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Vag-ercise with a Nice Surprise!

If you're looking to get your PC muscles in shape, then the Luna pleasure bead system is a must-have. The weighted beads make the Luna system like a 2-in-1, as you can mix-and-match them to create your own vag-ercize routine. The mini system's beads weigh the same as the classic system, but the size of the beads and the harness are smaller. They are recommended for those under 30 that have not experienced childbirth. But I am 30+ and have two kids, and these are perfect for me.
Easy to use, easy to clean, wear at home or on-th-go, variety of benefits, luxury ben-wa balls.
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LELO's Mini Pleasure Beads are a fabulous way to get those PC muscles into shape, while providing a slight stimulation for a little bit of pleasure on-the-go. The Luna mini pleasure beads can increase muscle tone providing an increase in the intensity and duration of orgasms. They can also be beneficial to those who've experienced a "leaky bladder" and, to strengthen and tighten the vaginal muscles after child birth.

The mini beads are placed into a cradle/harness, inserted into the va-jay-jay, and pushed up until they are above your pelvic muscles (which are usually easily felt when you insert your finger into your vagina and clench). As you move your body (walking, exercising, etc), the weighted beads "jingle" so-to-speak and provide a stimulation to your muscles as they move. This stimulation can provide an awesome feeling for some (depending on your anatomy), as they can lightly bump against your g-spot. It's perfect for new and experienced kegel-ers and can be a great way to explore g-spot stimulation.

The mini pleasure bead system can be used in a variety of ways depending on your personal needs:

- You can simply insert them and let them be. When you move, the Luna beads move too, which stimulates your muscles.

- You can insert the harness with beads and practice using your PC muscles to pull them in deeper and then push them out.

- You can insert the harness with beads and practice using your muscles to clench it. When you are able to, use your muscles to clench and then hold, while increasing your holding time as you go.

- You can use the Luna beads in their harness like intended, or you can use them without the harness if you prefer. I wouldn't recommend using them without the harness for beginners, as you need to be able to push them back out with your muscles.

This system can pretty be used any time at home or while you are out and about. You can hear some noise from the Luna beads when they are in motion but it is not easily detected by anyone else, especially if there is some background noise. The noise is definitely not loud enough to stop me from wearing them in public.

The mini pleasure bead system is not intended for anal use. These beads, even with a leashed harness, can get "lost" very easily if inserted into your booty.

The LELO website says these beads are most suitable for those under 30, who have never experienced childbirth. However, I am over 30 and I have experienced childbirth (twice) and these work perfect for me. I do have a smaller frame (I'm about 5'3 and 105 lbs) so that could be why or maybe I already have super-human PC muscles, either way these are the perfect size for me. I think the original Luna beads would actually be too big for me.
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    • Solo
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    • Anywhere
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    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store
    • Travel friendly
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    • G-spot
    • Kegels
    • Vagina

Material / Texture

The Luna system comes with 4-weighted beads and the harness.

The beads are made from ABS plastic which is non-porous and has a 8 out of 10 rating on EdenFantasys material safety chart. The beads themselves have a disco ball-like texture to them which can't really be felt when they are inside of you. They are very soft when rubbed/moved across the skin and they provide very little drag. When you squeeze the bead between your fingers they feel hard and have no give (which isn't a bad thing - I just thought I'd mention it).

The harness is made from silicone which is also non-porous and is very body safe with a EF material rating of 10 out of 10. If you remove the beads from the harness, the harness is very smooth, very soft and very squishy. It can be manipulated to accommodate the beads (it's a tight fit) and will bounce back to it's original shape after the beads are removed.

Neither material (the ABS plastic or the silicone) has a noticeable taste or smell so these are great for those who are sensitive. Both materials are food-grade materials, that are hypoallergenic, latex-free, and are free from phthalates as well.
    • Flexible
    • No odor
    • Not porous at all

Design / Shape / Size

The overall design of the Luna mini pleasure bead system is brilliant! The interchangeable weighted-beads are perfect for new and advanced users. You can start with the lighter set of beads (the pink ones) which are 28-grams each (28+28=56 grams when using both). Then, when you are ready you can replace them with the heavier set of beads (the blue ones) which are 37-grams each (37+37=74 grams when using both). One pink bead and one blue bead each have a retrieval cord that fits into a small hole in one end of the harness to make for easy removal.

This system is made to be a mini-version of the classic Luna bead system. The weight of the beads are exactly the same in the classic set as they are in the mini set. The biggest difference between the two sets are the overall size of the system. Here are the measurements for comparison:

Girdle size: Classic - 89x35x16mm / Mini - 75x30x10mm

Bead size: Classic - 36 mm / Mini - 29mm

The LELO website says the mini bead system is most suitable for those under 30, who have never experienced childbirth. But like I mentioned earlier, I am over 30 and I have experienced childbirth (twice) and these work perfect for me. I do have a smaller frame (I'm about 5'3 and 105 lbs) so that could be why, or maybe I already have super-human PC muscles, either way these are the perfect size for me. I think the original Luna beads would actually be too big for me, so I'm really glad I got these instead.

The Luna mini pleasure bead system is somewhat discreet. I don't think most people would know what they are just by looking at them. Unless of course it's someone that has them or has seen them before. They do come with a nice little black pouch that can easily fit all four beads and the harness. They do make a little bit of a "jingle" sound when they are shaken back and forth, but if you tucked them in your suitcase I don't think it would be an issue. You could also carry them in your purse, tote bag, or even a small cosmetics bag.
    • Advanced
    • Beginner
    • Whimsical / artistic


I chose the Luna mini pleasure bead system over the classic size because I'm smaller framed and I'm an experienced kegel-er so I thought they would be more of a challenge. I chose them over all of the other vaginal exercise balls, simply because of the body safe materials, the interchangeable weighted beads, and just the overall design. They are very classy looking and I honestly would not be embarrassed if someone saw them. This mini system is also very comfortable to insert and to wear for long periods of time. I have worn mine all day while out running errands and shopping, and they've never been uncomfortable at all.

I have also noticed a difference in the strength of my PC muscles (and the intensity of my orgasms too) since I have been using them. You can read more about that under my "Experience" section below.
    • Comfortable
    • Easy to use
    • Powerful

Care and Maintenance

The mini pleasure bead system is really pretty easy to take care of. Simply remove the beads from the harness, and wash them with an antibacterial soap or toy cleaner, and warm water (not hot water) before and after each use. I suppose you could use a toy wipe for a quick clean up (after removal) in a pinch but I would not reinsert them until they have been thoroughly cleaned the proper way.

The mini pleasure beads can easily be stored in their carrying case (drawstring pouch) or even in the nice box they came in. Either way you chose to cover them, it is still small enough to fit in a panty drawer, night stand, or even on a shelf in your closet perhaps. I actually carry mine in my purse because I like to wear mine throughout the day. I like to have the carrying case handy so I can slip into the restroom at any time and remove them. I also carry a small bottle of LELO's toy cleaner spray and a couple of toy wipes to dry them before replacing them in the carrying case.

Only water-based lubricant should be used if needed. I have never needed to add lube to insert these, but they do come with a sample of LELO lube and it's also mentioned in the directions that come with the system.
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store
    • Low maintenance


The Luna mini pleasure bead system comes in a nice, classy box that is perfect for gift giving or for storing (or discreet hiding). The mini bead system also comes with a nice satin pouch for easy storage and protection, a users manual that has a lot of important info, and a full 1-year LELO warranty. LELO also offers a 10-year quality guarantee on the Luna pleasure bead systems.
    • Discreet looking packaging
    • Good for storage
    • Very informative

Personal comments

Just a quick tip on insertion...
You can insert them just as you would a tampon; while you are sitting down or standing with one leg up on something. I actually find it easier to squat so that my butt is touching my feet. Then, I spread my legs to about a 90-degree angle or so. I insert the first bead slowly while applying a steady "pushing" pressure to it, then I insert the second bead. After you get the first bead in, you will notice that your muscles will try to push it out before you can get the second one in, if you don't hold onto it. Be sure to push it up above your pelvic floor muscles so that it doesn't push itself back out. When my harness is in the correct spot, the retrieval cord barely sticks outside of my vagina so it is not bothersome at all. The retrieval cord may end up in a different spot for some as every body is different.
    • Can wear in public
    • Easy insertion
    • Easy to wear


I love my Luna mini pleasure beads! I have worn them everyday since I got them in the mail and I have definitely noticed a difference in my PC muscles. I've noticed that even though I've done kegels for years, using the pleasure beads makes me much more aware of those muscles. My husband has also noticed a difference because he loves it when he thrusts hard inside of me when we are having sex and on his way back out, I will clench my PC muscles to create a super-tight sensation for him. I've also noticed that when I'm not wearing them, I remember to do regular kegels more often too.

When I am wearing the pleasure beads, they provide an awesome feeling for me as they gently bump against my g-spot. Other than that, I really don't feel them at all so they are super-comfortable to wear, which I totally love.

After using these for a few weeks, I've also noticed that my orgasms are much more intense and they last for longer too. I've always been able to have multiple orgasms in a single session but lately it seems like I've enjoyed them so much more. So, needless to say I will continue using them until I find something more challenging for my PC's.
    • Intense orgasms
    • Works great
Follow-up commentary
I'm still totally loving my Luna Mini Pleasure Beads. These beads are fabulous! I've still continued to use them everyday since I received them and I can definitely tell a difference in the strength of my muscles.

And, honestly I didn't think my orgasms could get any better than amazing, but after using these beads for awhile my orgasms seem so much more intense. It's awesome. I will definitely continue to use these and would totally recommend them to all women.
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