enhance orgasms, tighten vagina!" It's tacky. Of course the white, thin cardboard box the entire kit comes in has a small photo of the beads and is full of information telling you what they are/do. But it's done in a much nicer way than what most companies choose. I didn't mind Fun Factory's simple, cute and discreet packaging at all, but it didn't come with a storage pouch like Lelo's.

The box describes these mini balls as "every woman's fitness essential" and "the world's bestselling kegel excersizing aid."

The outer thin paper box really is useless (photo shown above). You have the real storage box inside and probably would rather opening one box rather than two just to get to your beads, like I do. I will throw away the outer paper box and just keep the storage box (shown below).

The storage box is white, says "Lelo" in silver letters on the lid. It looks nice and classy enough. There's nothing else on the storage box, so it doesn't draw attention or give away its contents. It's sort of similar to a cardboard box with lid that some jewelry comes in-- only it's much bigger.

The lid simply lifts off the box and you have a cardboard insert that holds the harness and balls. This insert comes out and there's the "anti-bacterial" storage pouch underneath as well as the user manual and the warranty booklet. The box is small enough, but it's only cardboard and not exactly so nice that I'll make room for it in my closet. I'll toss it soon enough and just keep everythig in the smaller satin drawstring pouch. Boxes eventually take up too much space, and this one isn't anything to keep around.

The user manual tells you how to use the balls, that they're for novelty use only and you'll use at your own risk and talks about size and weight as well as how to put them in the harness, cleaning instructions and the warnings I've included in my review.

The user manual and warranty booklet are in many different languages.

The entire box and its contents are gifting-friendly. As long as I didn't mind gifting someone (a close girlfriend no less) the vaginal balls, these would be a top choice based on discreet, decent packaging alone.

The Luna Beads are designed and developed by Lelo Sweden and manufactured in China.

One good thing about this "anti-bacterial" storage pouch, it won't loosen and come open like a lot of drawstring pouches do. I can keep all four balls & the harness in the pouch without anything ever dumping out. In the photo, all four balls are in the pouch as well as the harness and as you see, turning it upside down, nothing falls out.
    • Good for storage
    • Very informative

Personal comments

10 year quality guarantee, one year warranty.


Lelo's customer service has been back in touch. I was correct in my prediction, the removal cord is definitely nylon. Here is what the employee said "the retrieval cord is made of high quality nylon. It should be fine. You do not have to worry." In my opinion, no it is not fine. Especially since only days later now, the cord has absorbed so much lubricant and sorry to be graphic, but secretions that one corded ball has been wet for the past 6 hours.

Moving on to try a mini Emigi next. That one comes with a truly safe silicone cord.


These Mini Luna Beads were a better choice for me because I had experienced such discomfort and pain when using the Smartball Uno. I'm going to give Mini's measurements here again for comparison purposes.

Original Luna Beads have a diameter of 35 mm whereas these Minis have a diameter of 29, and believe it or not, it makes a big difference for some of us.

The Smartball Uno (the one I'd been using before these Minis) measures 1 2/2" in diameter, 4 3/4" circumference and has an insertable length of 1 3/4". The removal cord on it is a few inches long.

These Luna Mini Beads measure 1 1/8" in diameter, 3 3/4" circumference and 3" insertable length.

The blue, 37 gram Luna bead is feels slightly heavier than the Smartball Uno in my hand, but the Smartball Uno is supposed to be 42 grams. I suppose the thick silicone on Uno could make it feel lighter in my hand than the plastic Luna. The pink, 29 gram Luna Bead is much lighter than the 42 gram Smartball Uno.

I would prefer the heaviest Luna Bead in this set to have been the same weight as my previously used friend Uno -- 42 grams. However, I can make do just fine.

Now what has me considering sucking it up and dealing with the pain I feel when inserting and removing Uno is because Uno has such a unique, nice rumbly sensation inside me whereas these Luna beads do not! I had said that I expected Luna beads to have a more intense clangidy click inside than Smartball Uno because Uno has silicone around it and Luna is plastic against metal ball. It was true that the sensations are more there and I feel way more clickidy clicking with Luna than I ever did with Uno. Unfortunately, I am not loving that clickity the way I love the deep sensations of Uno! What a mess! Uno is painfully large for me, scraping my urethra to heck and back when I insert or remove, putting so much pressure on my closely-built organs that it can cause discomfort, yet nothing feels like that deep, rumble I get from Uno! What is wrong with me?
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