Adorable Christmas Cacti

There really isn't anybody who can't use these, and they have a wide variety of uses. Some may find the vibrations to be too weak for them, but still work to get the juices flowing.
Silicone sleeve, Easy to take with you, Very quiet
Sleeves are pain to remove/replace, Vibrations may be too weak for some
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(Sorry the video is so quiet, I was having computer issues)

There are a few different ways you can use these two adorable bullets. You can use them for clitoral stimulation during sex, or any time. Tease the nipples, anywhere near the penis, or stock up and wear one on each finger to give your lover a vibrating fingertip massage. With one red one and one green one, these would make a great Christmas gift as well.

Material / Texture

The little bullets are made of a hard plastic. The sleeve of each little vibrator is made of silicone, meaning that they're non-porous and free of phthalates and all that other icky stuff. They've got just the slightest drag to them that easily goes away with the application of your favorite water based lube. Being made of silicone means that these guys are also little lint magnets, but if you keep them in their box or something else like that, you'll be able to keep them lint free.
    • Not porous at all
    • Smooth

Design / Shape / Size

Each little guy measures just under 2" in length. The sleeve is removeable, which is good because the bullet is not waterproof, so to clean properly, you'd have to take it off. It's a bit of a pain to get the sleeve on and off for cleaning however. There's a little 'ring' on each sleeve where your finger sits during use and it stretched easily up to about 1 1/2", so it'll fit most fingers comfortably without digging in.

These are kind of discreet, since they don't obviously scream "I'm a sex toy", but use your best judgment here. Because they are so small, they fit nicely in the purse or pocket and can go just about anywhere.

The packaging indicates that these have an on/off switch at the base to turn the bullets on and off, they have a push button. The packaging also indicates that to change the batteries you need to remove a little lid on the bullet, this is also wrong. The bullets twist in half, and I lost all my batteries and had to go digging when I figured this out while trying to remove the bullet to clean the sleeve.

Functions / Performance / Controls

There's an on/off button located at the base of the bullet that sticks out from the sleeve. Pressing it once turns the bullet on, and again turns it off. Both of mine are really quiet, loud if you hold them to your ear, but virtually impossible to hear otherwise. A closed door should be more than enough to hide your use of these. The vibrations themselves are higher pitched and a bit whiney, although they pack a much bigger punch than one might expect with the size given. With prolonged use, some might start to get numb fingers. While the vibrations are a lot stronger than the size indicates they might be, they might still not be enough for some.

Unfortunately, these little guys are not waterproof at all, so please avoid taking them into aqueous environments.

Care and Maintenance

Care and maintenance is kinda a pain in the butt, mostly just because the sleeves are so darn difficult to get off the little bullets. Once you get it off though, you can clean it just about any way you want: with a toy cleaner, soap and water, you could even boil the sleeves for 3 minutes if you wanted to. Try to keep the bullet from getting dirty in any manner, since there's pretty much no way you can clean it without getting moisture in there and ruining it.

Since the sleeves are made of silicone, should you decide to use any lube, make sure it's water based. Silicone based lubes can cause damage to your silicone toys, and that's no good. Another downside to the sleeves being that nice squishy silicone, they're also lint magnets, so be sure to keep them in a plastic baggy or their original box, or something similar.


**Quick note, the packaging is wrong when it tells you how to open the bullet to get the battery out to change it, and also how to turn it on and off. I suspect it's just older packaging with a new design.**

Otherwise the packaging is actually really pretty. A lovely rose pink, there's a little window on the front that lets you see the two little guys inside. When you undo the milk-carton style top, a cardboard box slides out with the two Myceros held in place by little wire ties.

There were no real instructions anywhere, but the back instructs you to remove the bullet before cleaning, and to use water based lube. The side tells you that it's ergonomically designed, easy to fasten on any finger, and has a removable vibration bullet with exchangeable batteries. Both of these are written in 6 different languages.

You could use the box for storage if you wanted since it's not all that bulky and would easily fit a few more bullets in there, or you could store these little guys in a plastic baggy. The box is nice enough to give as a gift if you'd like to do that as well.


I thought these weren't going to do much more than tease me, but surprisingly I was able to get off with them. They work well during partner sex if you don't mind keeping a finger between you two, and it might even be possible to just turn it on and leave it between the two of you if you don't do much moving, although we didn't try it without it being attached to a finger.

He liked the vibrations a lot and said that they weren't too much to handle on the nipples or the more sensitive of male areas. I liked that the vibrations weren't overwhelming but still let me know that they were there.

I don't know why, but I've always thought these looked like awkward little cacti, and I call them our Christmas Cacti. And you know what? I do recommend the Christmas Cacti to others too.
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