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Tired of scrambling for a condom in the middle of things? Stopping the whole show to dig up a battery for your favorite vibrator? Fun Factory's Stripe Pleasure Can is a great catch-all for your sensual odds and ends - and is discreet enough to find a permanent place in your bedside table. While it may not do you much good as a storage container for larger toys, you can keep your bullets and batteries all in one place with this handy can!
Cute, inconspicuous, zipper closure means it won't accidentally open, holds small items well
Foam padding not the sturdiest & isn't attached to container, too small for many toys
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I wouldn't say I'm an exceptionally neat or tidy person in my every day routine. My room has been known to get cluttered with clothes I try on and decide against wearing, I have the bad habit of accumulating coffee mugs on my desk, and I'd rather run a mile than vacuum on most days. But my toy chest is something that I keep remarkably well managed for some reason. I am always looking for new ways to order my collection and expedite the process of finding the toy I want through organization; I catch myself glancing at Tupperware in the store thinking "Gosh that'd be handy for holding that new massager I just got."

When I saw the Striped Pleasure Can I knew instantly what I wanted it for. It's plain to see it's not going to give you much room for keeping vibrators and dildos in it - at a mere 6" tall and about 2.5" wide it's no Divine Playchest or anything. So if you want storage for your huddled masses of dongs and sleeves, you are obviously not going to have much luck with this little dude.

However, I knew right away this would be a great fix for the problem of my ridiculously high volume of condoms. I can't use birth control nor can I presently afford an IUD, so between vaginal intercourse and using condoms often during anal play just to make things easier for clean up, we go through a ton of rubbers. I've tried condom cubes, Ziploc baggies, but nothing really stands up to the sheer quantity of these things that I keep around.

And though this container is small? It's been invaluable for condoms and other things that are easy to pack in sardine-style. I have two of these and can keep about 40 condoms in one of them if I stack them in rows on top of one another. Other stackable items like batteries, dental dams, sample packets of lube and toy wipes can also be stored in large quantities the Pleasure Can. I am easily able to store a mix of 15-20 AA and AAA batteries in this plus quite a few little watch batteries and N batteries with no problem. It's a total godsend for those of us that still have vibrating favorites that haven't gotten on board the rechargeable train yet. My Chroma and my oodles of bullets and small vibes salute you, Fun Factory!

I personally bought this for just these little trinkets, and checking the size specifications I understood from the get-go that this wasn't going to hold any of my dildos because none of their bases would fit. The diameter is at its widest point 2.5" but the shape of this tube is elliptical v. spherical, which means it's not 2.5" across at every point. My Tantus Silk Small fits in here, but that's about it. Many larger vibrators - including many of Fun Factory's, weirdly enough - will also not fit in this. So if you wanted a classy home for your Benjamin Bond? This isn't it. But smaller vibrators like the click 'n' charge minis will fit perfect inside with plenty of room to spare for other nick-knacks.

The only real issue I have with this container is the lining. I get that this is only a $10 item and I shouldn't expect satin interior or anything, but I was disappointed to find a cheap, thin grey layer of foam curled around the walls of the Pleasure Can. It's not even attached! Depending what you're using this for that could be a good thing - for me it meant I pulled it out and had more room for condoms. However, if you wanted to keep a fragile toy in here then you'll be less enthused. This lining is only about a quarter of an inch thick, as well. Not exactly a great barrier between your glass probe and the hard metal container beyond. If you aim to keep a beloved glass butt plug in here please bear in mind that your can should be stored in a place that it won't roll around. Otherwise? You could have trouble on your hands.
Besides the words "Fun Factory" which are embossed on the lid and "Love Yourself" which is scrawled across one side, I feel really comfortable leaving these out because of how discreet they are. In a drawer by the bedside they just look like a cute case for your reading glasses or something. There are two versions of this canister: the pink striped one and the more gender neutral Original Pleasure Can which looks quite literally like a tin can. This pink striped version seems to be made from aluminum that is colored with a kind of spray-on paint for metal. It has a soft, matte look with a hint of lacquer and I'm quite fond of its femme flair.

There's also a pesky little faux-rhinestone bedazzled string hanging off the zipper that is some kind of Claire's keychain and princess-y bookmarker hybrid. From my point of view it's atrocious so I clipped it off immediately. The zipper is a nice thick one, and the hot pink color accents the kind of plain, washed out pink of the rest of the can very nicely. Overall it's quite pretty and I couldn't be happier with the appearance sans the little dangly thing.

For what it is, and for a cheap ten bucks, I think this is a great way to tidy up a chest full of rogue batteries and condoms. It also makes a nice storage container for a single beloved toy - provided it fits and that you're not afraid of it being banged around against the aluminum. Definitely a keeper if you purchase it for the right reasons!
Follow-up commentary
This is my designated condom storage unit, and I absolutely love it. It's reasonably price, cutesy and pink, and not especially sexy or conspicuous looking. It's really not very good for holding most dildos and vibes, but it's perfect for storing small butt plugs, condoms, nipple clamps, toy wipes, and loads of little things that easily get lost in sock drawers and toy chests. If you are like me and hate scrambling for the batteries and bullets you know you left around here somewhere then seriously, invest in one of these!
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  • ~LaUr3n~
    Your review has decided it for us~! We want to use these as storage for sleeves.
  • Illusional
    Ooooh it's super cute!
  • Owl Identified
    Lauren, I think this would actually be perfect for sleeves because they're so cheap AND because once you remove the foam there's nothing that would make the sleeve linty. I should warn you that the foam that lines the bottom is difficult to get out because it's hard to reach your fingers down there. I just left mine in. Still, that's a pretty minor issue. Please let us know how it works out!
  • Kayla
    I like the removable foam. Makes it so I can make more room if I needed it. Great review.
  • Airekah
    Great Review, as always.
  • darthkitt3n
    Great review!
  • kinky girlfriend
    omg what a great condom solution even if someone looks inside no one will steal my condoms...
  • kinky girlfriend
    omg what a great condom solution even if someone looks inside no one will steal my condoms...
  • kinky girlfriend
    omg what a great condom solution even if someone looks inside no one will steal my condoms...
  • Kinkypixie
    Love the condom idea!
  • BuckeyeGal04
    Thanks for sharing your ideas
  • Blake Klink
    nice review
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