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If you're looking to store a small toy or even a pocket pussy, this would make a great storage container. If you have products that are on the longer side or girthier side, I would say this probably won't work for you. Its discreet, cute, and has a cool zipper closure at the top. The foam insert is removable so that makes this somewhat versatile. Several uses for this can make it easy to use.

While this can is super cute looking, it's not the most functional thing to store sex toys in. I can only fit one or two toys in it. The foam lining is great for glass toys, however it's too small to really hold many glass toys. The maximum length for a toy stored inside is about 6 inches. I personally use mine to store batteries, which is pretty much all I can think of using it for. You're better off looking elsewhere for a solution for storing more than one toy.

Overall, I'm very pleased with this canister. Wish it was a tad bigger, but I'll live. Can be used for several other purposes and makes a cute decoration/storage for toys or other things. Overall good buy and decent price.

This is a great little storage can for smaller toys and items that would otherwise get lost if they were stored with everything else. It's a great way to keep small things together.

Super cute, discreet and affordable. I think everyone should have one or two "Striped Pleasure Cans" for the simple fact that you can store almost any small goodie in there!

This little can isn't meant to hold lots of toys or anything like that. It is however meant to try and keep a bunch of your little things all in one place and provide easy access to them. Whether you use it to hold your bullets, condoms, or even quarters, it should last you a long time and look adorable the whole time it's doing it.

I'm happy to have this and use it daily—but never for toys. I could imagine sliding it in my purse for a night out and having a few condoms and a small container of lube in it, but I wouldn't use it for every day storage of one toy when I own so many more. I'll be using it to hold my mascaras, powders, and lipsticks. I would LOVE a case similar to this, but much larger, to be able to store all my toys at once. The colors are wonderful and the case seems very sturdy.

The pink Striped Pleasure Can is everything a girl would want for her favorite vibes. As a bullet lover it holds all my favorite little guys and I guarantee it would make a great bedroom accessory for any girl who, as the can states, loves herself.

I loved this can because of how well it holds my toys and because of how discreet it is. It looks so innocent and does not scream out "sex toy container." You can use it to hold a number of toys or accessories. Because of its small size, you always have the capability to bring at least one sex toy with you to wherever you may go.

Wouldn't recommend it, though if you have it there are some good suggestions on what you can do with it so it won't be a total waste.

A pretty little tin that is foam lined to keep your little treasures safe during travel. Zips shut and if you pack it right you can put enough in it for a night of fun with that special someone or yourself.

If you have the ten bucks to spend, you enjoy the novelty of the colors, and read up on the uses of this product, then give it a whirl! Likewise, if you don't have much use for it, it'll just collect dust in a drawer.

This Striped Pleasure Can is pink and very cute in color and size in general but will not hold many toys at all.

The Striped Pleasure Can by Fun Factory is a cute and alluring storage container that is durable and keeps everything safe and sound. For the price, you can't really get a better versatile storage container.

Tired of scrambling for a condom in the middle of things? Stopping the whole show to dig up a battery for your favorite vibrator? Fun Factory's Stripe Pleasure Can is a great catch-all for your sensual odds and ends - and is discreet enough to find a permanent place in your bedside table. While it may not do you much good as a storage container for larger toys, you can keep your bullets and batteries all in one place with this handy can!

This is a very cute container. It has multiple uses. It doesn't just have to be for sex toys. It's a great price for an amazing product. This is one container you can show off!

If you're looking to put vibrators or dildos in here, keep looking. However if you have a lot of little accessories to store this is perfect for that!

It Would Be My Pleasure

The Striped Pleasure Can is a great addition for any person who only has one or two sex toys - or has a specific sex toy they'd like to store. However, for those with large collections, this may seem a little silly - until you realize that this is the perfect size for storing all of the batteries that go with your sex toys.

I'd recommend the Pleasure Can because I love the aesthetic for both this and the sleek, silver and red model. The can is a great, simple case you could whip out from your drawer for your favorite mini vibe, but it'd also be great for transporting a smaller toy for travel, especially if in mixed company.

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