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Tiny Adorable Storage

This little can isn't meant to hold lots of toys or anything like that. It is however meant to try and keep a bunch of your little things all in one place and provide easy access to them. Whether you use it to hold your bullets, condoms, or even quarters, it should last you a long time and look adorable the whole time it's doing it.
Convenient, Easy to use, Holds a lot of little things in one spot
Not good for holding toys, Might rust eventually
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This super cute can isn't going to hold a lot, but it'll look good holding whatever you can fit into it. It'll be best used for smaller things like batteries or bullets, but it can hold a small toy or even a pair of sunglasses. Use it to create the perfect "on the go" container with a small bottle or packet of lube, a few condoms, and a few bullets you can choose from.

The can is shaped like an oval and comes in at about 6 3/4" tall, 2 1/2" across the long way, and 1 3/4" the short way. The inside of the can is about 6 1/4" around, 5 1/4" tall, and features a very thin piece of foam to keep things from ratting around. It's small enough that taking it out probably wouldn't make much of a difference as far as what you could keep in there. However if you remove the piece of foam from the lid you can get an extra 1 1/8" of closed can space. The two foams are quite different. The one in the lid is more like what you'd see when packing something; thick and fluffy and easily squished with the hands. The stuff that lines the can is more reminiscent of the little pieces of foam you would cut out and glue to things for a little added depth.

The can itself is made out of a sturdy aluminum. It will dent and can be destroyed, but you'd have to really work at it. Since it's metal, it can heat up and cool down like most other metals, so you should probably avoid leaving it out in the sun or in the car during the winter; especially if you have something that's a little more temperature sensitive. Down the back side where the lid flips up there's a seam you can see in the metal where it was joined together. The hinge is a piece of pretty pink fabric, and so is the zipper. Well, aside from the zipper part anyway. The zipper also features an adorable zipper pull that looks a lot like a cell phone charm with its bubbly pink cord, beads, and crystal heart. In fact, you could even use it as a cell phone charm if you wanted because it's removable. If for some reason you needed to clean this can, it shouldn't be too hard. The outside you can wipe down with a damp cloth, and the inside metal part should be the same. If you have a leaky bottle of lube I would try and wash the foam in warm soapy water and then let everything air dry for a few days. Once everything is completely dry, go ahead and reassemble and start using again.

While the top of the lid does say "Fun Factory" and the side does say "love yourself" the rest of the can is pretty discreet and unless somebody already knew about FunFactory they'd have no idea that this can is anything more than a cute storage device. It's small enough to fit into travel cases, and being so sturdy it's perfect for traveling with.

You can fit a lot of different things in here. I've been using mine to hold bullets, and in this picture you'll see my collection of 5 Tantus bullets, the two Mycero bullets, the Intensity bullet, the Supersex bullet with extra battery set, and there's still room to cram another small bullet in there if I wanted to.

For giggles I tried out seeing how much of what I could fit in here as well. With condoms it'll work best if you remove the foam insert, but I was able to fit 22 condoms with regular sized wrappers in without having to force any. I could have fit a few more in, but I felt like that was starting to push it. I managed to get about 20 or so AA batteries in it as well.
While I don't have any dying need to have this around, I do enjoy owning it all the same. It's a cute way to hide things out in plain sight or just get things a little more organized. Right now I'm using it to hold pretty much all of the loose bullets that I can find to keep them all in one spot and not taking up room elsewhere or getting lost. It'd be cool if it were bigger or if a bigger version were available, but for what it is, it does its job well enough that I'm happy with it.

Overall I'd say it's not an "ohmygawd must own!!!" kinda thing, but it's a nice little treat for yourself nonetheless.
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  • Ms. Spice
    i've had my little can for a while and it doesn't rust as long as you don't leave it in water. but a purse is not the best place to leave because it'll scratch it up -_- thanks for the awesome review though
  • Yaoi Pervette (deleted)
    Cute can, but it is a lot smaller than I initially imagined. I could see myself using it for small bottles of lube or toy cleaner.
  • Kkay
    This is adorable, and I'm glad for the inner shots to get an idea of how much it holds in practice. I don't think it'd work for me personally (which is a shame since it's so cute).
  • ToyGurl
    Great pictures. This tin is so cute and I'd love to own it. I've gathered up so many bullets that still work well, so I just can't throw them out. I hate "losing toys" and since I've moved into my new house my husband and I have lost countless toys under the bed or behind the dresser. It's awful! Thiss would be great for holding all those little things. Sweet review!
  • Ivy Wilde
    Cute little storage can. Great pics of all the stuff you ca put in there. Thanks for the review.
  • Jul!a
    Ms. Spice, I have no doubt it would last a long time without rusting, that was just a possible concern

    Yaoi Pervette, I read all the reviews and was still a little surprised with the sizing.

    Thanks so much everybody!
  • The Curious Couple
    Great review, thank you!
  • Jul!a
    You're quite welcome!
  • Noira Celestia
    Thanks for the pictures for reference that is incredibly useful. You always have great photos on your reviews that I really appreciate being able to see.
  • Jul!a
    Aww thank you so much!
  • cocomo
    excellent pics thanks for measurements great review thanks
  • Jul!a
    You're quite welcome!
  • BuckeyeGal04
    As always, another great review! Thank you!
  • Jul!a
    Thank you for reading!
  • saunders1971
  • Lioncub
    Thanks for the review
  • Tantric Tendencies
    Thanks for review.
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